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Shout Out / Batgirl (2009)

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Stephanie Brown is a young lady who loves popular, and more eclectic media, with a cheerful habit of handing out quips:

  • In issue one some gang punks kill a pair of paramedics and then try to barricade off a section of the city from cops in their panic, saying it's the Thunderdome now.
  • In issue two Steph takes the common "I know kung-fu" line and alters it to "I kinda know kung-fu".
  • In issue six Steph tells an uncomprehending Damian that "You may have been trained by assassins, but I played 'grasshopper' to Bruce's 'Master-Po'"
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  • Barbara Gordon is simultaneously starring in both this series and Birds of Prey, and Stephanie will often refer to her absences as being related to "the Birds." In a one-shot crossover with Bruce Wayne: The Road Home Stephanie is overjoyed at the possibility of a team-up with the Birds, saying "it's about time," and describing it as "Batgirl and the Birds...the Birds and Batgirl...Team Batgirl vs. the Birds vs. Casper the Not-So-Friendly-Tech-Thief In: The Lightning Saga."
  • Batgirl and Oracle worked out a sequence of code words and names to use in the event that they needed to contact one another but were unable to use their regular means. The pseudonym "Fay Wray", the starring actress in King Kong (1933), means "Blonde, in dress, in distress."
  • In the crossover with Supergirl in issue #14, after Batgirl learns that the Draculas they are fighting are holograms, she remarks "Okay. So, barring us running into "Moriarity" or "Evil Lincoln" or anyone else that escaped the Holodeck..."
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  • When fighting a super-powered foe that can become invisible, Batgirl (and later Oracle and Proxy) refers to him as Casper.
  • Stephanie's mom, growing concerned that her daughter is spending too much time at school and 'work study,' advises her "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you'll miss it." Stephanie then informs her that that is from a movie that the two of them watched. The quote itself comes from Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  • When Stephanie is challenged to a Wizard Duel her opponent asks her what spell she would prefer to start with. Her response is "accio fist," though she admits afterwards that "accio face" would be the more accurate description.
  • "Strictly for rapport purposes—what is a plucky heroine in need of banter supposed to call you? Pretty sure Black Lightning is already taken."
  • Stephanie once introduced her collapsible staff with "Here's my boomstick!"
    • In the same issue as the boomstick comment, she beats up one of Oracle's training robots, which cries out, "WHY.WAS.I.PROGRAMMED.TO.FEEL.PAIN--"
  • #19 has Stephanie recite the Konami Code.
  • While in London, Stephanie asks Squire to alert her to any impending giant stomping feet.
  • In issue #23, Batgirl summons the Teen Titans assistance by shouting "SHAZAM!"
  • Bombshell, a member of the Teen Titans, has been experimenting with new catchphrases.
    Bombshell: Like "it's blank time!"
    Stargirl: What's the "blank" for?
    Bombshell: I'll let you know when I'm done clobberin'.
  • As Stephanie shows Supergirl (as Kara) around her college, Supergirl is really excited.
    Supergirl: Look at this stuff! Isn't it neat!
    Stephanie: [thinking] Please don't break into song...

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