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Ho Yay / Batgirl (2009)

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  • When one of Barbara Gordon's male students sends a text message to Jen, the girl siting next to him in class, commenting that Barbara is hot, Jen clutches her phone to her chest and says "Yeah, she is."
  • Apparently, Supergirl watches those types of college movies. You know, the ones with pillow fight and Slumber Parties, and she is just dying to reenact them with Stephanie. Later, after Dracula appears, Supergirl rips off her top to reveal her costume beneath it.
    Supergirl: "Aren't you know..."
    Batgirl: "Not unless you wanna see my bra."
    Supergirl: "Does it have a bat on it?"
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  • After Wendy Harris begins to assist Oracle and Batgirl as Proxy, she begins to hallucinate seeing her dead brother Marvin, who tries to coach her through her physical and mental recuperation. Both Wendy and "Marvin" are pretty clear that this is a manifestation of Wendy's subconcious, not some sort of ghost or hologram, so when Marvin comments on how hot Barbara is Wendy can not help but wonder at what that says about herself and her mind.
  • In Convergence: Batgirl, Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain are shown to be living together. Stephanie also refers to Cassandra as "honey", paying a little fanservice to the popular ship.


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