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  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • The revelation that Stephanie had not in fact died at the hands of Black Mask, but had been smuggled out of the country by Leslie Thompkins. It was a blatant Retcon, but it salvaged Thompkin's character and reversed the Stuffed into the Fridge of Steph's original death.
    • The revelation that Cassandra turned because she was being drugged by Deathstroke. It still left a lot of holes in the story, but at least it stopped treating her as the bad guy.
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    • While a highly controversial move to this day, there are fans who believe that it was ridiculous for a woman in a comic book universe (surrounded by magicians, aliens, and mad scientists, most of whom have come back from the dead at least once) to remain paralyzed by a mere bullet wound, and were waiting for Barbara to put the cowl back on since 1988. They especially enjoy pointing out other superheroes who were crippled in the line of duty but who were promptly restored, such as Tony Stark, who was shot & paralyzed by a crazy ex-stalker at one point and was promptly restored by an experimental surgery within only a few issues.
  • Broken Base:
    • Barbara's justification for staying paralyzed is either incredibly noble and a welcome sign of inclusionism by DC, or so hamfisted that it's plain offensive in its obvious pandering.
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    • Barbara reclaiming the title is either something that should have happened years ago or something that pushes her back and removes her character development; in both cases, it leads to discussions about what is more sexist, and the argument about what it means for the others.
    • There's also the base breaking about which Batgirl is better fit for the title, Babs, Cass, or Steph.
  • Complete Monster: See here.
  • Crack Pairing/Crossover Ship: Cassandra and Captain America. We're not kidding, it exists.
  • Dork Age: Cassandra's fans generally loathe the "Orphan" alias, which they see as distancing her from the Bat Family and the Parental Substitute relationship she had with Bruce and Barbara pre-Flashpoint. The fact that James Tynion IV confirmed that the name wasn't meant to be permanent but that he had been kept from changing it by his early removal from Detective Comics only made things worse.
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  • Fanon Discontinuity: Generally everything that Adam Beechen wrote is ignored by the fandom. When Scott Snyder included her in Gates of Gotham, he disregarded the senseless rivalry between Dick and Cassandra in favor of a brother-sister relationship.
  • First Installment Wins: Barbara Gordon is the only Batgirl who is known to people who don't read comics.
  • Friendly Fandoms: Supergirl fans and Batgirl fans tend to get along marvelously, perhaps because of the similarities between both heroines (both are distaff counterparts of famous male heroes, both have been looked down on by comic fans because of it, both were fridged for decades, replaced and eventually brought back). Or perhaps because they are always friends in every comicverse and even other media as the DC Animated Universe, Super Best Friends Forever or DC Super Hero Girls. Regardless of the reason, Kara Zor-El fans use to be Barbara Gordon (and/or Stephanie Brown) fans too, and vice versa; and both fandoms respect each other.
  • Les Yay:
  • My Real Daddy: Ever since her ongoing, most generally associate Stephanie Brown with Bryan Q Miller, the writer of her series, rather than Chuck Dixon, her creator; though, Dixon is generally respected otherwise.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • Wendy and her brother Marvin were heavy scrappies when they appeared in Teen Titans, but their brutal exit from the series completely reversed fan opinion over night. Wendy's appearances in Batgirl have been well-received, with praise given for the development of her character as she adjusts to being a paraplegic and continuing to be an active crime-fighter.
    • Stephanie herself counts, as many fans cried foul when she took over for Tim Drake.
  • The Woobie:
    • Stephanie maintains her enthusiasm despite the mistreatment she receives, both in-universe, and out.
    • Cassandra is no slouch in the woobie department either. In her backstory alone she had quite possibly the most abusive childhood on the planet, which include being shot until she stopped reacting to the pain. After being traumatized by killing a man, she wanders the streets alone for ten years before being taken in by Oracle. As Batgirl, things get a bit better, but not by much: she ends up seemingly losing her best friend, fails to save several people, and ends up having fallings out with Batman, Oracle, and Robin at various points. And when she finally begins making friends in Bludhaven... Infinite Crisis happens, at about the same time that she's forced to seemingly kill her own mother.


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