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Heartwarming / Batgirl (2009)

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  • Though undoubtedly skilled, Stephanie's history as a hero has been, to put it bluntly, a long string of disasters. She has been beaten, tortured, been forced to fake her own death and single-handedly started a gang war in Gotham that spread off to affect all the different series set in Gotham. She means well, and she has potential, but it is pretty understandable when so many heroes and role models keep telling her to give up adventuring. Then, in Batgirl #4, she drops onto the top of a tourbus driving through Gotham and a little girl asks to tell her a secret: Keep up the good work.
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  • Topped by issue 24, aka the final issue. After waking up in a hospital, with her mother as her nurse, Steph finds out her mom's proud of her and has a good cry because she just recovered from a heavy does of Black Mercy. Then she goes outside. That girl from issue four and some other kids are waiting for her:
    Nell (the girl): You never gave up on Gotham. We just wanted you to know that Gotham won't ever give up on you.
  • Then you see out the window. There's Damian, of all people giving her a jaunty salute and a little grin. Squee!!
  • A side note: Nell, the little girl pops up in a number of issues.
  • Her reunion with Bruce at the end of her The Road Home one-shot.
  • After working out Damian doesn't know how to have fun she takes him to a Moonbounce (jumping castle). Doesn't take long for him to start smiling. Awww.
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  • The final issue, which was filled with story lines the author never got to do because of the reboot disguised as stuff Stephanie saw under the control of the Black Mercy plant, sees Barbara and Steph on a rooftop. Steph declares that sure, she goes through some rough times, but she's happy and there are people there for her and she's going to keep fighting. The last panel is her winking at the reader and saying "It's only the end if you want it to be!"
  • In the same issue, Damian giving Stephanie a small salute from outside her hospital window, with the implication that he called her little fan-club to visit her. Given how their relationship started, seeing Damian acknowledge Stephanie like that was very nice.
  • After their adventure in issue #14, Steph and Kara conclude they're not alone after all, no as long as they can rely on each other.


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