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  • With his white Japanese Navy uniform, katana, black hair and stoic, non-nonsense personality, Kakugo resembles a bespectacled version of Shutaro Mendou of Urusei Yatsura.
  • A lone, ripped fighter with short dark hair, whose name starts by K and who uses a supernatural martial art, travels through a post-apocalyptic world after a nuclear war while fighting nasty brutes. He pursues a former acquitance and user of his same martial art who betrayed him, left him with scars and took a loved one away from him. It's also discovered that said baddie's mind was corrupted by another baddie. Kakugo in Apocalypse Zero or Kenshiro in Fist of the North Star?
    • Kakugo's seven Steel Balls are placed in direct reference to Kenshiro's seven scars.
  • A lone, ripped fighter with short dark hair and who carries a sword travels a dark world while fighting nightmarish monsters who used to be humans. He pursues a former acquitance of him who was a bishonen genius and his superior in fighting, who later betrayed him after being corrupted by a dark entity and becoming a human demon, and who also took a loved one away from him. Kakugo in Apocalypse Zero or Guts in Berserk?
    • Hamuko, a horrid female monster, is the first Tactical Evil Kakugo faces in the story, just like Guts faces a female monster (the unnamed female Apostle) at the first of the manga. They are both killed by piercing through their mouth.
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    • Eikichi is also similar to Wyald, an old man turned into a lecherous, abrasive monster with a weaponized penis.
    • Chidokuro's helmet is obviously based on Femto. His I Have You Now, My Pretty attitude towards Tsumiko is also a parody of Femto's most infamous deed towards Casca.
  • Shiro Hagakure is clearly inspired on Yasunori Kato from Teito Monogatari, another undead Japanese Imperial Army officer who tried to use his offspring to cause mayhem (and whose offspring eventually turned against him). He's even drawn with Kato's seiman pentagram-decorated white gloves.
    • Similarly, just like Kato was possessed and powered by the grudge of the people killed by the Japanese Empire, Harara is possessed by the grudge of the victims of Shiro's experiments.
    • Tsumiko is possessed and turned into a monster, just like Yukari Tatsumiya.
  • The Fortified Armor Shells are basically human made Guyver armors. The lead also uses his own to fight mutated humans turned into monsters (Tactical Fiends in Zero, Zoanoids in Guyver). Classic tokusatsu elements (especially from the Kamen Rider franchise and the Ultra Series) is also thrown together.
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  • One of the manga Tactical Evils is a monstrous parody of Sazae-san, sporting the name of Sazae and featuring several heads based on the family's members.
  • In reverse, Jin Saotome from Cyberbots (and, later, Capcom vs. Whatever) is an Expy of Kakugo. They even wear the same scarf.

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