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A 2020 ABC Game Show produced by Ryan Reynolds and hosted by Adam Scott, wherein the object of the game is for a team of contestants to perform inadequately in a series of five physical challenges. Failure to do so will award up to $20,000 for each stunt, with opportunities to play for double the money, or earn a $5,000 bonus by taking a side challenge.

This series does not not include examples of

  • The Announcer: Ryan Reynolds.
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  • Bait-and-Switch: "Let's hear more about the 'Don't Push' Button"... followed by a recount of the "Don't Push" Button's personal life, and then an actual explanation on what pushing it does.
  • Bonus Space: At a point of the game, the team can choose to not take a "Don't You Dare", which can award a $5,000 bonus if they complete a side stunt or agree to make the main stunt more difficult.
  • Companion Cube: The "Don't Push" Button, which seems to have a surprisingly elaborate life.
  • Don't Try This at Home: A lot of the challenges seem to have this as a common thread (i.e. being based on activities one would usually be told not to do). Doing it in their studio appears to be okay.
  • Double The Dollars: Beginning in the second round, the "Don't Push" button becomes available. Not pressing the button will prevent the team from losing half of their money if they don't beat the stunt perfectly. If they do, and do complete it perfectly, the prize is doubled to $40,000.
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  • Foregone Victory: It's guaranteed for the team to leave with a significant amount of money by the end, since they keep what they've won in each round, no matter how well they perform or what penalties they get.
  • Intentionally Awkward Title: When promos can be insinuated as asking you not to watch this show...
  • Masochist's Meal: One stunt involves a contestant eating progressively spicier foods (including habereno peppers and wasabi) while walking on a treadmill under a heat lamp, and having to ignore refreshing beverages offered to them by the host. Side bets have involved challenging the other contestants to try some of what they're missing out on.
  • Minigame Game: Essentially.
  • MST: The Announcer/Ryan often does this in regards to the events occurring onscreen, Adam and the contestants' thoughts and actions, and he tends to make things up outright.
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  • Parody Commercial: Brief segments before commercial breaks are dedicated to fake commercials for the props used in the show, or fictional products related to it.
  • Schmuck Bait: Zigzagged with the "Don't Push" button. Pushing it awards the team with $40,000 at the end of the round, but failure to do the challenge perfectly will cut any money earnings from it in half.
  • Stop Hitting Yourself: "Don't Beat Yourself Up" invokes this; one of the contestants has to wear gigantic boxing gloves, with the others pulling a lever to choose one answer for a set of trivia questions. If one mistake is made, the contestant is beaten up repeatedly, and the game is lost when this happens three times.
  • Theme Naming: The title of the show is invoked primarily through the names of the stunts, with such names as "Don't Play With Matches", "Don't Leave Me Hanging", and "Don't Get Clocked". Having to avoid doing something is not the central aspect of all of the stunts, but it is in a few (such as "Don't Blink", where you must do just that for 60 seconds, losing $500 every time you blink).

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