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Bambuluá is a Brazilian children's TV Show aired from October, 2000 to December, 2001 starring Brazilian TV host Angélica As Herself. The show was a children's soap opera aired in the morning time and at the same time, it aired several Cartoon and Anime, such as Digimon Adventure and Dragon Ball Z among others.

The Soap Opera parts consisted of roughly twenty minute episodes of an original story starring the host Angélica, who winds up in the titular Bambuluá, the city of dreams. The city is protected by a magic crystal that prevents evil people from invading it, namely the denizens of the neighbouring Magush, the city of shadows, led by the evil Senhor Dumal (Lord Badguy in a rough translation). The crystal is guarded by the mage Tchilim and his assistant Dubem (Goodguy) and protected by seven children known as the knights of the future, who form a Sentai-esque team themed after the colors of the rainbow.


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