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Thorns: Uprising is a mature, self-hosted play-by-post RPG, set in an original Victorian-esque steam-era fantasy world called Vita. The opening Kingdom of Anaxas is under the strain of impending civil war, but there are nine other kingdoms in development that will all have their unique struggles. In Anaxas, the ruling class, known as the galdori, are becoming increasingly fearful that their stranglehold on the lesser races is weakening, and a burgeoning resistance has cropped up in the capital city, threatening to undermine the government and endanger anyone in its path in the pursuit of freedom.


This RPG focuses mainly on plot/character development and story building rather than combat, and players are encouraged to make realistic characters rather than awesome, unstoppable heroes. Amid social drama and political intrigue, crime and violence, their struggle could be to topple the galdori, quash the resistance or merely to survive.

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