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What shall befall the land of Milvallen? Will the heroes rise and face the threat of Keva, and stop him before he carries out his plans? Will the heroes instead decide to side with Keva and enforce his rule? Or will the heroes form their own guilds and communities... unite the races, and form their own nation?

How will you influence Milvallen?

Reign Of Anarchy is a forum RP created by Aevum in February 2013, and is co-run by Naomi Hansen.


The great land of Milvallen, once a shining utopia under the just rule of Lord Tirion Kadarox and the leaders of the lands' numerous races, was ravaged by a war lead by the Imperium, eventually leading to The Ragnarok. While the hundred-night battle lead to the defeat of the Imperium, it also left Lord Tirion, many of the race leaders, the Chromatic Dragonflights, and even all of the gods dead, allowing for the Imperium to slowly take all of Milvallen for themselves and eventually place their leader, Keva Batorion, on the throne. All Keva cared for was to gain more power and money, leaving the country to spiral into complete anarchy under his uncaring rule.

Forty years after The Ragnarok, and thirty-four years after Keva took complete control of Milvallen, many people have had enough of the world Keva's reign has brought upon them, and with the return of beings like the Dragons and the Nættir and their leader, the White Stag; rumors of Vápnir, "weapons" made from the flesh and bones of the dead gods, roaming the land; and the stories of heroes and champions taking a stand against bandits and rogue demons, it's giving hope to Milvallenians that there's a chance to bring peace and prosperity to the land again.


However, there are also rumors that during Keva's absence from the going-ons of Milvallen, he has begun taking notice of the whispers and deeds of rebellion being nurtured, and is planning something to cut down this resistance once and for all…

Reign of Anarchy features multiple fantasy races, as well as multiple factions and guilds, such as the Nættir, The Mystic Hand, and The Creed.

Tropers taking place are as follows:

The Reign of Anarchy sign-up can be found here, the discussion forum here, and the actual roleplay here.


Tropes associated with Reign of Anarchy include:

  • Dark Is Not Evil: There are good number of dark creatures and practitioners of dark magic on the side of the resistance, including Zia and Vesper—two Twilight Dragons—and Uisce.
  • Fantastic Racism: Even during the pre-Keva era, Cyber Arts practitioners were generally looked down upon by society at large, due to the idea that altering a natural body is unnatural and unethical. This discrimination against Cyborgs and Cybrids is the reason why many of them side with Keva, some of them even working for the Bureau—with no laws hampering, or even against, them, Cyber Artists are given the chance to live in a world where they don't have to be put down due to their Cybernetic augmentations.
  • La Résistance: Much of the plot focuses on the many races of Milvallen coming together to take down Keva.
  • Last of His Kind: The one Chromatic Dragonflight egg kept hidden in Swampveil is the last remnant of that particular species—and is the prize that both sides are willing to fight to the death over.
  • Science Fantasy: Reign of Anarchy takes place in a world where sorcerers, Dragons, angels, and other fantasy creatures exist along with practitioners of the Cyber Arts (and a lot of the times, they don't get along that well), and weapons and technology range from magic to guns and Steam Punk-inspired airships.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: When you have a collection of rebels that include the Nættir, holy beings, and demons having to work together, this is bound to happen.

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