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This page gives a list of characters present in Reign of Anarchy. To go back to the main page, click here.

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Player Characters

     The Nættir (The White Stag's Forces) 
As the forces of nature, the Nættir are a collection of numerous, diverse species—ranging from the simple mouse, to the Great Beasts, such as Chimeras and Phoenixes, and elementals—all under the command of their leader, the White Stag, and much of their strength comes from their various abilities and sheer numbers. Their main goal is to maintain the balance and safety of nature in Milvallen, making them a clear adversary of Keva and his followers.

The Green Paladin, a Troll

Played by Musik Maestro
One of the Stag's oldest soldiers, the Paladin has served the Stag for almost 50 years. He has a mastery of nature magic, can can brew potions that could heal a small army, and poisons that could cripple a demon. However, he has next to no patience, and isn't quick to make friends with anyone, due to the loss of a loved one in the past.

  • Green Thumb: Literally! Years of working with plants has left his body stained green, including his thumb.
    • He manages to grow a tree out of a single branch. It exhausts him though.
  • Retired Badass: He was, until Katerina came to him.
  • Badass Grandpa: He's 75 years old!
  • Intergenerational Friendship: With Katerina. He's 72 years older than her.
    • With most people actually. There aren't many non-magical creatures who match his age.

Katerina, the Phoenix

Played by Musik Maestro
A Sacred Beast, Katerina is the Paladins constant travel companion. She is one of the few who knew what the Stag looked like before he revealed himself at Swampveil, and was sent by him to encourage the Paladin to rejoin the fight.

Chiko, the Snow Leopard

Played by Naomi Hansen
Chiko, an orphan Snow Leopard who lost her family to an airship crash, lived much of her life as a nomad in the years after The Ragnarok, under the care of a medley of fellow Nættir. She harbored a very adventurous, carefree nature, and as an elemental, holds great empathy for the earth, but was very reluctant about ever going back to Milvallen, especially after growing up with the horror stories of her homeland.

  • Actual Pacifist: Chiko has a good heart, but she wants absolutely nothing to do with the conflict in Milvallen, considering that she's already lost two different families there in different circumstances, and she doesn't like hurting any living creature unless it's for food.
  • Break the Cutie: She was barely one when her family (or at least half of it) was killed in an airship accident. Thirty-five years later, she loses almost every member of her adoptive family during their trek to Swampveil, and is forced into danger numerous times despite her immense grief. It's no wonder that she never wanted to go back to Milvallen.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Chiko is an elemental with powers centered around Earth. However, the emotional connection that she harbors for the earth leads her to only use her powers to tend soil.

Lesnaya Tsarevna, the Vápnir

Played by Clawthewolf


     Keva's Forces 
While Keva locked himself away from the world after he and the Imperium took over Milvallen, the anarchy he brought upon the land was maintained by his supporters and those who were happy for this new, lawless world before them. Many of these supporters are the dark monstrosities and rogues that helped him during the original war, but now also include numerous former criminals and Cyber Artists—the people who took advantage of the lack of order to give themselves a world they could thrive in without fear of ridicule—many of whom are members of the Bureau, the pseudo-military guild created to keep down any rebellion against Keva's reign.

Victoria Durant

Played by Naomi Hansen

Stephen Durant

Played by Naomi Hansen

     The Resistance 
La Résistance! These are the representatives of order, the Milvallenians—and outsiders—that wish to take down Keva and remove the anarchy that plagues the country. These people are from many walks of life, including regular civilians, Vápnirs, the once-mighty Dragons, heroes and mercenaries, and even some of the demonic beings that came during the war.


Uisce The Flowing, the Fallen Angel

Played by Shadow Kaiser

Uisce was one of the first Angels to Fall. The resident Squishy Wizard he usually uses his magic for his own ends. He is currently alligned with the White Stag, although for how long is anybodies guess. In the past he was known as The Flowing, now he is known by a number of names to many different people. His original goals are now put on hold, for now he fights alongside others he deems worthy....

  • Dark Is Not Evil: Even though he is Fallen he is generally not that bad of a guy.
  • Dual Wielding: Uses a staff and sword in battle.
  • Magic Knight: Has shades of this. Although still nowhere near as strong as other melee fighters.
  • Squishy Wizard: His main strength is his magic. As he has cannot use his divine magic, he uses dark magic to weave spells and rain destruction on his enemies.

Widia Weyland, the Vápnir

Played by Jason C / Musik Maestro

A Vápnir Master Smith, Widia served her apprenticeship under the watchful eyes of the Dwarves of Titan Forge. She now travels the world in a mobile smithy, pulled by two horses, with her mechanical wolf companion, Fentis in tow.

  • Canis Major: Fenris, natch. He's always big.
  • Drop the Hammer: Uses a Warmhammer in battle, that can be converted into a smithing hammer when needed.

Vesper Noir, the Twilight Dragon

Played by Naomi Hansen

One of the few Dragons left in Milvallen, Vesper Noir has lived much of her life in the seclusion of the north, living in fear of being hunted due to Keva's lack of laws protecting Dragons from those who kill her kind for glory. Despite the persecution that hangs over her head, though, she is highly intelligent, and her constant thirst for knowledge has lead her to occasionally venture to nearby human settlements to learn more in regards to academics and magic, which eventually lead her to Swampveil. However, unbeknownst to Vesper, her identity as a Dragon isn't the darkest secret held within her…

  • Beware the Nice Ones: In unavoidable social situations, Vesper is polite—but only because it's the only way to conceal her true identity and her inner turmoil. These can become evident when she's threatened.
  • Dark Is Evil: Her encounters with Necromancers and Demons in the past have made it hard for her to not argue with this philosophy.
  • Hidden Badass: Justified. Vesper may be a Dragon, but she's lived in constant fear for her life for as long as she can remember, and has learned that acting "normal" (i.e., like a human) is the only way that she can ensure some semblance of safety for herself. This has lead her to act like she's much less of a threat than she actually can be, and for her to become terrified when she thinks that her ruse is slipping in any way.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Vesper is quick, fairly strong, and her scales allow her immunity from low level Sorcery and Dark magic. However, her potential is limited by her lack of skills in regards to combat and magic.

Ragnos, the Demon

Played by Rapier

Zialaranth, AKA Zia, AKA 'Z', the Twilight Dragon

Played by daltar


Non Player Characters

     The Nættir 

The White Stag


     Keva's Forces 

Acacia Mawpass

Orella Donahue

Derek Potter

Lina Bianchi

     The Resistance 



Old Benny



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