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Roleplay / Reunions: Dark Summer

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On a Steampunk Earth, during the early 20's, the wealthy Grandfather invites his entire family for a reunion on his private island. However, this family had been dysfunctional and has skeletons in their closets. Also, everyone has a minor power that gives them an edge over their peers, ranging from Hammer Space to metal-bending to Shapeshifting. Although none of these powers are combat-related, everyone finds their powers no stranger.


Were skeletons in the closet mentioned? Every single person has one, and every one of them has a reason to hide it.

Reunions Dark Summer, or just Reunions, is an on-going Steampunk Intrigue Play By Post Roleplay by Vyctorian. Although it has exceeded five hundred posts, it was discontinued.

"Remember, just cause you're blood doesn't mean you're family..."

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The roleplay can be found here. The sign-up thread was here.


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