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Characters / Reunions: Dark Summer

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This character sheet details the player characters and the NPCs of Reunions Dark Summer. This page is under construction.

It is recommended to not look at player's secrets.

Player Characters


Tashiro "Tashi" Landerson - The Son

Troper: Vyctorian

A dock-worker who dropped out of school at sixteen. During combat, he shows a more fierce side. He used to live with one of the hired hands, Haji. His power is X-Ray Vision.


He is the only player character whose secret is not known to the players.


  • Blood Knight: Loves getting in fist fights to test his and others abilities.
  • Only Sane Man: From out of all of his siblings.
  • Noble Bigot: Has made many remarks about gender roles and women in society. Subverted. He's invoking Poe's Law to target a political stance he's against, and he's doing it obnoxious to get people to either defend themselves or want to fight him.
  • X-Ray Vision


Miles Duquesne - The Little Brother

Troper: Dragon 573

A seventeen year old prosecutor with a perfect trial record. He seems to be a little cold, but he keeps slipping up. His power is to sense someone's intention to him. Always has his gun and six books with him. Three law books and three fiction books, one of which is a mystery novel which, true to form, he's already figured out despite being only a third of the way through. Slightly effeminate, he loves singing, dancing, and cooking. He is also a feminist. He is an excellent fencer, but he only does sabre, rather than foil or epee. Mild PTSD.

His secret is that he would do anything to win a case...Anything .



Lucia Duquesne - The Little Sister

Troper: Splitting Infinity

A fifteen-year old who is very upbeat (save moments of snarkiness), and attends a school for the arts. Her power is a hypersensitive sense of smell, described as being "better than a bloodhound's".

Her secret is that she snaps under high amounts of stress.


Alexia Knight - The Female Cousin

Troper: Chihuahua0

Alexia is an eighteen year old girl who just graduated from school who doesn't exactly know what to do next in life. She seems to be well-read, having read books from Agatha Christie and H. P. Lovecraft. She also has a Sweet Tooth, always eating hard candy or taffy. She is considering either being a stage actress or a Hollywood star, but she's not sure which one. While she is nice and friendly most of the time, if angry, the person that caused it is in for a hard time. She hides a knife and a revolver in her dress for self-defense. Her power is impersonates someone's appearance, voice, hands and mannerisms.

Her secret is that "she" is Transgender, and is also Bi the Way.


Daniel Landerson - The Older Brother

Troper: Slowzombie

The eldest brother at 25, the owner of Vulcan Steelworks. Generally a cool and collected character, although it's more a case of him being an expert at hiding his true nature. He's a skilled fencer and acrobat, his power is that of metal shaping, allowing him to reshape medium-sized metal objects with a touch.

  • Beneath the Mask: He takes metaphorical mask-wearing to new heights. Whatever's under it all, chances are people won't like it.
  • Big Brother Mentor: Considers himself this towards his younger siblings.
  • Extra-ore-dinary: Can manipulate metal with a touch, he uses it to amuse himself. Mostly.
  • Hidden Weapon: His swordcane
  • Madness Mantra: "Okay," repeated.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Appears to be a harmless subscriber of the "don't worry be happy" school of life, but in reality... well.
  • Serial Killer: He kills people, because he can, amongst other reasons.
  • Uncle Pennybags: He doesn't let his newly acquired wealth get to his head. Not in public, anyway


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