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In The Power We Trust is an Alternate Universe Play By Post Game based on Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, where you can use canon MMPR rangers, Original Rangers and eventually use canons from other Power Rangers seasons. And of course we have the villains you all love to hate; Goldar, Zedd, Rita, Rito and Finster.

As of right now we are in the Evil Ranger Arc, in which the Orange and Green rangers have been turned evil and currently terrorizing the other rangers.

Full Plot; Long ago, the ancient wizard Zordon did battle with the evil witch Rita Repulsa. After long years of battle, he managed to defeat her in a game by using five magic coins. As punishment for her loss, she was sealed in a canister on Earth's moon. However, before being sealed away, Rita trapped Zordon in a time warp, preventing him from participating in further battle against her.


10,000 or so years later, Rita and her minions escaped their prison thanks to two unaware astronauts and set out to conquer Earth. Zordon, desperate to stop her, had his assistant Alpha 5 recruit five "teenagers with attitude" to do battle against her. Jason Lee Scott, Zack Taylor, Billy Cranston, Trini Kwan, and Kimberly Ann Hart were granted the powers of the dinosaurs and became Power Rangers.

After several battles, Rita captures a newcomer to create an evil Power Ranger using a magic coin of her own, infused with the power of the Dragon. Tommy Olive, the Green Ranger, caused major damage to her foes until he was freed from her control by the other Rangers. He then joined the Power Rangers in their battle against Rita.

Soon after, Rita created a green candle to diminish Tommy of his Green Ranger powers and return them to her. Having no choice, Tommy gave his powers to Jason to prevent Rita from gaining them.


A year after the fighting began, Lord Zedd, emperor of all that he sees, arrived at the Moon Palace of Rita Repulsa, where he takes her place and throws her into a space dumpster again. He then began to attack the Power Rangers with Pirantishead, a stronger monster than the Rangers were used to fighting. Pirantishead froze four of the Dinozords and took control of the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and the Dragonzord. The Rangers needed to upgrade their Dinozords into the stronger Thunderzords. With the help of the Thunder Megazord they defeated Pirantishead and gave Lord Zedd his first defeat.

Soon after his defeat, Lord Zedd realized that he needed to destroy the Green Ranger. He does so with a special Green Gem, using it to take away the Green Ranger's power permanently since he already had limited powers after Rita used her Green Candle. The Green Gem also powered up the Dark Rangers, but when Tommy smashed it, the Dark Rangers powers were transferred back to the regular Rangers. Lord Zedd thought he'd already won, but Zordon made a White Ranger to aid the team in battle. The White Ranger powers were given to Tommy.

Though the Green Ranger powers were thought destroyed, the Green Power Coin was actually purified. The coin wound up in Kelly Oliver's hands. Tommy twin sister became the new Green Ranger and officially joined the team. A few weeks later Rocky, Adam, and Aisha came to town for the Final Round of the Team Ninja competition. The three teenagers discovered the Rangers' identities and became their allies. The Rangers were also introduced to Adelaide Rae, a childhood friend of the three Ninjas. Rocky, Adam, and Aisha won the competition and the Rangers didn't think they'd be seeing them again for a while.

The three allies from Stone Canyon moved to Angel Grove soon after their encounter with the Rangers. And they were just in time, too. Jason, Zack, and Trini were selected to go to the Peace Conference in Switzerland and the Rangers needed replacements. They had to find The Sword of Light to make the power transfer. The Sword was located on a deserted planet. Lord Zedd was also after the Sword and he used his own personal zord, Serpentera, to try and get it. In the end, the Rangers retrieved the Sword and took it back to Earth. The three retiring Rangers chose Rocky, Adam, and Aisha to take over for them, becoming the Red, Black, and Yellow Rangers respectfully.

Rita Repulsa returned to Earth when the Rangers were fighting Nimrod and Tommy made his debut as the White Ranger. After falling into the hands of Bulk and Skull, the Rangers got Rita and sent her back to space once again. After returning to the moon she enlists the help of her trusted servant Finster to retrieve a younger face. She then puts a love potion into Zedd's Rejuvenation Chamber and he falls in love with her. They get married and fight the Rangers together, now stronger than ever.

When an egg in Angel Grove in unearthed, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa release the creature inside, Ivan Ooze. Because Zordon trapped him there thousands of year before, Ivan Ooze looks to take revenge. While the Rangers are busy fending off Ooze's attacks, four teenagers are chose to travel to a distant planet called Phaedos in order to unleashed the the Great Power that sleeps there. Jason, Zack, and Trini, who had just returned from Switzerland, and Adelaide, who was close to a few of the Rangers, used what little power Zordon could spare to make the journey. There wouldn't be enough power to bring them back unless they found the power and set it free.

Only moments after landing on Phaedos, the four teenagers are attacked by Ooze's Tengu Warriors. They are assisted by Dulcea, who bestows upon them Ninja powers based on four of the Ninja Animals: the Gold Lion, the Silver Otter, the Purple Bobcat, and the Orange Phoenix. Dulcea directs the teenagers to find the Ninjetti Temple to find the Great Power on their own, as she will age rapidly if she were to take one step off of the plateau. On their way, they battled a living dinosaur skeleton and, at the temple itself, they were forced to battle four living statues. When the statues were destroyed, the Great Power was released and the teenagers found four more Power Coins. Those coins allowed them to morph into Power Rangers and return to Earth.

While Jason, Zack, Trini, and Adelaide were away on Phaedos, the other Rangers were busy trying to spoil Ooze's plans. Despite their efforts, Ooze uncovers his Ectomorphicon Titans and the city is left virtually defenseless when the teams Ranger Powers began to fade. The four new Rangers make it back to Earth with the new powers and upon their arrival home the other Ninja Animals joined with the remaining rangers. The White Falcon, the Red Ape, the Blue Wolf, the Black Frog, the Pink Crane, the Yellow Bear, and the Green Dragon. The group of Power Rangers called upon their new Ninjazords and use them to destroy one of the Ectomorphicons, Scorpitron. They Rangers then form the two Ninja Megazords to battle Hornitor. When Ooze fuses with Hornitor, the Rangers fuse their two Megazords and the battle continues on. The Rangers struggled in their fight with Ooze and, after the battle moved to space, they knocked Ooze into Ryan's Comet, which happened to be passing by the Earth.

With Ooze destroyed, the Rangers all headed back to the Command Center were Zordon and Alpha 5 were waiting for them. With their new Powers, they had proven themselves unbeatable once again. But with every ending comes a new beginning and the battles that were set to follow this great victory would prove tough. Even for the Power Rangers.

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