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Recap / Tiny Toon Adventures S 2 E 4 Hog Wild Hamton

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The fourth episode of the second season of Tiny Toon Adventures, and the sixty-ninth overall.

The episode begins with Buster telling the viewers that tonight, he's going to a party at Hamton's house. Babs then jumps in and tells the viewers that Hamton doesn't know about the party yet. Dizzy then jumps in and tells the viewers, "Let's Party!".

A commercial for the ACME Clearinghouse Sweepstakes airs, featuring contestants who have won enough money to buy a new house. Ed McMayhem tells the viewers to look for his face in their mailbox, and to enter the sweepstakes, subscribe to thousands of overpriced magazines. Hamton watches the commercial, and enters the sweepstakes so he can subscribe to various magazines that appeal to his interests. As he goes to mail his letter, his mother, Winnie, is worried about him, as he only enters the sweepstakes for the magazine subscriptions. Just then, Hamton comes across his father, Wade, who is dressed in a groom's outfit and setting his car up the way it looked on his wedding day. Wade tells Hamton that he's prepared for his and Winnie's second honeymoon. Winnie then tells Wade that they forgot to get a babysitter for Hamton. Hamton asks her if she thinks he's old enough to take care of himself, but she tells him that she and Wade will be out of town for two days, and Uncle Stinky is unable to come because he is out of town at the Bacon Convention. Wade then tells Winnie that he can trust Hamton to look after their house by himself. Hamton tells them that he promises nothing can go wrong, and Winnie agrees to let him, as long as the house is not a mess when she and Wade get back. She kisses hamton goodbye, and Wade tells Hamton that he trusts him not to blow up the house. Hamton assures him he won't, and says goodbye to him and Winnie.


At the ACME Looniversity cafeteria, Plucky asks Hamton what they're going to do after school this weekend. Hamton tells Plucky that all he wants to do is stay home, and Plucky asks him why he'd want to do that. Hamton tells Plucky that his parents are out of town for the weekend, and he promised them he'd watch the house. Upon hearing this, Plucky decides to throw a party at Hamton's house, since there'd be no parents to tell him what he can and can't do. Hamton tells Plucky that he can't throw a party, as he promised his parents he wouldn't make a mess of the house. Plucky tells Hamton that he may never get this kind of opportunity again, so Hamton decides to have a quiet party and just invite Plucky. As Hamton tells Plucky not to touch anything or tell anyone else, unknown to him, Plucky tapes notes to his back telling everyone to come to his house for the party. Plucky assures Hamton that he won't tell anyone else.


On their way back home, Buster, Babs, Mary Melody and Fowlmouth pass by Hamton and tell him they'll see him tomorrow night. Hamton is suddenly confused as to why everyone notices him. Even Dizzy Devil notices him, and hugs him as he spins around, with the notes sticking to his fur. Hamton is still confused, so Plucky decides to buy him a milkshake at the milkshake shop to help him keep his mind off it.

At the milkshake shop, as Hamton is distracted with his milkshake, Plucky uses his milkshake to spray BIG PARTY AT HAMTON'S TOMORROW NITE! on the mirror. Elmyra notices this and asks Plucky what kind of party it is. Not wanting Hamton to become suspicious, Plucky clamps his hand over Elmyra's mouth and cleans the mirror.

The next evening, Plucky and Hamton are at Hamton's house, where there is a knock at the door. Plucky answers the door and finds all his friends outside, with the line to Hamton's house being a mile long. Plucky pretends to act surprised as his friends run in, but Hamton really is surprised, and he knows how angry Wade and Winnie will be if they come home to a messy house. As Plucky continues pretending to act surprised, he reveals the hidden refreshments he provided. Hamton faints when he finds out that Plucky threw a party behind his back.


In the second act, Wade and Winnie wake Hamton up and tell him they're here for him. Hamton tells them that he had a dream that Plucky threw a party at his house, and they got so angry, they killed him. Wade and Winnie inform Hamton that he is in a dream, there really is a party going on at his house, and when they come back, they really are going to kill him. Hamton awakens from his dream and is shocked when he sees everyone in ACME Acres at his house. He runs up to Plucky and asks him what they're doing. Plucky answers, "The Mambo?", then the doorbell rings, and Plucky answers it. Gogo is at the door, telling Plucky that he brought the Dips, a trio of ugly and stupid nose-pickers. Plucky then reveals that he brought a giant stereo sound system. He turns it on, and it is set to Barry Manilow's greatest hits, much to the guests' horror. As Plucky tries to set the stereo to a different radio station, Hamton presses a button that sets it to a continuous 8-second loop of an instrumental of the Tiny Toon Adventures theme song. Babs, Shirley, and Mary all congratulate Hamton and tell him he should throw parties more often. Unfortunately, the loud music bothers Hamton's next-door neighbor, Egghead Junior, who comes over and knocks on the door. Plucky and Hamton answer it, and Egghead Junior hands them a note informing them that he is studying for a final exam on nuclear brain transplantation, and requests that they turn down the volume, or else. Plucky isn't scared, and tells Egghead Junior that Hamton's party is a private party, and he should leave. He slams the door on Egghead Junior, to which Hamton tells him that it wasn't very nice. Plucky asks Hamton what Egghead Junior could do to them, and Egghead Junior pulls out a book that says, PRESSURE POINTS AND PAIN. He looks at a diorama of Hamton, then knocks on the door. Hamton answers the door, and Egghead Junior pokes him in the shoulder, causing him pain. Egghead Junior then leaves to continue studying.

As the party continues, Dizzy spins into Hamton's kitchen, where he raids the fridge. Babs then runs up to Buster and tells him it's time to play spin the bottle. Babs then asks Shirley if she brought the bottle she asked for, and Shirley tells her she did as she hands it to her. Buster becomes suspicious, but Babs tells him that she'll spin it, and whoever it points to, she'll kiss. Babs spins the bottle, and since Shirley designed it to track Buster, it stops on him. Wherever Buster goes, the bottle points at him, so he hides behind a big, ugly man with big lips. Babs dreads having to kiss him, so he kisses her instead, covering her face in drool. Babs then tells Elmyra it's her turn, so Elmyra spins the bottle. The bottle once again tracks Buster, who is well outside the circle, so Buster runs away as Elmyra chases him. Buster hides in the kitchen, where he finds Dizzy, who has just eaten all the food in the refrigerator. Buster asks Dizzy, "Why didn't you eat the whole thing?", and Dizzy eats the refrigerator and spits out several ice cubes. Elmyra continues to chase Buster, who runs into Wade's office, where he finds Gogo dancing on the ceiling. Buster looks up, and Wade's office suddenly turns upside down. Buster asks Gogo how he did it, and Gogo tells him, "Special effects". Elmyra catches up to Buster and tells him to give her a kiss. Buster tells her that Gogo will be filling in for him, and runs away. Elmyra tells Gogo to give her a kiss, but then Gogo turns his head into Elmyra's and tells her to give him a kiss. Elmyra is disgusted by this, and drops him.

Back at Hamton's living room, Plucky tells the guests that he brought in a special microphone that can broadcast to radios all over the neighborhood. He tells the guests that it's ladies' night at Hamton's house, and sets the radio to DEAFENING PARTY. The noise from the party bothers Egghead Junior's experiment, and Egghead Junior knocks on the door. Hamton answers it, and Egghead Junior hands him a note telling him that one more intrusion on his experiment will lead to him being dead meat on a stick. Plucky sticks up for Hamton and tells Egghead Junior to leave. Egghead Junior doesn't leave, so Plucky is about to kick him, when Egghead Junior pokes him in the beak, causing Plucky to punch Hamton. Plucky dares Egghead Junior to try it again, and Egghead Junior pokes his left index finger, causing Plucky to kick Hamton. Egghead Junior then leaves to continue working on his experiment.

Elmyra comes across a rattlesnake, which she uses like an instrument and a jump rope. Just then, another knock at the door is heard. Plucky answers it, and the Military Boys Choir has come to perform at Hamton's party. Hamton is shocked, as with Egghead Junior on his tail, he can't afford any more noise. The Military Boys Choir performs the Overture of the War of 1812 complete with heavy artillery fire, and this bothers Egghead Junior, who retaliates by firing a missile at Hamton's house, which destroys it be poking it. Hamton blames Plucky for the destruction of his house, as if Plucky never threw the party, his house would still be in one piece. Plucky then tells Hamton that he will get punished, since his parents left him in charge of his house while they were away.

In the third act, Hamton is upset of the destruction of his house. He tries to repair his house, but there aren't enough pieces left. He then begins to worry about how his parents are going to punish him when they get back. Plucky has an idea; Hamton won't be in as much trouble if he told Wade and Winnie the right story. Hamton is against lying, but Plucky tells him that he prefers to use "creative exaggerations".

Plucky's creative exaggeration is that he and Hamton were in Hamton's living room, drinking cocoa and playing checkers, when suddenly, two of Marvin the Martian's Instant Martians came to the door. Plucky and Hamton mistook them for girl scouts, and the Instant Martians abducted them. They took them to their spaceship, where they were subjected to various experiments, including body swaps. Hamton asks Plucky how they got off the ship, and Plucky tells him they flunked the tests and the Instant Martians kicked them out. When the Instant Martians left, the exhaust from their rocket destroyed Hamton's house. Hamton asks Plucky if his parents will believe that story, and Plucky tells him they're about to find out.

Wade and Winnie arrive home, shocked to find the state of their house. Plucky is about to leave, but Hamton stops him. Winnie asks Hamton what happened to his house. Hamton is about to, when Plucky tells Hamton to use his creative exaggeration. Hamton decides it's best to tell Wade and Winnie the truth, and tells them that Plucky threw a party at his house behind his back, everyone in ACME Acres came, and they blew the house up. Wade turns red when he hears that Hamton had everyone in ACME Acres at his house over for a party, and Hamton nervously tells him, "Uh-huh." To his surprise, Wade and Winnie actually happy that everyone in ACME Acres came to visit him, as they were worried they didn't have any friends. Hamton asks Wade and Winnie if they aren't going to punish him after all, but they tell him they still are, as they could never let him destroy their house. Plucky leaves as Wade and Winnie attempt to punish Hamton, but watches from a tree. Hamton realizes that only a miracle can save him now, and a mirace does come. Ed McMayhem arrives in a limo and tells Hamton that he has won the ACME Clearinghouse sweepstakes. Hamton asks Ed if it's true, and Ed rewards him with a new house to replace the one that got destroyed, much to Plucky's shock. Hamton thanks Ed, and he and his parents walk into their new house. Ed thanks Hamton for entering the sweepstakes, and laughs afterwards. Egghead Junior then arrives and hands Ed a note telling him he is studying for an important exam and requests that he stop laughing. Ed continues to laugh, and Egghead Junior pokes him in the left knee cap, causing him pain.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Bait-and-Switch: Upon hearing that Hamton had a party, Wade looked like he was about to explode, but then it's revealed he's relieved that Hamton was socializing, fearing he'd need therapy.
  • Bookends: This episode begins and ends with Ed McMayhem announcing a winner for the ACME Clearinghouse sweepstakes.
  • Brick Joke: At the beginning of this episode, a commercial for the ACME Clearinghouse sweepstakes airs, featuring people who have won enough money to buy a new house. Hamton enters the sweepstakes only for the subscriptions to magazines that appeal to his interests. At the end of the episode, Hamton wins the sweepstakes, and a new house to replace the one that got destroyed as the result of Plucky throwing a party behind Hamton's back.
  • Call-Back:
    • Wade and Winnie from the Direct-to-Video movie, How I Spent My Vacation appear in this episode, and Wade even hums "Pop Goes the Weasel" while decorating his car.
    • The Military Boys Choir from the "You Asked For It" episode segment, "Duck Out of Luck" appear in this episode to perform at Hamton's party.
  • Chekhov's Gun: At the beginning of the episode, Hamton enters the ACME Clearinhouse sweepstakes. Just before he was about to be punished for the destruction of his house, Ed McMayhem shows up, revealing that he won and his prize is a new house.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: When Hamton thinks about how Wade and Winnie are going to punish him for destroying their house, he thinks about a horse spraying whipped cream on him, being forced to watch the Emergency Broadcast System, and having them eat cake in front of him, refusing to let him have any.
  • Credits Gag: Disclaimer - The humor in today's show does not represent anything that was ever found in any way funny by anyone who ever lived.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: For interrupting his studying, Egghead Junior destroys Hamton's house with a missile.
  • Exact Words: Plucky promises not to tell anyone about Hamton's party. He writes notes about it instead.
  • Finger Poke of Doom: Egghead Junior uses his knowledge of pressure points for this. First he hurts Hamton just by poking him in the shoulder. Then he makes Plucky hit Hamton involuntarily by poking him. Then when he fires his missile to destroy Hamton's house, the missile stops short and pulls out a hand that pokes the house, causing it to explode. Finally, he deals with Ed McMayhem by poking him in the knee.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: In-universe; Hamton enters the ACME Clearinghouse sweepstakes solely for the purpose of subscribing to various magazines that appeal to his interests. Considering what happened to his house, it's a good thing he entered the sweepstakes.
  • Karma Houdini: Egghead Junior doesn't get any comeuppance for blowing up Hamton's house and Plucky doesn't get any either for starting the whole mess in the first place—the most the latter gets is losing a chance to watch Hamton get in trouble.
  • "Kick Me" Prank: Plucky puts notes on Hamton's back inviting everyone to the party without Hamton finding out.
  • Mathematician's Answer: When Hamton asks what's everyone doing at his home, Plucky answers, "the mambo?"
  • Misplaced Retribution: Even though it was Plucky who threw the loud party and slammed the door in his face, Egghead Jr continually afflicted Pressure Point damage to Hamton.
  • Moral Luck: Winning a new house in a sweepstakes gets Hamton off the hook with his parents, even though, as far as they knew, he still destroyed their old one with no knowledge it would be replaced.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Ed McMayhem is a parody of the late Ed McMayhon, who was best known as an American comedian, game show host, announcer and sidekick to Johnny Carson. He also presented sweepstakes for the direct marketing company American Family Publishers.
  • Rouge Angles of Satin: Joe Alaskey is credited as "Joe Alasky" in the closing credits.
  • Shout-Out: Gogo imitates Fred Astaire's ceiling dance from the film, Royal Wedding.
  • Spin the Bottle: This episode used this game. On the first spin, the bottle tracked Buster Bunny when he moved out of the way, and convinced Babs Bunny it pointed to an ugly man with big lips when Buster hid behind him. On the second spin, it pointed to Buster again even though he was well outside the circle.
  • Talking with Signs: Egghead Junior writes notes and hands them to whoever he means to address to tell them what he wants to say.
  • Visual Pun: When Hamton worries about how Wade and Winnie are going to punish him, he thinks about being "Horse-whipped", which involves a horse spraying whipped cream on him.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Everyone who was at the party besides Hamton and Plucky don't show up again after Egghead Junior destroys Hamton's house.
  • Wild Teen Party: This episode features one of these thrown at Hamton's house. It wasn't Hamton's idea, as Hamton originally intended to have a quiet party and just invite Plucky, but Plucky invited everyone in ACME Acres behind his back. Oddly enough, it isn't the guests who trash Hamton's house, but a neighbor, Egghead Junior, who does so out of retaliation for the noise the party is making, which disturbs his study time. Karma thankfully saves Hamton when a sweepstakes he entered at the beginning of the episode awards him with a new house.

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