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Recap / The 100 S 01 E 011

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Season 1 Episode 11

The Calm
Commence ship launching.
"A wise man once told me I needed to learn when not to follow the law."
Kane to Jaha


Bellamy approaches Clarke outside the Camp walls and asks if she thinks the bomb on the bridge scared the Grounders off. She says no and he tells her that Jasper thinks he might be able to make some more gunpowder and Raven can make some landmines. There is still no word from the Ark since the Unity Day blast and they wonder if everyone ran out of air. Clarke doesn't think anyone is coming down to save them.

Up in the Ark, the lights flicker and the air circulation kicks on as Marcus Kane slowly stands up from where he fell after the Exodus ship disaster. He calls out but there is no response.

Octavia and Murphy are working in the smokehouse when Del comes in bringing more wood. Octavia tells him to knock the fire down with wet leaves and Del insults her for being a "Grounder-pounder." Murphy asks her why Bellamy didn't get her a better job and she tells him that just means someone else would have had to do it. In another part of camp, Raven is in her tent, making split-load bullets when Finn enters and asks what is going on. He tells her he keeps wanting to apologize but she tells him she needs to finish with the bullets because it is keeping them alive. They hear delinquents calling out, "fire," and rush outside to see the smokehouse on fire. Murphy starts to fight Del because Del put too much wood on the fire and Bellamy breaks it up, telling them to save it for the Grounders. Octavia asks him what they're going to do because it was all of their food that just burned up. After the fire is out, as they're sifting through the fire, Clarke asks what happened and Bellamy explains that Del built the fire up too much because Octavia told him it was a bad idea. Clarke tells him they need to go hunting because they can't defend themselves if they're starving.


Later, Bellamy tells the delinquents to go out in groups with one Gunner in each group and to use the bullets for the Grounders but the spears for their food. Myles asks Clarke if she would like to go hunting with him and she agrees. Finn then asks if she wants to go hunting and she says she doesn't think so just as Myles walks up and assumes Finn is coming, too. All three then leave to go hunting.

Bellamy enters Raven's tent looking for more ammo and catches her packing a bag to leave. He tells her she can't leave because if she goes alone, she will be dead or worse. He then tells her that she built a drop ship and a bomb and he wants to know what else she can do. Raven suddenly thinks of making some walkie-talkies. Bellamy reminds her they need her because she is smart.

In the Ark, Kane is walking around, looking for other survivors when he hears someone singing. He follows the sound and discovers Wick from Engineering with his arm trapped in a door. Kane works to free him as he tells Wick about Diana Sydney's mutiny. Kane then leaves to find an axe and uses it to pry the door open to free Wick's arm. They then make their way through the empty corridors of the Ark when they find a group of unconscious people piled against a door.


Clarke, Finn, and Myles are looking for prey to hunt. Myles is chatting when Clarke tells him to be quiet. Finn realizes the tracks they had been following were made by Grounders and they are the ones being hunted just as Myles is struck down by an arrow in his leg and one in his chest. Finn tells Clarke they have to leave Myles just before he is hit over the head by a Grounder. The last thing Clarke sees is Anya standing over her.

Up in space, Kane and Wick place oxygen masks on the people they found as Kane tells Wick they need to keep moving. Wick mentions the CO 2 scrubbers have kicked back on so at least they can breathe. Kane realizes someone turned on the air from Earth Monitoring as a message to them.

Clarke and Finn are led into a room in a Grounder outpost and Anya enters. She releases Clarke as another Grounder reveals a mortally injured Tris. She tells Clarke to help Tris; otherwise, Finn will die.

Kane and Wick lead the group of people to Earth Monitoring and Wick hooks up an intercom to get through to Jaha in Earth Monitoring. Jaha tells Kane they're all trapped in Earth Monitoring so Kane needs to take everyone to the Mess Hall where Sinclair is routing power and air. Kane tells him he is not leaving Jaha to die but Jaha tells him to rescue the people on the Ark before cutting transmission. Kane tells Wick to take the people to the Mess Hall but stays behind to try to free the door to Earth Monitoring. Wick warns him the entire deck is a fire hazard and Kane tells him that no one else can die because of him. Kane continues struggling with the debris in front of the Earth Monitoring door and Wick comes over to help him. Soon, everyone is helping him move the wreckage.

Clarke asks Anya why she thinks she can save Tris. Anya says that Lincoln had told her about Clarke's medical expertise and since their healer is gone, they need Clarke. Clarke asks what happened and Anya tells her that Tris was on the bridge when the bomb exploded.

In the drop ship, Monty is working on the radio equipment they salvaged from the Exodus ship and plays Raven some weird feedback that seemed to jam the drop ship's signal, causing it to crash. Raven tells him to take it apart because they need to make walkies. She also heads over to the radio to the Ark but Monty protests. Raven tells him the Ark is not there and starts to take the radio apart just as the hunting parties return. Raven leaves to find Finn, and Murphy tells her Clarke and Finn are not back yet. She then heads to Bellamy's tent and waits for him to return. When he enters, she starts to get undressed, telling Bellamy that she's, "moving on." Bellamy tells her that if she's looking for someone to talk her out of what she wants to do, he's not that guy. They then proceed to sleep together.

Clarke asks Finn for help on lifting Tris up and listens to her lungs. She realizes that Tris is drowning and she needs to relieve the pressure. She asks for some tubing and Caliban finds some for her. Clarke makes an incision in between Tris' ribs and inserts the tube. Anya enters just then and asks what Clarke has done, shoving her out of the way to get to Tris' side.

In Earth Monitoring, Jaha and Sinclair and the others are barely alive when Kane and Wick break through and bring them oxygen masks. Kane tells Jaha he saved him because they need their expertise to help everyone. Jaha thanks Kane and Kane helps him stand up.

Anya tells Clarke that Tris is hot and Clarke says that she is probably septic and needs real medicine. Clarke asks how Anya could send a little girl into battle and Anya tells her that Tris was her Second and it is how they train them to be warriors. Tris starts gasping and Clarke says she needs a blood transfusion and asks for supplies.

After Raven and Bellamy have sex, Raven gets up and gets dressed. Bellamy asks her if it helped and she tells him it did not before leaving his tent.

Kane tells Jaha that whole stations may have been lost and he estimates no more than 1,000 survivors with at least 1,500 dead. Wick and Sinclair interrupt to tell them the Service hatch was manually sealed before the launch of the Exodus ship, meaning there are survivors still in the Service bay. Kane decides to go after them by going through the overheated maintenance shaft.

Finn sharpens a needle for Clarke and they get a syringe ready to do the blood transfusion but Caliban and Anya refuse to let her take their blood. Finn offers his blood up instead and Clarke preps him. She then looks for a vein on Tris and can't find one before Finn lets her know that Tris is dead. Anya takes out a knife and cuts a braid of hair from Tris' head before gesturing to one of her warriors to remove Tris' body. She then tells another warrior to take Finn and kill him.

Wick hands Kane a portable battery to hook up to the door in the service bay to get it open. Kane then climbs inside the maintenance shaft and begins his way through the incredibly hot and narrow passage.

In the drop ship, Raven has completed the walkie-talkies. She apologizes to Monty for before with the Ark radio. Monty tells her that all of the hunters are back except for Clarke, Finn, and Myles and that they're going to go look for them.

Kane pushes his way through a gate and makes it to the end of the shaft. He climbs through and sees people lying on the other side of the door in the service bay. He uses the battery to open the door and rushes inside, waking everyone up. He finds Abby curled in a corner and tells her to wake up as she opens her eyes. Kane holds Abby in relief.

Caliban tells Clarke that if she proves her worth, she will be welcome with them because their healer is gone. She asks if she will be able to visit the delinquents and Caliban tells her that after the next day there won't be anything to go back to. Clarke asks about the marks on Tris and Lincoln's shoulders and Caliban tells her each scar is a kill in combat, meaning Tris had already killed five people. Caliban shows her the kill scars on his chest, saying half of them were after he hurt his knee. Clarke then kicks him in his knee and uses a scalpel to slice his throat open. As he's gurgling to death, Clarke covers his mouth to quiet him and watches as he dies. She then takes off into the forest and begins running back to camp.

Raven and Octavia are searching in the woods for Clarke, Finn, and Myles. They are communicating with Bellamy and Monty through the newly built walkie-talkies. Octavia tells Raven to stop torturing herself about Finn. Monty asks over the walkie if anyone else is hearing the signal he heard on the Exodus ship's black box. Bellamy asks him if he sees anything before Monty says, "oh my God" and they hear a loud screech on their walkies. Raven and Octavia then hear someone in the bushes and creep closer, finding a badly injured Myles who tells them the Grounders took Clarke and Finn. Bellamy arrives and tells them they need to get back to camp. Bellamy radios Monty that they're heading home but there's no reply from Monty. His walkie is sitting on the ground and he's nowhere around.

Clarke is running through the woods and trying to get back to camp when she steps in a Grounder trap and is yanked upside-down and pulled high into the tree-tops.


  • Ambiguous Situation: It's not made clear how Abby and the survivors in the cargo bay made it off the Exodus Ship before it launched. Kane and Jaha theorize that either they jumped ship just before launch or Sydney deliberately through them out.
  • Annoying Arrows: Myles gets hit with two of them by Anya's forces, one in the shoulder and the leg. He's injured but survives.
  • Child Soldiers: Technically most of the 100 qualify by now, but it turns out the Grounders use them too. Anya's second in command is maybe 12 years old, and was one of the first injured when the bridge exploded.
  • Cliffhanger: Monty has been captured by an unknown force, and Clarke is caught in one of the Grounder booby traps, suspending her upside down in a tree.
  • Fan Disservice: Raven and Bellamy's love scene is not remotely titillating, as she is almost clinical in her depressing seduction, and he seems more resigned to it than anything.
  • Ghost Ship: Lampshaded by Wick and he and Kane explore the dark and deserted portions of the Ark. It's not actually haunted though.
  • Heel–Face Door-Slam: If you had any doubt on Kane's morals, he spends the entire episode rescuing survivors on the Ark, including Abby. He's full on become The Atoner by this point.
  • Human Notepad: Caliban reveals to Clarke that the ritual scarring on Grounder shoulders are this, each one representing a kill. Anya's Second Tris had 5 kills. Clarke remembers seeing them on Lincoln too.
  • The Hunter Becomes the Hunted: Finn realizes the tracks they are following are a trap just before Anya and her group ambush them.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Cited by Raven, when Finn tries to make peace with her.
  • The Main Characters Do Everything: Played for laughs. We meet a new delinquent named Myles, who references how he never hangs out with the main characters, and whether they know what crime he committed on the Ark.
  • Meaningful Echo: Kane uses Jaha's advice on when to not follow the law to justify rescuing Jaha and Sinclair.
    Kane: A wise man once told me I needed to learn when not to follow the law.
  • Oh, Crap!: The camp collectively when the smoking shack burns down, destroying most of their food stores.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: Jaha and Sinclair made successfully to the Earth Monitoring room of the Ark and got basic life support back. They did this in the dark with almost no air and freezing cold.
  • Remember the New Guy?: Myles and Wick. Myles is a member of the 100, Wick is Sinclair's apprentice.
  • The Reveal: Jasper discovers the reason for the Exodus Ship crashing. It's navigation system was jammed from a signal of unknown source.
  • Rousseau Was Right: Once again the Ark citizens prove themselves when the rally around Kane to save Jaha and Sinclair.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Raven tries to take off after getting fed up with having no more ammo to make and seeing Clarke and Finn together. Bellamy talks her out of it.
  • Sex for Solace: Raven has this with Bellamy. She doesn't seem very consoled afterwards though.
    Bellamy: Did that help?
    Raven: No.
  • Ship Sinking: Bellamy and Raven. They sleep together, only to find out they have no romantic chemistry whatsoever.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Bellamy successfully talks Raven out of abandoning the camp with one of these speeches. It helps inspire her to build more walkie talkies for the delinquents.
  • You Wake Up in a Room: Played with. Kane awakens on the Ark as the systems slowly come back online, but alone in an empty hallway, days after the Exodus Ship crippled the Ark. He knows who he is and where he is, but nothing about the status of anyone else on board. He spends the episode organizing the survivors and trying to come up with a plan.

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