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Recap / Star Wars Resistance S1E20 "No Escape, Part II"

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This episode aired March 17, 2019.

The First Order has destroyed Hosnian Prime, and Kazuda Xiono, Torra Doza and CB-23 saw the transmission, while hiding. Kaz is nearly caught when his grief means he can't stay quiet, but Torra makes him hide again. He tells her about what they just saw, that his homeworld has been destroyed. Torra can only say how sorry she is, but Kaz resolves that the First Order will pay for what they've done.

The three sneak to the Doza Tower holding cells, where they find Jarek Yeager and Captain Doza. The two prisoners are happy for the rescue, but Yeager notices something's wrong with Kaz, who tells him about the Cataclysm. Yeager and Doza are both horrified, but everyone has to hide back in the cell when they hear stormtroopers coming. The two troopers notice the unlocked cell and investigate, but are ambushed by the Resistance members. Yeager and Doza take the troopers' blasters before stunning them and leaving them in the cell. Kaz tells them the plan: Neeku is going to fire up the Colossus' thrusters and engines to escape into space. Doza is somewhat worried about the idea, noting that the Colossus hasn't moved in twenty years. Down in the hyperdrive room, Neeku, talking to Kel about removing the water the station has taken on before taking off, has an idea about how to get rid of the stormtroopers. He calls up Kaz.

Kaz, CB-23 and Torra position themselves in the corridors of the platform as Kaz gives Neeku instructions. However, the Nikto's literal-mindedness leads him to set things off too soon, but things work out. First Kaz, and then Torra, lead the stormtroopers on so the troopers are caught in newly-flooded sections, and then flushed into the ocean. In what is normally Captain Doza's office, Pyre and Tierny discuss the situation, with Tam present. The First Order Security Bureau agent acerbically notes that the stormtroopers are losing control, and that reinforcements are necessary. She adds that she intends to take Tamara offworld now. Pyre, after a moment, agrees, and hints that perhaps they should cut their losses since the platform is getting so hard to control. As the First Order personnel and Tam leave, Yeager and Doza emerge from their hiding place above, having slipped into the office via another route. Yeager contacts Kaz, who is just disposing of the last of the stormtroopers, and tells him about the plans to take Tam offworld. They agree they can't let that happen. Down in the hyperdrive room, as Neeku, Kel, Eila and Vilpac work on flushing out the stormtroopers, Neeku is surprise when told they're receiving a transmission from Aunt Z, who's been gone for days.

Pyre and Tierny escort Tam outside, where the shuttle descends to meet them. As the ramp is extended, Yeager, below, and Kaz and Torra, above, show themselves and try to persuade Tam to stay. Tam refuses to listen, upset that they lied to her, although Yeager points out that the First Order lies much, much more than they ever did. Sadly, Tam's sense of betrayal and Tierny's manipulation is enough to leave her unswayed by their arguments. As stormtroopers corner them, Pyre demands that Kaz, Torra, CB-23 and Yeager surrender. Kaz, however, is unconcerned, and simply gives Neeku an order to start the Colossus' engines. Tierny and Pyre are surprised when they realize what's happening, as is Tam when told that the Colossus is a spaceship. The stormtroopers are thrown off-balance, and some of the ones threatening Yeager fall off the platform. CB deploys oil and her grappling lines to throw away a few stormtroopers, and then snags Torra when she falls as well. As Pyre and Tierny board the shuttle, Tierny offers her hand to pull Tam on as well. Yeager yells one last plea for her not to take it, but she doesn't listen, and soon enough the shuttle, with Tam onboard, is gone. Torra tells Yeager how sorry she is, but he replies that Tam made her choice. As they're joined by Kaz and CB, Yeager says that they're going to need to get to their ships, and they run inside.

At the Doza Tower cells, Captain Doza releases Aces Freya, Griff and Bo from their cells, saying their talents are needed to defend the station. At the hangar where Yeager's racer and the Fireball were stored by the First Order, as CB-23 works on opening the door and deactivating the gravity locks, Yeager orders Bucket to get to Hangar B12, where the Aces' ships were stored, to do the same. When the hangar door opens, however, Kaz, Yeager and Torra are greeted by a pair of TIE fighters, prompting Kaz to try shooting at one of them. Just then, help arrives: Aunt Z and Hype picked up Kaz's distress call en route to Takodana, and decided to come back and help in their stolen transport. The other Aces, Kaz and Yeager launch their ships, and head out to fight Major Vonreg and his fighters as the Colossus continues to ascend. During the ensuing dogfight, many TIE fighters are shot down, but the defenders of the Colossus are outnumbered, and there's still Major Vonreg to deal with. As the battle rages outside the Colossus, help arrives from an unexpected source: the Warbird pirates, onboard their sail barge, the Galleon. Synara orders the gunners to fire on the TIEs, and gives Kaz a heads-up over the coms.

As the fight continues, a First Order Star Destroyer arrives, to the great concern of the Colossus' defenders. It begins firing on the station, and Kaz orders everyone back to the safety of the Colossus. He also sends Neeku a set of coordinates for the jump into hyperspace. However, Captain Doza points out that the Colossus isn't far enough away from Castilon's gravitational pull to jump yet. Yeager, meanwhile, is in need of help, as he's being chased by Major Vonreg. Kaz heads after the red-armoured pilot, and comes up with a way to ambush him. As Yeager and his pursuers fly around the Colossus, Kaz goes through the narrow gap between the upper superstructure of the station and the lower part with the engines. He gets the drop on Vonreg from behind and shoots him down, prompting a brief celebration and a compliment from Yeager before the two head back to the hangar and make rough landings. As the Star Destroyer continues to fire on the Colossus, which has reached the edge of Castilon's atmosphere, Neeku activates the hyperdrive, and the station is gone into hyperspace.

Everyone is relieved that they live to fight another day. However, Neeku has an announcement: he ran out of time to input the entire coordinates, so the Colossus is probably going to drop out of hyperspace somewhere before D'Qar, their destination. Kaz and Yeager are less than thrilled by this news, but Neeku is excited. Kaz points out that at least they're all together, but stops as he realizes he's wrong, and they pause to remember Tam. As Hype and Aunt Z get off their ship, the big Gilliand jumps the skinny Rodian for a hug, causing Hype to panic as he's knocked to the floor. Kaz, Yeager, the other Aces, Kel, Eila and the droids gather and watch hyperspace go by, wondering what's next.


  • The Alleged Car: The Fireball averts this for once, allowing us to finally witness it at its best.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Aunt Z and Hype, having picked up Kaz's signal, come back and clear the opening for the Aces to launch. Synara also comes back with the Warbirds to help the Aces against the First Order.
  • Big "NO!": Kaz does a relatively quiet one after the destruction of Hosnian Prime, nearly attracting the attention of the stormtroopers before Torra pulls him down.
  • Bittersweet Ending: The Colossus is able to take off and goes into hyperspace, leaving the First Order behind, but has a fifty-fifty chance of getting to the Resistance base on D'Qar. However, Tam has joined the First Order, the Hosnian system is gone, and the fight is far from over, but the heroes celebrate their short-term victory before making their next move.
  • Blind Jump: In a partial example, thanks to Neeku only inputting part of the coordinates to D'Qar, the Colossus could end up anywhere between Castilon and D'Qar when it comes out of hyperspace.
  • Book Ends: The season began with Kaz in a fighter battle with Vonreg, and ends with one as well. But Kaz has improved as a pilot since then.
  • Call-Back: Kaz gives Neeku the coordinates included with Leia's message in "Descent" to input into the hyperdrive computers. However, Neeku doesn't have time to put in the whole thing...
  • The Cavalry: The Colossus does indeed get reinforcements, not from the Resistance, but rather the Warbirds.
  • Character Death: Major Vonreg is killed when Kaz ambushes his fighter.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • In "The Recruit", it's mentioned that potentially getting eaten by sharvo fish is a danger of being thrown into the ocean. Guess what happens to the unlucky stormtroopers flushed into the ocean...
    • Yet again, Kaz gives Griff Halloran a hand during a battle.
    • Kaz's ambushing of Major Vonreg by flying through an area too narrow for a TIE fighter is reminiscent of Hera's takedown of Commander Skerris above Lothal.
  • Epic Launch Sequence: The Colossus taking off for the first time in decades, complete with shots of the thrusters firing from underwater.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Tam takes up Tierny's offer to join the First Order and leaves offworld with her and Pyre.
  • Fighter-Launching Sequence: When Kaz, Yeager and the Aces launch to fight off Vonreg and his TIEs.
  • Final Battle: Of Season 1. The Aces plus Kaz and Yeager fight Vonreg and his forces in a dogfight while the Colossus takes off.
  • Foregone Conclusion: The Colossus doesn't show up at D'Qar in either The Force Awakens or The Last Jedi, so they're not going to make it there.
  • Giant Wall of Watery Doom: Kaz and Torra outrun several of these while flushing the stormtroopers off the Colossus.
  • Heroic BSoD: Kaz, because his homeworld was just destroyed. He pushes aside his grief to focus on fighting the First Order, but there are moments where he's clearly remembering it.
  • I Surrender, Suckers: In a partial example, when they try to rescue Tam, Yeager, Kaz, Torra and CB-23 get cornered by stormtroopers, and Commander Pyre orders them to surrender. Kaz doesn't bother retorting, instead ordering Neeku to start the Colossus' engines. This throws the stormtroopers off balance and off-guard, allowing Kaz and company to more easily defeat them.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: Realizing that they're losing control of the Colossus, Pyre and Tierny decide to abandon the platform and summon reinforcements to destroy it instead.
  • Mass "Oh, Crap!": When a Star Destroyer shows up while the Colossus is taking off.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: Synara convinced the other pirates to team up with the Colossus offscreen, and is seen commanding them in the assault. Kragan's still alive, ruling out a Klingon Promotion, so whatever she did to seize control must have been pretty impressive.
  • Oh, Crap!: Yeager and Kaz are none-too-thrilled when they find out that Neeku didn't input all of the coordinates to D'Qar, meaning they have no idea where they'll end up.
  • Parental Substitute: Tam outright admits Yeager was one to her. Yeager's distress when she joins the First Order suggests that the feeling was mutual.
  • Steal the Surroundings: Driving the First Order off the Colossus won't do any good, because they'll just bring in reinforcements. So why not take the Colossus away from the First Order to some place where they can't use it?
  • Synchronous Episodes: This episode overlaps with The Force Awakens, taking place after the Hosnian system has been blown up.
  • Take My Hand!: Agent Tierny offers her hand to Tam when her shuttle is taking off while they're leaving the Colossus, to pull her onboard. Tam's decision to take Tierny's hand solidifies her Face–Heel Turn, as her friends are unable to prevent her from leaving.
  • Tempting Fate: At the landing bay, Pyre and Tierny demand for Kaz, Torra, and Yeager to surrender, as they're outnumbered and surrounded. Cue Kaz telling Neeku to blast the Colossus off into space.
  • Title Drop: In the climax, as Kaz, Torra, and Yeager are surrounded by First Order forces, Pyre demands that they surrender, as there is "no escape". Cue the Colossus taking off.
  • Was It All a Lie?: Tam asks this of Yeager, saying that she wasted her years working for him and that she saw him as a father.
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • Tam gives one to Kaz and Yeager for lying to her and using her to advance their "evil" agendas.
    • Yeager is angry at Tam for choosing the First Order over staying and, frustrated, accepts that she's made her choice.

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