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Recap / Star Wars Resistance S0E1 "The Search for Kaz"

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The first of twelve shorts connected to season one, released on Disney Channel's YouTube channel on December 10, 2018.

Yeager sends BB-8 in search of Kaz, who is out of the repair shop. After a look around the marketplace and Aunt Z's, without success, BB returns to the repair shop to find Kaz working on the targeting computer. Kaz, unaware of what's going on, asks BB where he's been, and then asks him to go looking for Yeager, who's gone out. BB-8 headdesks.



  • The Cameo: Lin Gaava nearly trips over Buggles when she gets out of her booth at Aunt Z's.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • Team Fireball is working on the Colossus' targeting computer, setting this short slightly before "Synara's Score".
    • Aunt Z refers to Kaz as "Mr. Bigshot".
  • Headdesk: BB-8 lets his head dome drop to the floor at the end, when an oblivious Kaz asks him to go looking for Yeager.
  • Here We Go Again!: The short ends with BB-8 returning from an unsuccessful search for Kaz to find him back in the repair shop. Kaz then asks him to go find Yeager.


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