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Recap / Star Wars Resistance S1E14 "The First Order Occupation"

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This episode aired February 3, 2019.

Synara San tries to buy a ticket offworld, and is told that the First Order has locked down all the shuttles on the Colossus. In the marketplace, Neeku sees a TIE fighter fly overhead and remarks that it's the fourth one to arrive this week. Kaz corrects him that it's the fifth, and Neeku, noting Kaz's interest in the First Order, remarks that he must be thrilled about this. When Kaz suggests that by "thrilled", Neeku should assume he means "nauseated", the Literal-Minded Nikto is confused before assuming that Kaz must mean he's nauseated with excitement. Tam doesn't get why Kaz is so concerned, having, like most of the platform's residents, fallen for their "rescue" of Torra. The stormtroopers, searching for the pirate spy they know is on the platform, harass dockworker Glem for his ID. When Kaz tries to help, he quickly gets in trouble too, only for the overly-helpful Neeku to step in and cheerfully inform the stormtroopers of Kaz's name and place of employment, which gives Glem enough time to find his ID card. Kaz pulls Neeku away, and as they head back to the repair shop chews him out for telling the troopers about him. Tam still doesn't agree with Kaz, pointing out that the troopers are there for security, since it's what Captain Doza wants.


In the tower, Doza tells Commander Pyre via hologram that he's not happy about the stormtroopers overreaching their authority on his platform. Pyre retorts that the detachment will stay until such time as the pirate threat has been eliminated. After he signs off, 4D suggests that Pyre might be right, and Doza sighs, wondering what cost there will be.

Talking to Yeager, Kaz insists that they have to contact Poe and the Resistance because of the situation. Yeager pulls Kaz into his office and points out that this isn't a good idea since the First Order is monitoring the Colossus' communications, meaning he'd only out himself as a spy. He tells Kaz to wait until Poe contacts him, instead. Bucket enters to announce visitors. Yeager and Kaz come out to find the stormtrooper patrol, who ask Kaz some questions. Kaz claims not to know anything about any spies on the platform, and feigns shock at the news that there might be a pirate spy. The stormtrooper leader states that Kaz was seen near Doza Tower the night Torra was kidnapped, and Kaz retorts that he was the one who warned Captain Doza in the first place. The trooper adds that they're also looking for Synara, who was with him, and orders Kaz to stay in the repair shop until he receives further orders.


Kaz, however, has no intention of doing any such thing, and decides to help Synara escape the platform, since he decides that although she's a pirate, she's still a good person. He heads to the loading docks with BB-8, and follows Synara when she leaves, narrowly escaping the attention of two stormtroopers. Synara eventually reaches a deserted room, where Kaz eavesdrops on her hologram conversation with Kragan. She tells Kragan he needs to get her off the Colossus, but he retorts that she had a chance earlier, and due to the First Order's betrayal his people can't get within five kilometres of the platform, so she's on her own about escaping.

That night, Kaz and BB return to the loading docks, and Synara elbows Kaz in the face when he comes up behind her and taps him on the shoulder, before apologizing when she recognizes him. Using "food" in place of "spy", Kaz warns her that the First Order is after her and she has to leave. The presence of two stormtroopers questioning Glem as to Synara's whereabouts is especially convincing, and Kaz, wearing a welding mask as a disguise, sneaks the pirate out inside of a crate under the stormtroopers' noses. Kaz takes Synara to the platform entrance, where there are ships she can be snuck onto. When they reach three waiting shuttles, Synara slips out of the crate and BB-8 begins to unlock one of the ships. Unfortunately, there's an alarm, and when the door is open, Kaz tells Synara to hide onboard while he and BB lead the troopers away. Synara sees the beginnings of the chase and feels guilty. When Kaz and BB are cornered by a dead end, they're saved when Synara, having come back for them, knocks out the troopers from behind with a wrench, telling Kaz that after everything he's done for her, she couldn't let him get arrested. They run back to the shuttles, but are too late, as the three ships take off. Needing another escape route for Synara, Kaz hits on an idea: a guy who knows the Colossus better than the back of his hand.


Neeku has no idea what the back of his hand and the Colossus have in common. Kaz only manages to get through to him that Synara needs to escape the platform after pointing out that stormtroopers aren't very nice to people like her, which reminds Neeku of what one of his grandparents told him about the Empire and how they treated his people. Once he grasps that Synara needs to escape, he has a solution: the platform's escape pods, which are underwater and will thus allow for a covert escape. On their way to the required turbolift, Synara is spotted by a patrol of stormtroopers, who give chase, and Neeku is surprised to learn that Synara is the pirate spy. Kaz tells Synara that they'll need a distraction to shake their pursuers, and Neeku, overhearing this, pulls open a valve on a steam pipe in the hallway, briefly hurting his eyes, but causing the troopers to follow him instead of Kaz and Synara. The pirate comments on Neeku's bravery, and Kaz sends BB-8 after him to keep an eye on the Nikto. When Neeku nearly gets cornered at the same dead end Kaz encountered earlier, the droid uses more smoke to distract the stormtroopers and send them following him.

Kaz and Synara enter the turbolift just in time to avoid being spotted by yet another stormtrooper, and are forced to listen to the questionable elevator music as they descend. They're briefly joined by the janitor, Opeepit, who complains about the First Order having taken his floor cleaner, and Kaz and Synara express sympathy. When they get to the level with the escape pods, there's only one left, and Kaz opens it for Synara to board. She thanks him for helping her escape, saying that her time on the Colossus has opened her eyes. The moment is broken by Kaz getting hit in the head by the pod's hatch, and Synara helps him close it before launching away. Kaz puts his welding mask back on and flees just before a patrol of stormtroopers arrives. They're forced to admit that they are too late to prevent Synara's escape. Underwater, Synara's pod passes a giant rokkna, Bibo's mother, still hanging around the platform. She sends Kragan a message telling him she's clear, and coordinates for pickup.

Back at the repair shop, Kaz arrives to find Tam working on the Fireball. He tells her that Synara had to leave, and Tam is disappointed that she didn't even say goodbye. Just then, Neeku arrives, announcing that he's sure "they" didn't see him clearly, and that he's going to pass out now, before doing so, leaving Tam confused as to what happened. Out on the ocean, Synara's escape pod surfaces, and she opens the hatch and climbs out to sit on the lip of the pod. She watches some passing birds, petting one of them, before Kragan arrives in a skiff, dropping a rope for her to climb up. He tells her he's surprised she managed to get out, but that she's home now. Synara agrees, reluctantly.


  • Apathetic Citizens: Played for Drama. Most of the citizens are willing to put up with the First Order's occupation because they rescued Torra, and are needed to help protect against further pirate attacks. Kaz and Doza are the only ones who are worried about the overly strict security measures and losses of personal freedom.
  • Call-Back:
    • The First Order's "rescue" of Torra in the previous episode has worked pretty well — Tam's completely fallen for it and brings it up when Kaz tries to warn her what their true intentions are.
    • Neeku's extensive knowledge of the Colossus comes in handy when Kaz's first plan to get Synara out fails.
  • Conscience Makes You Go Back: Kaz and BB-8 get Synara onto a shuttle where she can escape offworld, but she sees them being chased by stormtroopers and decides to follow and help, cutting off that avenue of escape.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • Kaz's use of "food" as Spy Speak while warning Synara brings to mind that time he tried to convince her a targeting computer was actually a "food steamer".
    • The shuttle Kaz initially planned for Synara to escape on was headed for Takodana.
    • Synara's escape pod passes Bibo's mother underwater.
    • Synara's cold and lonely return to the pirates at the end of the episode is reminiscent of what happened to Agent Kallus at the end of "The Honorable Ones".
  • Enemy Mine: Kaz, aware of Synara's identity, still helps her escape the platform when the First Order comes looking for her.
  • Escape Pod: The Colossus' are in the underwater levels. When Synara needs one to escape, there's only one left.
  • Eye Scream: Neeku blinds himself when he gets a vent of steam to the eyes when he opens it as a distraction, but he recovers fairly quickly.
  • Gilligan Cut: Kaz tells Synara that he knows a guy who knows the Colossus like the back of his hand. Cut to Neeku, staring at the back of his hand confused as to what it has to do with the Colossus.
  • He Knows Too Much: The First Order, having decided Kragan and his pirates were no longer of use in the previous episode, search for Kragan's spy on the Colossus since she might reveal that the First Order and the pirates have been working together in a False Flag Operation to get in Captain Doza's good graces this whole time.
  • Moment Killer: Kaz and Synara's touching goodbyes are interrupted when Kaz gets hit in the head by the descending hatch of the escape pod.
  • Offhand Backhand: Synara instinctively elbows Kaz in the face when he taps her on the shoulder, before apologizing when she realizes who he is.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend: Kaz tells BB-8 he doesn't like Synara in that way when BB suggests it.
  • Ship Tease: Yeah, it definitely looks as though Kaz has a crush on Synara.
  • Spy Speak: Kaz uses the euphemism of "food" when warning Synara she has to leave before the First Order finds her.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: When the Stormtroopers visit Yeager's, they question Kaz, implicitly reminding him he too is a potential suspect in Torra's kidnapping, because he and Synara were both seen near Doza Tower that night. Kaz knows just how bad this looks on him.
  • Uncomfortable Elevator Moment: Kaz and Synara in the turbolift down to the escape pods, complete with Opeepit the janitor boarding the lift briefly and cheesy elevator music.
  • We Need a Distraction: Kaz, heading for the Colossus' escape pods with Synara on Neeku's suggestion, says they need one to get rid of the stormtroopers following. Neeku hears this and opens a steam vent in the hallway, causing him to scream in pain when he gets the steam in his eyes. It works, as the stormtroopers follow the screaming Nikto and miss Synara and Kaz due to the smoke.
  • Wrench Whack: Synara takes out the two stormtroopers who nearly corner Kaz this way.
  • Xanatos Gambit: Downplayed. The First Order tells Captain Doza that there's a pirate spy aboard the Colossus and insist on sending troops to search for her. Not only are they doing this because they need to eliminate loose ends, but they know that they can keep increasing their presence under the excuse that they need more resources to catch the spy or because them catching the spy just proves that the Colossus has weak security and needs them after all. The only way they would fail is if the spy manages to inform someone like Captain Doza that the First Order and the pirates set them up this whole time, but even then, would Captain Doza believe her?


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