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Recap / Star Wars Resistance S1E15 "The New Trooper"

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This episode aired February 10, 2019.

Commander Pyre meets Captain Doza in the latter's office and insists that the First Order's continued presence on the Colossus is necessary since whoever helped the pirate spy escape hasn't been apprehended. On the underside of the platform, Kel and Eila are fishing for flying fish when they're overheard by a trooper, who leaves the rest of his patrol and approaches them. He tries to take them away when they fail to produce identification. The kids manage to knock him out by throwing their catch at him, but they realize that they're in trouble, as the trooper's absence will almost certainly be noticed...


In the repair shop, Bucket works on the Fireball while the organic employees eat lunch. Kaz is upset that the others aren't taking the First Order's threat seriously. Tam still doesn't see a problem and refuses to hear any more from Kaz or Yeager. As Kaz and Yeager have a quiet conversation about his job as a spy, Yeager notices Kel and Eila at the door. Kaz warns the kids that they shouldn't be on the upper levels, and they ask for his help. Neeku and BB-8 come along, and Tam, having met the kids earlier, decides to help, too, despite Kaz trying to dissuade her.

The kids lead everyone to a storage closet where they've stashed the unconscious stormtrooper. Everyone is worried, Kaz because he thinks the trooper could wake up and kill them, Tam because she thinks they're going to get in big trouble. When the trooper starts to come to, Neeku conks him with a wrench, and they hurry to get him away before anyone else from the First Order comes along. Kaz and Neeku have some difficulty carrying the trooper down the stairs to engineering but eventually manage to deposit him in a small room off the main area. As they try to figure out what to do, the trooper's comm is contacted by his superior, who demands he report in. Kaz hits upon the idea of impersonating the trooper, CS-515, to see if he reported the kids' presence and to learn more about the First Order's plans. Kaz claims to CS-515's superior that he had a comm failure, puts on the armor, and heads out.


Upstairs, Kaz runs into two stormtroopers, who order him to follow them. He learns that troopers have to input their census data in the shuttle, but before he can do so, the sergeant orders them to head out to the marketplace because of a disturbance there. Residents of the Colossus, unhappy with the occupation, pelt the stormtroopers with fruit, and Kaz takes the opportunity to slip away. On a private channel, he tells Neeku and Tam that he's heading for the shuttle. Downstairs, Kel and Eila ask Tam why she seems to trust the First Order more than her friends. When they tell Tam about what happened on their homeworld, Tam is horrified and tries to imagine a reason why the First Order would have done such a thing, but fails. CS-515 wakes up but is highly disoriented. The kids gently ask him to calm down, and Neeku provides some comforting words before shocking him unconscious.


Kaz arrives at the shuttle dock and is allowed entry. At one of the computers, he finds out that CS-515 didn't report Kel and Eila. An astromech droid arrives and retrieves a data rod from beneath the console. Kaz gets into a fight with it and takes the rod, and the end of the scuffle is seen by some stormtroopers. The sergeant orders Kaz to come with him to see Commander Pyre. In Captain Doza's office, Pyre asks Doza why he left the Empire, and Doza simply responds that it was a personal matter which Pyre wouldn't understand. When the group of troopers including Kaz enters, Pyre orders Doza out of his own office, and Doza begrudgingly leaves.

Pyre tells the stormtroopers that a full garrison is on the way to the Colossus. Citizens sympathetic to the First Order will be allowed to stay; all others will be arrested. Kaz fails to report convincingly as CS-515, and Pyre agrees that CS-515's mental programming is faulty, meaning it's time for a "brain scrub". Kaz flees, loses his pursuers in the marketplace when they're accosted by the fruit-throwing protestors, and calls Tam and Neeku for help. Tam, Neeku, BB-8, and the kids tow the unconscious CS-515 to a rendezvous point. They find Kaz at a dead end, and he switches places with CS-515. When the pursuing stormtroopers arrive at CS-515's location, they find him propped up against the wall and remove his helmet. His confused responses confirm he needs to be reprogrammed, and he's led away. Safe, Kaz tells Kel and Eila that they weren't reported, but things are going to get worse.

Back at the repair shop, Tam and Neeku return to work while Kaz is called into Yeager's office. There, he presents the data rod, and BB-8 projects a map saved on the device. Studying it, Kaz and Yeager determine the red dots on it are likely First Order fleets, and they seem to be preparing to attack the New Republic. Yeager realizes that they must want the Colossus because they can refuel there, which means the First Order is preparing for war... but almost no one else knows.


  • Amusing Injuries: What CS-515 goes through, which includes getting knocked out by flying fish that Kel and Eila caught, getting whacked in the head by Neeku, and getting tazered by Neeku.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Neeku is oddly happy to be put in charge of knocking CS-515 out repeatedly.
  • Brainwashed: The mental conditioning all First Order stormtroopers receive comes up, and is a crucial part of why the First Order doesn't realize that trooper CS-515 was being impersonated — they just think his conditioning is faulty and he needs to be reprogrammed.
  • Call-Back:
    • Pyre uses the fact that someone helped Synara escape from the Colossus as an excuse to increase the number of stormtroopers on the platform.
    • When Kel and Eila come to the repair shop for help, Tam decides to come along because she met them in "Bibo".
    • Kel and Eila tell Tam what happened to their homeworld while trying to get her to understand that the First Order can't be trusted.
  • Call-Forward:
    • Kaz isn't unmasked because the stormtroopers think that CS-515's mental conditioning is faulty.
    • Kaz and BB-8 retrieve a data rod with a map of First Order fleet locations. Kaz and Yeager realize this means the First Order is planning to attack the New Republic.
  • Dramatic Irony: No one knows that most of the First Order stormtroopers, including CS-515, were taken by the First Order as infants to be brainwashed and conditioned into their army, so them being evil is not necessarily their fault. But as a result, Kaz and the others are unsympathetic to CS-515 while he's disoriented and repeatedly get him injured to protect themselves, but he does find Neeku "nice" and Kel and Eila get him to calm down once, so maybe he had a chance at having a Heel–Face Turn before he got returned to the First Order.
  • Dressing as the Enemy: Kaz disguises himself as a stormtrooper that Eila and Kel knocked out to help the kids. Once the Stormtroopers notice his erratic behavior, Kaz was just one shuttle ride away from becoming one of them for real.
  • Faking Another Person's Illness: When Tam, Neeku, BB-8 and the kids are seen by a Colossus resident while carrying the unconscious CS-515 through the hallways to meet Kaz, Tam wards the resident off by claiming the young man they're toting is very sick and they're taking him to the medcentre.
  • Flying Seafood Special: Kel and Eila are first seen fishing for flying fish, complete with a fishing rod.
  • Internal Reveal: The information Kaz steals allows him, BB-8 and Yeager to realize why the First Order is after the Colossus: they want to use it as a supply and refuelling area for their planned war.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Instead of trying to get Doza to hand direct control of the station to Captain Phasma, Commander Pyre just allows Doza to keep thinking it's his station while they find ways to get away with whatever they want, with Doza being none the wiser. They even excuse Doza out of his own office because they don't want him to know their full plans, nor their practice of brainwashing troopers.
  • Mistaken for Gay: When Neeku finds Kaz and saves him, Kaz tells him he could kiss him right now. Neeku misinterprets this and tells him he does not feel the same way.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Kaz helping Synara escape only gave Pyre a reason to increase the number of stormtroopers present, and worst of all, he's at greater risk because they know someone helped a pirate spy escape.
  • Oh, Crap!: Kaz, when he realizes that the stormtroopers intend to haul him off for "reprogramming" because they've noticed his odd behaviour and think that CS-515's programming is faulty.
  • Out-of-Character Alert: The stormtroopers notice something's off with "CS-515" fairly quickly, especially when he's seen in a scuffle with an astromech droid. However, it doesn't occur to them that it's actually an impostor in his armour, as they instead think his conditioning is faulty.
  • Pet the Dog: When CS-515 is returned back to his fellow stormtroopers, he rambles about how nice his "green friend" (Neeku) was.
  • Produce Pelting: The protestors in the marketplace throw fruit at the stormtroopers. Kaz uses this to get away from the genuine stormtroopers twice.
  • The Reveal: Tam's grandfather used to work in an Imperial factory, which is a major factor in why she's initially unbothered by the First Order's presence.
  • Tap on the Head: Played With. CS-515 goes down, all right, but in the two scenes where he wakes up, he's out-of-sorts and confused, which in the latter scene only adds to the impression there's something wrong with his conditioning.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Kel and Eila call out Tam for apparently trusting the First Order more than her friends who are warning her about it.
  • Wrench Whack: When CS-515 starts to wake up the first time, in the closet Kel and Eila put him in, Neeku knocks him out again this way.


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