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Recap / Star Wars Resistance S1E7 "Synara's Score"

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This episode aired November 18, 2018.

In the repair shop, Kaz, Tam and Neeku are working on something while Yeager talks to Captain Doza by hologram. Doza is insistent that they repair the targeting computer for the Colossus' platform defences as soon as possible, as he's concerned about pirate attacks. Yeager tells him they'll be finished as soon as possible, and signs off when he hears trouble. Neeku announces that an important chip has burned out, so Yeager sends Tam and Kaz off to get a replacement, keeping Neeku back at the shop and ordering him not to say a word to anyone about this, which the Literal-Minded Nikto takes as meaning he has to cover his mouth so he can't talk.

At the Office of Acquisitions, Kaz and Tam come up short, as Flix and Orka have nothing. Kaz has an idea, and he, Tam and BB-8 go to the loading docks where the salvagers work. He tells Tam he has a friend there. Tam's first introduction to the mysterious Synara comes when she knocks out another salvager during an argument over a part. She's skeptical, but Kaz is confident all will be fine. When Kaz asks Synara about the part, he can't remember the name, so Tam steps in and rattles off the specs, and Synara heads off to see what they have, noting that military hardware like that chip usually doesn't make it to them. It turns out the salvagers have one, which she hands off to Tam. On their way back to the repair shop, BB tells Kaz he doesn't trust Synara, and Kaz admits that he's not sure if he trusts her either, but she did get them the part. As work resumes, Yeager leaves, allowing Neeku to go on break but warning him again not to tell anyone about their job.

Synara, slipping away from work, climbs on top of the loading docks and, looking with macrobinoculars, notes that the platform defences appear to be offline. Looking at Doza Tower, she sees two people in Doza's office. Inside the office, Doza tells Yeager he wants the targeting computer repaired in an hour. Yeager says that isn't possible, and Doza explains he's sending all of the Aces off-platform to escort in an important ship. He says that, given that pirates are suddenly better equipped and armed, the platform is barely hanging on. Yeager promises they'll try to be finished in an hour. Synara contacts her fellow pirates, and reaches a Weequay named Drell, who mockingly asks her if she's enjoying her new home. She demands to speak to Kragan immediately, and when he gets on the line, she tells him about the Colossus defences. Kragan is pleased at the opportunity, noting that if the Aces leave, they'll have an excellent opportunity for attack.

In the repair shop, Kaz and Tam are working on the targeting computer when Neeku, still with his hands over his mouth, tries to tell them something. Kaz eventually snaps at Neeku that it's more annoying when he does this and orders him to just talk, whereupon Neeku explains that there's someone else in the shop. Tam and Kaz turn around to see Synara, holding a container full of power couplings. She explains that they had a lot of spares, and that they might help with their project, explaining that they're free. Kaz and Tam quickly move to block Synara's view of the targeting computer, as she asks if that's what they're working on. Improvising, Kaz quickly claims it's a food steamer for Yeager, and Tam offers to take Synara to lunch to thank her for the parts to get her out of the shop. As the women leave, Kaz notes that it's almost his meal break, too, but Neeku slaps his hand over Kaz's mouth.

At the marketplace, Tam and Synara talk, tossing their finished food into a garbage can carried by the janitor as they walk past. Synara asks Tam where she's from, and Tam explains that she's not really from anywhere. Her father was a racer, and she grew up travelling all over. She wanted to be a racer too, and she was working her way up the circuit when she ran out of credits for repairs, so she bet her ship on the outcome of a race, but lost. And now she's on the Colossus, working as a mechanic to try and get another racer. Just then, the two women see all of the Aces launch from the platform and fly away, out of view. Tam realizes she has to get back to work, and just then, Kaz arrives and shouts for Tam. She runs off, telling Synara she'll see her later.

Synara follows Tam and Kaz inside, and then slips off to a private corner, where she contacts Kragan and tells him the Aces are gone and the platform defences are down, so he's good to go for his attack. Running to the repair shop, Kaz notes that usually he's the one taking too-long breaks, and Tam snaps that she can do twice as much work as him in half the time. Yeager, noting that their job is overdue, also points out that Kaz is usually the one who goofs off. They get back to work on the computer, and Kaz, responding to a muffled utterance from Neeku, wonders what the odds even are that there will be a pirate attack that day. Right on cue, Kragan's gang arrives, and Kaz agrees with something Neeku mutters.

Doza demands to know where the computer is as the pirates attack the platform with impunity, and Yeager promises they're working as fast as possible. As the blast doors close, Tam announces that the computer is done, saying they can do the rest when they get there. The computer is loaded onto Yeager's forklift. Tam, seeing explosions from the loading docks, grows concerned for Synara and runs off to help her, and Kaz sends BB-8 after her to assist. Kaz and Yeager fly out of the repair shop to install the computer.

BB catches up with Tam in the hallways, and she appreciates his help. She rams a pirate with a cart loaded with crates, and some Colossus residents begin looting the crates as Tam heads off. Upon reaching the salvagers' docks, she can't find Synara, only to see her in the distance. Tam rushes into the chaos and tackles down a pirate, before punching another out. She's then grabbed from behind by a huge Trandoshan.

Kaz is terrified when Yeager flies the forklift with pirates all around, and explains when Yeager asks that he prefers flying when he's at the controls. As they approach the dock for the targeting computer, they are seen by Kragan and another pirate, riding speeder bikes, and they pursue. During the pirates' attempt to prevent the targeting computer from being reinstalled, the computer is placed inside the dock incorrectly, while Kaz runs and Yeager fights with Kragan in the cockpit of the forklift. Kaz is knocked to a lower level, so Yeager gives him a lift up while Kragan is still hanging on. Just after discovering the computer is incorrectly aligned, Kaz is attacked by the other pirate, who was knocked out briefly, and eventually stuns him with a dropped electrostaff. Kaz then gets the idea to shift the targeting computer using the blade of the electrostaff, as Yeager and Kragan continue to fight.

Tam, being held by the Trandoshan, asks BB for help, and as she elbows the pirate, BB ensures he slips and falls by positioning himself under the pirate's foot. Tam finds Synara not long afterwards, and the Mirialan is stunned that Tam would endanger herself to try and help her. They are then approached by another pirate, who recognizes Synara, but she punches him out before he can reveal Synara's true allegiance. Tam is impressed, as Synara retrieves the pirate's blaster.

Kaz manages to align the targeting computer, but lacks the strength to push it farther in. He is forced to jump out of the way as Yeager's forklift rams the computer, and Kragan falls off the forklift. Kaz and Yeager are horrified when it looks like the computer has been broken, but it soon comes to life and slides inside its resting, and the door closes. Kaz tells Captain Doza the defences are back online, and he activates them, shooting down several pirate ships. Kragan, deciding his gang has done enough damage for the day, calls the retreat before departing in his shuttle.

At the salvaging docks, Synara is quite touched that Tam would risk her life to try and help her, and Tam tells her that's what friendship is all about. Upon returning to the repair shop, Yeager tells Kaz he did a good job, and tells Neeku he can talk again. After Neeku excitedly explains that he and Bucket hid in the supply closet when pirates knocked on the door, Yeager changes his mind. Once Neeku and Bucket are out of earshot, Yeager tells Kaz he doesn't think the attack was a coincidence. Kaz suggests he's not the only spy on the platform, and Yeager responds that Kaz was never the only spy on this platform. In his office, Doza surveys the extensive damage, and then sits at his desk and contacts Commander Pyre of the First Order. He tells Pyre he'd like to hear the First Order's offer of protection again, and Pyre responds that he'll come to the platform himself.


  • Alliterative Title: "Synara's Score".
  • The Bad Guy Wins: The Colossus's defenses have been compromised thanks to Synara, and the pirates have done severe damage to the platform (and have likely stolen a lot of goods in the process). Meanwhile, Captain Doza is forced to reconsider the offer from the First Order.
  • Bad Liar: When Synara surprises Kaz and Tam at the repair shop and asks if they're working on a targeting computer, Kaz quickly and unconvincingly claims it's a food steamer. Tam technically doesn't lie, but she can't find any credible explanation. And Neeku, who is incapable of lying, doesn't speak at all.
  • Becoming the Mask: Synara develops genuine fondness for Tam, and is genuinely touched that Tam would risk her life to try and rescue her.
  • Blasting It Out of Their Hands: Yeager disarms Kragan this way during their fight.
  • Call-Back: Captain Doza contacts the First Order at the end after the pirate attack to talk about their offer again, having been first proposed it in "The High Tower".
  • The Cameo: Rucklin and his friends can be seen in the background during the scene in the marketplace.
  • Continuity Nod: Yeager notes that Tam spending more than her allotted time for her meal break to hang out with friends while she's supposed to be repairing something important is something he'd expect from Kaz, referencing the events of "Fuel for the Fire".
  • Dark and Troubled Past:
    • Tam tried to follow her father's footsteps in becoming a racer, but one race changed it all; out of money, she entered to win some credits and bet her ship, but she lost miserably and she lost her ship.
    • Synara hints that she has one, saying that life hasn't been kind to her.
  • Darkest Hour: A very brief one after Yeager rams into the targeting computer, causing it to start sparking. He and Kaz panic, thinking they've broken it... but miraculously, it whirrs into life, slots itself into place, and Captain Doza is able to activate the platform defences.
  • Downer Ending: The pirate attack does enough damage to the Colossus, thanks to Synara compromising the platform, that Captain Doza reconsiders the First Order's offer of protection, contacting Commander Pyre. Meanwhile, Yeager realizes there likely is a mole who likely told the pirates about them being vulnerable.
  • Foreshadowing: A number of pirates are wearing modified stormtrooper armor, and Kragan's ship is a heavily modified First Order shuttle.
  • Hand Gagging: Neeku takes Yeager's orders not to tell anyone about the targeting computer job as meaning he has to do this to himself whenever he speaks. He then does it to Kaz while Tam and Synara are leaving the repair shop. The good news is, it actually worked. The bad news? It's not his big mouth that caused any of the problems in this episode.
  • Irony:
    • The targeting computer job is delayed because Tam, usually a workaholic, took too long of a break hanging out with a friend. Both Kaz and Yeager point out it's usually Kaz who does that.
    • Team Fireball worries that Neeku will run his mouth and reveal that the targeting computer is under repair, so they emphasize to him about not talking about it. It works, but Synara finds out about it anyways.
  • The Mole: Synara is undercover as a salvager, and it was she who sold out the Colossus' vulnerabilities to her pirate gang. They succeed.
  • "Not So Different" Remark: Synara says this to Tam after learning of her backstory, saying that the both of them want more out of life than it has offered them.
  • One-Hit KO: Synara punches out one of her fellow pirates this way before he can reveal that he knows her, impressing Tam.
  • Ramming Always Works: After Kaz realigns the targeting computer, it's still not far enough into its dock, but Yeager's forklift partly-accidentally ramming it does the trick.
  • Sarcasm Mode: When Kaz and Tam come to the Office of Acquisitions looking for the required chip, Orka claims that they not only have five of them, they also have several hyperdrive cores and a crate of kyber crystals. Kaz eagerly asks, "Really?", prompting Orka to laugh at him.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Tempting Fate: Kaz wonders what the odds of a pirate attack that very second are, so naturally this is when the pirates arrive.
  • Time Skip: The events of "Signal from Sector Six" are referred to as having happened a while back. Enough time has passed for Synara to be established as a salvager with work experience on the Colossus.
  • Villain: Exit, Stage Left: After the defences are reactivated, Kragan departs the scene in his shuttle.