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Recap / Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 07 E 21 When It Rains

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The Battle of Chintoka was a total disaster, but the survival of a single Klingon ship might point to a possible countermeasure to Breen weaponry. Even better, General Martok is due to be inducted into the Order of Kahless by Chancellor Gowron himself. However, when the Chancellor decides to take a more active role in the war, it could spell doom for the Klingon forces. On Bajor, things have gotten icy between Kai Winn and Dukat, and when he takes a peek into the text of the Pah Wraiths, it costs him more than his eyesight. Meanwhile, Bashir attempts to find a cure for the morphogenic virus afflicting Odo, and Colonel Kira goes behind enemy lines to assist Damar's resistance movement.


Tropes in this episode:

  • Aborted Declaration of Love: Ezri is just about to confess her feelings to Bashir when he discovers that Odo is infected with the Changeling virus.
  • Black Speech: The Pah-Wraiths' texts are only meant to be read by a Kai. When Dukat made the foolish decision to try and read them himself, he gets blinded for his trouble.
  • Call-Back:
    • Kira recalls Damar's murder of Ziyal when Sisko orders her to help Damar's resistance movement.
    • Bashir initially assumes that Odo contracted the morphogenic virus from linkin with the female changeling back in season 6.
  • Cloning Body Parts: Discussed when Bashir asks to borrow "a cup of goo" from Odo to study his morphogenic matrix.
  • Darkest Hour: Only Klingon ships can defend against the Breen's dampening weapon, leaving the alliance at a severe disadvantage. Additionally, Damar's resistance has been suffering high casualties.
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  • Don't Ask: Bashir says this when O'Brien asks him how his talk with Ezri went.
  • Easily Forgiven: Gowron decides that this applies to Worf, now that he's part of the House of Martok.
    Gowron: The son of Mogh.
    Worf: Chancellor.
    Gowron: (to Martok) They say you've made him part of your House.
    Martok: It's true.
    Gowron: (beat) Then what is past is past. If Martok considers you his brother, that's all I need to know!
  • Enemy Mine: Kira and Garak working with Damar's resistance is very much this. Lots of Teeth-Clenched Teamwork.
    Rusot: I don't believe what I'm hearing. When we were stationed on Terok Nor, you spent hours telling me how much you despised [Kira].
    Damar: I did hate her, but that's a luxury I can no longer afford.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Kai Winn is still disgusted that she's working with Dukat.
  • Field Promotion: A variation—Kira is given a Starfleet commission with the rank of Commander in the hopes that the Cardassians will be more comfortable working with Starfleet, rather than the Bajoran Militia.
    • Actually a field demotion, since the rank of Colonel is equivalent to Captain. Since Sisko is only a Captain himself, the highest rank he can award Kira is Commander.
    • This could be explained as Kira actually being a lieutenant colonel in the Bajoran Militia; like other rank modifiers (such as "junior grade" and in the general/admiral ranks), the "lieutenant" part is usually omitted outside written orders and formal introductions. If she were actually now a full colonel, she would have skipped a rank when she was promoted from major at the beginning of the season.
  • Foreshadowing: Garak explains that Damar is willing to put his issues with Kira and Bajorans in general aside for the greater good, but that his men might not all feel that way. This is demonstrated during the climax of the next episode.
  • Glory Hound: Gowron wants the renown for himself, so he "promotes" Martok and steps in to steal leadership.
  • Hit-and-Run Tactics:
    • Martok makes plans for his ships to use these against the Dominion.
    • Sisko sends Kira to teach Damar these tactics.
  • Honor Before Reason: Damar and his resistance movement initially refuse to take Cardassian lives in service to their goals. Kira quickly disabuses Damar of the notion, pointing out that the instant the Dominion realises that Damar won't kill his own people, they'll post Cardassians at every potential target. Damar sees the logic in Kira's argument, and, while by no means happy about it, agrees that they can't reject any target, even if it costs Cardassian lives.
  • Irony: Kira, a former Bajoran terrorist who fought the Cardassians, goes to teach her enemies how to become terrorists. Properly Lampshaded, of course.
    Kira: You want me to go behind enemy lines and teach a bunch of Cardassians how to be resistance fighters?
    Sisko: I'm aware of the irony.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Rusot's not exactly wrong that Odo collaborated with the Cardassians during the occupation, even if neither Kira nor Odo see it that way.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Kai Winn throws out a blinded Dukat to beg on the streets.
  • Kicked Upstairs: Gowron gives Martok a huge he can take his position and net himself some battlefield glory.
  • Loophole Abuse: Kira's the most qualified person to instruct Damar's resistance on tactics, but Cardassians aren't likely to enjoy being lectured by a Bajoran. Sisko's solution is to give Kira a Starfleet commission, as that will effectively make her a Federation representative.
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat:
    • Gowron himself. Canny politician, crummy tactician.
    • The Starfleet admins who won't let Bashir have the information he needs to cure the changeling's disease. (Then again, Section 31 is involved...)
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • Ross' reaction to Sisko telling him that they'll have to do the Palm Bloodletting at Martok's ceremony.
      Sisko: We're next.
      Ross: (beat) You're kidding.
    • Bashir when he discovers that Odo is infected with the changeling disease.
  • One Thing Led to Another: Ezri trying to explain to Bashir that her time with Worf helped her realize her feelings for Bashir—who, naturally, jumps to the wrong conclusion before she can finish.
  • Palm Bloodletting: It is a Klingon ceremony. Sisko and Ross aren't particularly thrilled that it's going to happen to them too.
    Ross: It still stings.
    Sisko: That's what the bloodwine's for.
  • Tantrum Throwing: After her confrontation with Rusot, Kira vents her anger on some cargo containers.
  • Think Nothing of It: When Martok is honored for his heroism, he says that he's "grateful for the opportunity to serve."
    • Considering Martok was blacklisted by Kor and had to work as a civilian laborer for the KDF before earning a battlefield commission, this is more truth than most examples of this trope.
  • Wham Line: Bashir drops the bombshell on Odo.
    "The disease that's killing your people — you're infected."
  • With Us or Against Us: Kira manages to convince Damar of this. If they purposefully avoid areas defended by Cardassians in their attacks, then the Dominion will quickly put their people in every possible location. The only available tactic is to attack any viable target, regardless of who guards it. Any Cardassian who isn't helping them, who guards the bases and would shoot them, is a collaborator and an agent of the Dominion.
  • You Do Not Want To Know: Bashir to O'Brien regarding what Section 31 might do to them.
  • You Fool!: Winn says this to Dukat when he gets himself blinded while trying to read the text of the Kosst Amojen.

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