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Recap / Pokémon - Diamond and Pearl Anime

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The Sinnoh Region (Generation IV)

These are the recap pages for the Pokémon anime produced in connection with Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

Arriving in Sinnoh, Ash quickly reunites with Brock and meets Dawn, another aspiring Pokémon Coordinator. Together, they explore the Sinnoh region, home to new Pokémon, new rivals, and the dangerous Team Galactic.


After the Sinnoh league, Dawn decides to remain in Sinnoh for the time being, while Brock finds a new calling as a Pokémon doctor, forcing Ash to part ways with his longtime friend before he returns home to Pallet Town.

    Season Ten 
    Season Eleven 
    Season Twelve 

Season Twelve: Diamond & Pearl: Galactic Battles (2008 - 2009)

  1. "Get Your Rotom Running!"
  2. "A Breed Stampede!"
  3. "Ancient Family Matters!"
  4. "Dealing with Defensive Types!"
  5. "Leading a Stray!"
  6. "Steeling Peace of Mind!"
  7. "Saving the World from Ruins!"
  8. "Cheers on Castaways Isle!"
  9. "Hold the Phione!"
  10. "Another One Gabites the Dust!"
  11. "Stealing the Conversation!"
  12. "The Drifting Snorunt!"
  13. "Noodles! Roamin' Off!"
  14. "Pursuing a Lofty Goal!"
  15. "Trials and Adulations!"
  16. "Mysterious Creatures: Pokémon" (clip show, unaired outside of Japan)
  17. "The Lonely Snover!"
  18. "Stopped in the Name of Love!"
  19. "Old Rivals, New Tricks!"
  20. "To Thine Own Pokémon Be True!"
  21. "Battling a Cute Drama!"
  22. "Classroom Training!"
  23. "Sliding Into Seventh!"
  24. "A Pyramiding Rage!"
  25. "Pillars of Friendship!"
  26. "Frozen on Their Tracks!"
  27. "Pedal to the Mettle!"
  28. "Evolving Strategies!"
  29. "Uncrushing Defeat!"
  30. "Promoting Healthy Tangrowth!"
  31. "Beating the Bustle and Hustle!"
  32. "Gateway to Ruin!"
  33. "Three Sides to Every Story!"
  34. "Strategy Begins at Home!"
  35. "A Faux Oak Finish!"
  36. "Historical Mystery Tour!"
  37. "Challenging a Towering Figure!"
  38. "Where No Togepi Has Gone Before!"
  39. "An Egg Scramble!"
  40. "Gone With the Windworks!"
  41. "A Rivalry to Gible On!"
  42. "Dressed for Jess Success!"
  43. "Bagged Then Tagged!"
  44. "Try for the Family Stone!"
  45. "Sticking With Who You Know!"
  46. "Unlocking the Red Chain of Events!"
  47. "The Needs of the Three!"
  48. "The Battle Finale of Legend!"
  49. "The Treasure Is All Mine!"
  50. "Mastering Current Events!"
  51. "Double-Time Battle Training!"
  52. "A Meteoric Rise to Excellence!"
  53. "Gotta Get a Gible!"
    Season Thirteen 

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