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Recap / Mr Bogus S 3 E 3 Waterboy Bogus

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Waterboy Bogus

Written by Tony Marino

First Act

It is a beautiful day at the aquarium, Tommy comes to the aquarium, with Bogus and Brattus tagging along as per usual. Bogus and Brattus both decide to venture from Tommy for a while as they both jump off, with Brattus landing on top of Bogus, flattening him into a disc shape. Brattus then tosses Bogus up into the air like pizza dough, which causes Bogus to retain his body shape once again. The two cousins then race towards the entrance, where Bogus is suddenly attracted by the smell of popcorn, hot dogs, and cotton candy. Bogus grabs one cotton candy as he proceeds to suck it all up like a vacuum cleaner, which causes the cotton candy cone to become embarrassed by its "nakedness". After that, Bogus then leaps towards the popcorn in the popcorn machine, but the popcorn machine closes itself up as Bogus just winds up running into the window and gets rebounded next to Brattus, who is also enjoying some cotton candy as well. The second cotton candy cone is also embarrassed by being naked that it quickly snatches Brattus's pants, as Brattus covers up his lower half with the bottom half of his shirt.


Bogus and Brattus then race towards one of the aquarium shows, where Bogus envisions it as a movie studio, where he starts conversing with an imaginary director. After that, Bogus and Brattus take their seats when they are suddenly squished in-between by a man and a woman who have also come to attend the show. The two cousins pry themselves loose, which jettisons them to the side of the pool, as they start to enjoy the show. Bogus then climbs up to a nearby pail as he sees his reflection at the bottom.

Suddenly, a huge orca jumps up out of the pool as Bogus suddenly becomes afraid at the sight of this huge aquatic beast. Bogus tries to back away, but Brattus tells him not to be afraid and to go out and meet the orca as he slaps him forward and into the water. Bogus starts running for dear life with the orca in hot pursuit, chasing him all around the pool. Brattus starts laughing at Bogus's expense, before getting drenched with a wave of water from the pool. The orca continues chasing after Bogus, as Bogus starts wondering how he's going to get out of this mess. Bogus's frantic running produces another water wave that drenches Brattus once again. Bogus is still running for dear life, until he pulls out a pair of paintbrushes as he frantically paints himself green and white, in order to try and fool the orca into thinking that he's not what he thinks he is. The plan works briefly as the orca is fooled, but unfortunately, when Brattus is shaking the water off himself, the water suddenly hits Bogus, which causes the paint to wash off, and the chase resumes.


Bogus suddenly comes upon a row of flaming hoops, which he is also equally afraid of. Faced with the choice of getting eaten by the orca or getting flamed by the hoops, Bogus pulls out a stoplight, which turns red as the orca stops in his tracks. The stoplight turns green as Bogus makes a run for it, out of harm's way, as the orca starts jumping through each of the hoops. Bogus then falls into a pail full of yellow and blue fish, which he bears a remarkable resemblance to (which explains why the orca was chasing after Bogus), until an aquarium worker picks him up, mistaking him for one of the fish and tosses him to the orca, who then eats him in one gulp.

Inside the orca's belly, Bogus plugs in a nightlight so that he can see where he is. Realizing where he is, Bogus starts panicking as he tries to get out of the orca, to no avail, until being told to be quiet by Ratty and Mole, who have also by chance been eaten by the orca, as they are playing a game of cards. Outside, the orca is still swimming around in the pool, as Bogus gets thrown around, before the orca starts mimicking Bogus's trademark dance, complete with grabbing hold of his stomach and swinging it around. Bogus continues getting thrown around forcefully by the orca's movements. The orca then fires a blast of water from his blowhole, blasting Bogus up into the air as Brattus continues laughing at his expense. After a few seconds, Bogus falls back down again before landing on top of Brattus. After the whole ordeal is over, the two cousins then faint from exhaustion.


Second Act

Back at the aquarium, Bogus and Brattus enter the Arctic exhibit, where it is below freezing in the building. Tommy then enters the exhibit, searching for where Bogus and Brattus went. Fearing that their adventure is over before they even started, Bogus and Brattus manage to deliberately evade Tommy when Bogus blows his frosty breath onto the window he and Brattus are behind, which creates a frosty cloud that completely obscures them from Tommy's sight. After Tommy passes by them, Bogus and Brattus wipe away the cloud from the window before noticing that they are standing directly in front of the penguin exhibit. Bogus and Brattus want to enter the exhibit and play with the penguins, but when Bogus attempts to get in, he runs into the glass, which knocks him back, as he sees penguins circling his head. Brattus and the penguins start laughing at Bogus's expense afterwards. One of the penguins imitates Bogus running into the glass, as they still laugh at him. After regaining his senses, Bogus tells the penguins circling his head to go away, as Brattus, the penguins, and even the thermometer at the exhibit, are still laughing at Bogus. Bogus becomes infuriated, before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a jackhammer, which he intends to use to get into the penguin exhibit.

Bogus finally makes it through to the other side, before realizing that he actually wound up inside the polar bear exhibit by accident. The polar bears confront Bogus as he starts crying, as his tears freeze up from the cold. Bogus jackhammers away from the polar bears before finally making it into the penguin exhibit. Bogus then realizes that Brattus was able to get into the penguin habitat without any problems, thanks to a penguin that was dressed up as a doorman. Bogus pushes his way past the penguins before approaching the frozen pond that the penguins like to slide on. Bogus then starts skating on the ice like an Olympic skater, before he slips and falls directly through the ice and into the water, as he becomes frozen in a block of ice. Brattus manages to get Bogus out of the water, before bringing down a screen of a warm indoor home as he uses a flamethrower to defrost his older cousin from the ice.

After Bogus is defrosted, he and Brattus sit down at the table as they are both hungry, before a penguin waiter approaches them to take their orders. Bogus and Brattus both start ordering a lot of cheeseburgers, colas, and fries, with the penguin waiter still giving in to their orders. The two cousins then start to wolf down the food that they had ordered, while the penguin waiter, now tired from rushing back and forth to cater to them, approaches them again with a bowl of soup and a plate of sushi. However, the two cousins' lunch is rudely interrupted when the polar bears grab them up in a threatening matter. The polar bears then threaten to eat Bogus, even when Bogus tries to make himself buff and tough as can be. Fortunately, Bogus and Brattus manage to escape the polar bears when Bogus uses a TV set to distract the polar bears. The polar bears are watching TV, with the show showing Bogus fishing in a refrigerator, before opening up the refrigerator to reveal a fish that was already hooked onto his fishing pole.

Bogus and Brattus then exit the Arctic exhibit, before both being tossed around by a pair of dolphins when they accidentally fall into their habitat. One of the dolphins then tosses Bogus until he runs into another glass exhibit, which flattens him and turns him into a can of soda pop. Brattus then goes over and opens up the can, pouring his cousin back into his original shape once again. The dolphins suddenly flop out of their pool towards Bogus and Brattus, but the two cousins play a little game of pattycake, before Bogus summons up a shark from his pocket that scares away the dolphins. Bogus then gives the shark a high five as it walks away once that's over. When Bogus and Brattus think that their problems are over, they are suddenly grabbed up by an octopus who starts kissing Bogus.

Third Act

Bogus and Brattus are now hiding under an upside-down popcorn bucket, as they walk past Tommy, who is still looking for his two miniature companions, with no success. Bogus and Brattus continue making their way under the popcorn bucket, before bumping into a nearby wall, with the recoil knocking them to the ground. Bogus then picks himself up off the ground, with Brattus flattened against his stomach, as he pulls him off. The bottom of the popcorn bucket opens up as Bogus and Brattus make their way down by use of an escalator. The two cousins are going down the escalator, when they pass by Ratty and Mole who are going up the opposite way, as Bogus and Brattus both become alarmed. Bogus then causes his and Brattus's side of the escalator to go back up the way they came as they dismount before being trampled by a multitude of scuba divers.

Upon seeing that the aquarium has a scuba-diving area, Bogus and Brattus then shape their feet into the shape of swim fins before they both take to the water. Brattus dives in first, followed afterwards by Bogus, who also dives in, but not without making a painful belly flop first. Bogus and Brattus are swimming, when they encounter a lot of extraordinary things under water, such as a school of fish, a literal sea spider, and a sea horse race. Bogus decides to enter the sea horse race, where he briefly turns his head into that of a horse's, before the race starts. Not wanting to be left behind, Bogus starts swimming as fast as he can as he passes the sea horses, before being confronted by an underwater policeman mounted on top of an octopus, who gives him a ticket for speeding.

The policeman is then revealed to be Brattus, who was wearing a costume to play a cruel joke on Bogus. Once Bogus realizes that the policeman was a phony, he angrily confronts Brattus, but before he can chew out his mischievious younger cousin, they are suddenly both confronted by Ratty, who is dressed up as a Merrat, and Mole, who is dressed up as a Mermole. After the two cousins are captured by the two villainous rodents, they are then treated to a clam that acts like a TV, showing the location of buried treasure.

Bogus and Brattus are then set to work to look for the treasure for Ratty and Mole. While ordering the two cousins around, Ratty suddenly sees a red X, which marks the spot of the buried treasure. After Ratty orders Bogus and Brattus to dig up the treasure, Bogus asks if they can take a lunch break first as he pulls out a picnic basket, but Ratty tells him and Brattus no and that the treasure is more important right now. Bogus and Brattus are set to dig up the treasure, when the X suddenly comes to life and starts running away. Bogus and Brattus start chasing after the X, but stop when they see the sea horses from earlier approaching them. This gives the two cousins an idea, as they both mount two of the sea horses, like cowboys of the Wild West. After catching up to the runaway X, Bogus and Brattus are able to lasso it before they hogtie it to make sure that it stays down so that they can dig up the treasure. Bogus then calls for the shovels that he and Brattus were using, before they start digging. However, they suddenly hit something hard underneath the dirt with their shovels, as Ratty is happy that they have finally dug up the treasure.

Ratty and Mole then unearth the treasure chest from the ground, as they open it up with great anticipation. Unfortunately, much to Ratty and Mole's disappointment, the treasure is revealed to be a huge bushel of cheeseburgers. Bogus then approaches the treasure chest with great delight upon learning this, as Mole tries to comfort Ratty. However, Ratty only cares about real treasure as he slams the lid of the treasure chest directly onto Bogus's fingers. Bogus then jumps up into the air due to the pain, even in spite of Brattus's attempts to keep him down. The two cousins fly out of the water before landing on the ground again, with Brattus landing in Bogus's arms. The two cousins then notice Tommy start to leave the aquarium as they ponder what to do now. Suddenly, Ratty and Mole confront them again and poke them with their tridents, which sends Bogus and Brattus flying until they land in Tommy's backpack. Bogus and Brattus then high-five each other before both sharing a laugh, as Ratty looks on angrily, with Mole trying to comfort him once again, before accidentally poking Ratty with his trident. Ratty is not very happy about being poked in the backside by his blundering sidekick before he starts chasing him across the water.

Absent Characters: Mr. Anybody, Mrs. Anybody, Kevin, Aunt Bogunda, Bogetta, the Dirt Dudes, Jake and Butch, Baddus

Tropes found in Waterboy Bogus:

  • Aside Glance: Brattus does this during the first act, when Bogus is thinking that he's a movie star.
  • Bears Are Bad News: The polar bears who accost Bogus in the second act of the episode.
  • Body Wipe: This happens in the first act of the episode, when Bogus is being chased by the orca and his eyes fill the screen.
  • Chased Off into the Sunset: Happens at the end of the episode, when Ratty chases after Mole, to teach him a lesson for poking him with his trident.
  • Circling Birdies: Or circling penguins in this case.
  • Comedic Underwear Exposure: Mole's mermaid costume keeps falling down, revealing a pair of white boxers with polka dots underneath.
  • Cool Shades: Bogus and Brattus both wear these at the beginning of the episode.
  • Double Take: Bogus and Brattus both do this in the third act, after noticing Ratty and Mole going up the escalator with their mermaid costumes.
  • Edible Treasure: The treasure that Ratty and Mole unearth in the final act, after it gets dug up, is revealed to actually be cheeseburgers.
  • Epic Fail: The claymation short shown after the commercial break and before the second act of the episode had Bogus attempt to cut up a pizza, but he winds up also making a hole in the table, so he winds up hanging onto the pizza for dear life with his teeth.
  • Everything's Better with Penguins: Bogus and Brattus mingle with some penguins in the second act.
  • Failures on Ice: Bogus slips on the ice before falling into a hole in the frozen pond.
  • Fainting: Happens to both Bogus and Brattus at the end of the first act, but it's actually due to exhaustion instead of a reaction.
  • Goofy Print Underwear: Mole is shown to wear a pair of white boxers with pink polka dots on them underneath his mermaid costume, despite the fact that he's a cartoon animal who doesn't normally wear such undergarments.
  • Hand-or-Object Underwear: Brattus does this with the lower half of his shirt, after the cotton candy cone steals his pants.
  • Instant Ice: Just Add Cold!: Happens to Bogus, after falling through the ice.
  • Just Eat Him: The orca does this to Bogus after he gets thrown through the air.
  • Missed Him by That Much: Subverted in both the second and third acts, where Bogus and Brattus deliberately pass by Tommy, while he's looking for them in the aquarium.
  • Pain-Powered Leap: Bogus does this, due to the pain of getting his fingers smashed by the treasure chest lid.
  • Playful Dolphin: The dolphins that throw Bogus and Brattus around in the second act.
  • Running into the Window: Happens to Bogus, when attempting to enter the penguin exhibit.
  • Shout-Out: Several;
    • Bogus getting swallowed by the orca is similar to what happened to Jonah or Pinocchio.
    • The penguin waiter who serves lunch to Bogus and Brattus is a reference to the penguin waiters from Mary Poppins.
    • In the third act, when Bogus joins the sea horse race and turns his head into a horse's head, the horse head actually bears a small resemblance to that of Falkor the Luckdragon.
    • Also, the very end of the episode, in which Ratty chases after Mole, to teach him a lesson for poking him in the backside with his trident, is similar to that of the end of Episode 4 of the Little Lulu anime, in which Tubby starts chasing after Lulu, after the former exposes the latter as the guilty party for stealing the food that he had hidden previously.
  • Squashed Flat: Happened a few times to both Bogus and Brattus throughout the episode.
  • Super-Persistent Predator: The orca that chases after Bogus, mistaking him for a fish, in the first act.
  • Through a Face Full of Fur: Happens briefly to Bogus, when he is defrosted from the ice, and his skin is completely blue from the cold, before he retains his natural skin color again.
  • Vacuum Mouth: Bogus does this at the beginning of the episode to eat some cotton candy. He turns his head into a real vacuum.
  • Water-Geyser Volley: Happens to Bogus again, after the orca blasts him into the air on a jet of water from his blowhole.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Bogus is shown to be deathly afraid of the orca in the first act of the episode.