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Recap / MrBogus S3 E2 B-TV

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Written by Richard Merwin

First Act

It is once again another nice night in the Anybody residence as Mr. Anybody returns home from a day at work. However, the minute he opens the door, he is suddenly attacked by a pair of bats that surprise him so much that he falls to the ground. Meanwhile, Tommy is reading a math book in his bedroom when Mr. Anybody comes in and asks Tommy to join him in a night of TV-watching. At first, Tommy is speechless, before answering that he would love to join his dad in a father-son bonding of TV-watching. Mr. Anybody then exits Tommy's bedroom after that, while Tommy is a little bit hesitant about wanting to join his dad in watching TV, before he also exits the room as well. Inside the walls of the house, Bogus is playing a video game on the computer, which involves a Pac-Man-like version of Bogus that eats a bunch of food that is laden around the maze. However, the computer suddenly shuts off, much to Bogus's frustration, before a hand suddenly reaches out from the computer screen, grabs Bogus, and pulls him in, which causes Bogus to get turned into a blob before getting separated into pieces of data.


Inside the computer, Bogus gets reformed back into his regular form once again before he starts looking around inside the computer, before he is suddenly confronted by his old enemy, Baddus, again. Baddus is accompanied by a meteor goon, whom he rides on, as he tells Bogus that he has the perfect way of exacting his revenge on Bogus. Bogus tries to contract peace between him and Baddus, but Baddus tells him that that won't work before two more meteor goons appear beside Baddus, before two of the meteor goons then go over to Bogus, grab him by the arms, and give him a terrific shock. In the living room of the Anybody residence, Tommy is reading a comic book, when Mr. Anybody suddenly enters the room, asking Tommy if he's ready to watch some TV with him. Mr. Anybody then picks up the remote and turns on the TV, while Tommy is not too thrilled about this idea, before becoming surprised when he sees Bogus on the TV while standing beside two beautiful women. Mr. Anybody and Tommy are both surprised at what they see on TV, while Bogus says that he's now the star of a brand new television series.


Mr. Anybody then changes the channel to a pirate movie, which shows Mole as the captain of a pirate ship, with Baddus acting as the cameraman. Bogus then runs in while also dressed as a pirate, before he is suddenly approached by his other two enemies, Jake and Butch, who are also dressed as pirates, as they jump Bogus and start fighting him. While the fight is going on, Baddus then tells Mole that he was really great. At the same time this happens, Bogus then ends up getting rather beaten up very badly, thanks to Jake and Butch. The channel is changed once again, to what looks like a horror movie, where Mole is dressed up as a tourist before he notices a beautiful woman standing directly under the path of a falling anvil. Mole then rushes over and pushes the woman out of the anvil's path, before Baddus calls to cut the scene, just as the anvil stops an inch above Mole's head. Mole then walks off, before being replaced by Bogus who is wearing the same tourist outfit as Mole. When Baddus calls for the scene to start again, the anvil then falls on top of Bogus, sending him crashing directly through the ground. Baddus then tells Mole that he was wonderful as always. Bogus then comes up with the ground while in a lot of pain from getting hit by the anvil. Mr. Anybody and Tommy are once again surprised at what they just saw on TV before Mr. Anybody changes the channel once again.


This time, a police movie is shown on TV, which Jake and Butch in their robber attire having robbed a bank with them being chased by Officer Mole. When Baddus calls to cut the scene once again, Mole walks off again, before Bogus then enters the scene while dressed as a police officer, before he is suddenly jumped by Jake and Butch once again. Baddus then tells Mole that he was great as always once again, while the scuffle is still going on in the background. The channel is changed once again, where Ratty, wearing a T-shirt with a picture of Mole on it, is announcing the host of a talk show, which turns out to Mole wearing clothes similar to those of Pat Sajak, while Bogus is operating an exercise bike that simulates the sound effect of applause. Bogus is obviously not very happy about this, before he jumps off the bike and decides to demand this act of cruelty to Baddus, Ratty, and Mole. Baddus then tells Mole that it's time for him to introduce his first guest, which surprises Mole very much. Baddus then calls for two of the Meteor Goons as they zip past Bogus really fast, which knocks him to the ground, before they make up Mole once again. Tommy is still not certain about this, while Mr. Anybody, now wearing a Mole T-shirt and sporting an afro hairstyle similar to that of Mole, assures Tommy that everything is just fine. Ratty then uses a towel to cool off Mole who then takes a bow.

After picking himself up again, Bogus dusts off his pants before Baddus approaches him with the camera, which then turns into a monster that intimidates Bogus very greatly as he starts running for his life, before two of the Meteor Goons block his path, which causes Bogus to go back the opposite way. The camera then sucks up Bogus before shooting him directly out of the television set as he lands directly in a bowl of popcorn on the end table. Tommy is rather surprised when he sees that his best friend had been ejected from the television set, while Mr. Anybody is expressing about how he thinks the talk show that he saw was the greatest that he ever saw, before Tommy then agrees with him after a few seconds. Bogus then pops out from the bowl of popcorn, happy that he doesn't have to worry about Baddus for right now, before he starts lounging in the popcorn while kicking his legs.

Second Act

It is now sundown at the Anybody residence, before cutting to the inside of Tommy Anybody's bedroom, where a TV set sits, before Bogus starts to walk past the TV set, stating that he doesn't want anything to do with the TV. Unfortunately for him, a pair of hands suddenly sprout out from the TV screen, grab Bogus, and pull him into the TV set once again. Inside the TV, Bogus is now carried by two of Baddus's Meteor Goons again, before Baddus appears while riding on another Meteor Goon, stating that it's time for round two of his revenge against Bogus. In the living room, Mr. Anybody turns on the TV once again, before telling Tommy that it's about time for the show to start. On the TV screen, Bogus is running for his life, when another Meteor Goon starts chasing after him again. Baddus once again acts as the cameraman for the TV show, which is now a game show, as Ratty once again announces the host of the show, who turns out to be none other than Mole once again as he comes out from behind the curtain. Mole then thanks everyone for coming to the show and that it's an honor to everyone to be here today.

Ratty then announces one of the contestants to take part in the game show, as Bogus gets pushed onscreen by a Meteor Goon. Bogus begins looking around at the studio before complimenting Ratty and Mole that it's a really nice game show, before the Meteor Goons suddenly swarm around him, forcing him to wear a hard hat, a pair of gloves, and a Mole T-shirt. After Baddus says that Bogus is now ready, Mole then goes over to Bogus, before explaining the rules of the game show, which confuses Bogus so very much. Bogus wants to escape, but Ratty stops him, telling him that once he's been picked, he can't back out from the challenge. With that, Bogus then charges forward before jumping on a trampoline, which propels him up as he grabs a flag, before landing on a springboard that propels him into the air again before landing on the ground again, before he races up a ladder on top of a platform. After reaching the top of the platform, Bogus claims that that was easy, before Mole then tells Bogus that it's not over just yet, before he and Ratty push a button, which causes a pair of horns to blow very loudly, hurting Bogus's ears. Bogus staggers around, before another springboard sends him sliding down a slide before he lands in a pool of purple slime, before another spring-loaded mechanism sends Bogus flying into the air until he hits his head on one of the rafters of the studio and falls back down before landing in a pool of water.

In the water, Bogus is angrily thinking to himself, until he sees that the pool of water that he landed in actually houses a shark as he runs for his life to escape the shark before running into the wall. Bogus then starts staggering around before he falls over, before Ratty and Mole approach him, telling him that it's now time for the final round of the game show. The final round turns out to be a Wheel of Fortune-esque round, in which Bogus is to give the correct answer to a question that Mole asks him. While this is going on, Mr. Anybody is now wearing the exact same hard hat, gloves, and T-shirt that Bogus is wearing while wrestling with a toy shark while standing balanced over a tub. Tommy can only roll his eyes at the embarrassing antics of his father while wondering if Bogus will be alright. Back in the TV, Bogus is now standing on top of a platform, when Ratty asks him a rather complicated math question. Time starts ticking as Bogus tries to figure out the answer, to no avail, even when he tries counting on his fingers, using a calculator, and an abacus, before Ratty tells him that time is up as he and Mole press the button again, which causes the horns to blow directly into Bogus's ears once again. Mole then tells Bogus that he ran out of time, something which Bogus is upset about, before he ends up getting kicked off the platform by a boot, which sends Bogus flying again before a tennis racket then whacks Bogus which sends him flying again before he hits the rafter again and falls into a pit of sand.

After pulling his head out of the sand pit, Bogus is angrily thinking again, before realizing that the sand pit also houses a crocodile, which scares Bogus very much. This time, Mr. Anybody is now wrestling a toy crocodile while still balanced above the tub, with Tommy once again snarking about the embarrassing antics of his father. This time, Ratty then explains that it's now time for the grand finale, to which Mole then walks over to a bubbling pit, which Bogus is held over, thanks to the camera monster controlled by Baddus. Bogus tries to free himself, to no avail, before Ratty and Mole then explain that the grand prize is a pair of golden trophies, which bear likenesses of Jake and Butch. However, Bogus does not want any more part of Ratty and Mole's twisted game show, before he pulls out a space shuttle from his pocket, which he uses to take off, as Baddus, the Meteor Goons, Ratty, and Mole start coughing from the smoke. Ratty then tells that audience that since Bogus has backed out from the challenge, he has no other choice now but to award the prize money to Mole, which Mole is very happy about. Bogus then suddenly flies out from the TV again while riding on the space shuttle, flying around Mr. Anybody. After Mr. Anybody leaves again, Tommy then tells Mr. Anybody that he was happy to share this time with him, before Bogus then appears next to Tommy, before stating that sometimes nothing can stop him, before he starts flying around the living room on the space shuttle again.

Third Act

It is once again another nice day in the neighborhood of the Anybody residence. Inside the walls of the Anybody residence, Bogus is laying on his hammock while listening to music on his headphones, before he decides to do some more exploring around the house. First, he listens next to a door that is just his size, but when he opens it, he is surprised to find the television set is back before the set enters the walls in front of Bogus. On the screen, Mole is now dressed as a chef where he explains that today, he will be showing the viewers how to cook a very special treat. Bogus turns down Mole's offer, saying that he's had his fill of television excitement for one day, before Baddus suddenly appears from behind him while riding on the first Meteor Goon, covers up Bogus's eyes for a little game of "Guess Who", to which Bogus guesses correctly and becomes surprised when he sees that Baddus is back. Another Meteor Goon then appears before swirling around Bogus and Baddus, which causes them to disappear and enter the television set once again. In the kitchen set of the cooking show, Mole sets up some cookbooks before he goes over to the refrigerator and opens up the freezer, revealing Bogus who is frozen solid in a block of ice, due to being stuck in the freezer. Mole then takes the frozen Bogus out from the freezer and sets him on the counter to defrost, before he now takes out a bowl and reads from the cookbooks, before going back to Bogus who is now being defrosted.

Mole then opens up a bread box as he pulls out two Dirt Dudes, before he starts dunking them in the sink for a good washing. Bogus is still getting defrosted while shivering from the cold, while Mole is still dunking the Dirt Dudes in the water. In the kitchen of the Anybody residence, Tommy was watching Mole's cooking show on the kitchen TV set, before Mr. Anybody enters the kitchen while carrying a stack of towels and placing them on the kitchen counter. Mr. Anybody then tells Tommy to do what Mole says on the program, as Tommy has no other choice now but to follow Mole's instructions before he also pulls out two Dirt Dudes from one of the cabinets and hands them to Mr. Anybody, who also starts dunking them in the kitchen sink before putting dishsoap on them. By that time, Bogus is almost close to becoming totally defrosted, as Mole then explains to place the Dirt Dudes in the salad bowl with lettuce, tomatoes, and salad dressing, before tossing them up in the air, while Bogus has now become completely defrosted. Mole then takes notice of this, as he says that they are now ready to add their main ingredient, to which Bogus is not very happy about. Mole then reads from the cookbooks again, while Bogus picks up a pepper shaker and hands it to Mole, but he ends up getting pulled by Mole, before Mole starts shaking pepper onto the Dirt Dude salad before throwing Bogus to the ground.

Bogus then gets up while feeling disoriented again, while Mole is now flipping through the pages of one of the cookbooks again, before he reaches out and grabs Bogus again and starts dunking him in the kitchen sink then places him on the kitchen counter again. After that, Mole then pulls out a blow dryer to give Bogus a good blow drying, which causes Bogus's skin to suddenly spring out into fluffy hair afterwards. Mole pulls out a hairbrush after that, which he then uses to brush Bogus's skin down smooth once again. Mole then flips a few pages in the cookbook again before stating that they are now ready for the main course, something which Bogus starts licking his lips excitedly about, until he realizes that the main course that Mole was talking about was Bogus himself, as Mole then squirts a bunch of chutney all over Bogus, which Bogus is not very happy about, before Mole then slams a tomato slice onto Bogus's face while explaining that they are now ready to prepare their Dirt Dude salad. In the kitchen, Tommy starts questioning his father if it really is a good idea to do what Mole says on his cooking show, to which Mr. Anybody answers that what Mole says should be exactly as he says it should be.

After some time has passed, the kitchen has now become a huge mess, with Mr. Anybody saying that Mole is such a natural when it comes to gourmet cooking. Suddenly, they hear Mrs. Anybody from outside the kitchen as Mr. Anybody nervously greets his wife, while Tommy tries sneaking away, not wanting to be caught in the act for what his father did. Back in the TV, Baddus is watching everything with Ratty standing next to him. Baddus then looks at a thermometer which is now increasing in temperature, with Ratty saying that their revenge against Bogus is almost complete. Baddus then slams his fist on the control panel, which causes an electric surge to travel through the walls of the cooking show set, at the same time that Bogus tries to leave, before noticing the surge strike a toaster, a blender, two spatulas, and a mixer, which forms these appliances into a missile that starts homing in on Bogus, but he quickly ducks, just as the missile flies above him before making a U-turn towards Bogus again. Bogus then jumps up into the air before diving into the sink drain, as he starts traveling through the sink drain.

Back in the kitchen, Mr. Anybody and Tommy are now cleaning up the kitchen, when Tommy suddenly notices Bogus come out from the kitchen faucet, now free from Baddus, Ratty, and Mole's torture, before he runs off again. Tommy then calls out for Bogus to come back before Mr. Anybody tells Tommy that the faster they get the kitchen cleaned, the faster they'll be done. Outside in the yard, Bogus is now relaxing in his hammock once again, before Tommy suddenly runs up to Bogus while carrying a TV guide. Tommy then shows the pages of the TV guide to Bogus, telling him about how Mole has gone on to be a great star, ranging from acting as a superhero, being a rock star, and acting as an astronaut that landed on the moon. Bogus then states that he may have been at the mercy of Baddus, Ratty, and Mole, but there is one thing that won't stop him, and that's ingenuity, as he starts reading in a little booklet. Bogus and Tommy then start laughing as the episode ends.

Absent Characters: Mrs. Anybody, Kevin, Brattus, Aunt Bogunda, Bogetta

Tropes found in B-TV:

  • Anvil on Head: Happens to Bogus in the first act, while acting as a stunt double to Mole.
  • Bat Out of Hell / Goddamned Bats: A pair of bats briefly pester Mr. Anybody at the beginning of the episode.
  • Big Ball of Violence: Happens to Bogus when he is forced to fight against Jake and Butch while on the set of the pirate movie, as well as on the set of the police movie.
  • Big Red Button: Ratty and Mole push one of these in the second act, during the game show, which causes a pair of horns to blow directly into Bogus's ears.
  • Fluffy Dry Bogus: Happens to Bogus in the third act, after getting blow dried by Mole during the cooking show.
  • Karma Houdini: In this episode, Baddus, Ratty, and Mole actually get away with the torture that they have been subjecting Bogus to on TV.
  • Literal Ass-Kicking: Happens to Bogus in the second act, during Mole's game show, when he fails to answer the complicated math question that Ratty asked him.
  • Shark Pool: One of the elaborate devices during Mole's game show in the second act.
  • Trapped in TV Land: The entire premise of this episode.
  • Villain Team-Up: In this episode, Ratty, Mole, Baddus, the Meteor Goons, and Jake and Butch all take their revenge out on Bogus via use of different television programs.


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