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Recap / Married With Children S 6 E 23 The Gas Station Show

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The Gas Station Show is an episode from Season 6 of Married... with Children.

This episode has become one of the show's most popular episodes because of both Al's "Shoot me - $12" sign and the Swedish bikini girl team at the end. The former became a Memetic Mutation.


  • A-Cup Angst: Jefferson agrees with Al (subliminally, not directly) that he's disappointed with Marcy's small chest when in the past he dated many women with succulent large breasts.
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  • The Alleged Car: The Bundys have to push their Dodge because it's out of gas.
  • Happy Family Charade: A bizarro world version of the Bundys, called the Lundys, come into the gas station as a sickeningly sweet loving family. After Al messes with the car causing it to crash, they begin to snipe at each other, culminating in the father telling them all to drop dead.
  • Ms. Fanservice: The Swedish Bikini Team, who pick up Bud (believing him to be a man named Habib) and drive down a "bumpy road" with his, to his and their extreme delight.
  • Running Gag: Al's foot repeatedly getting ran over.
  • Work Off the Debt: Al is forced to pay off the $12 his family accrued from buying snacks, which he couldn't afford from his meager pay from the shoe store.
  • Would Hit a Girl: Al strangles Kelly hard on her neck for putting the car in "Park" mode when he, Peg and Bud had to push it to the gas store. Peg and Bud intervene, then Al backs down. But then he tries it again.

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