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This is a list of episodes from the Gargoyles animated series, along with a list of issues from its brief comic book continuation.

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    Storyline overview 
This is a quick guide to the show's Story Arcs. They are as follows:
  • Xanatos
    • Focusing on the Pack: Covered in S1E6, S1E12, S2E1, S2E17, S2E31, S2E33, S2E38
    • Focusing on Dr. Sevarius: Covered in S2E2, S2E17, S2E20, S2E26, S2E48
      • Focusing on the Mutates: Covered in S2E19, S2E26, S2E48
      • Focusing on Thailog: Covered in S2E16, S2E29, S2E48
  • Tony Dracon and the turf war: Covered in S1E8, S2E6, S2E18, S2E47
  • The Archmage's rise to power and subsequent fall:
    • Focusing on Demona and Macbeth: S1E9, S2E4, S2E9-S2E13, S2E29, S2E35
    • Focusing on the Archmage himself: S1E11, S2E8, S2E21-S2E23
    • Focusing on the Weird Sisters: S2E9-S2E13, S2E21-S2E23
    • Focusing on the Hunters: S2E9-S2E12, S2E50-S2E52

    Season 1 (1994-1995) 
The first season, with no Opening Narration in the intro. Total of 13 episodes.

    Season 2 (1995-1996) 

    Season 3: The Goliath Chronicles (1996-1997) 
The last season, with a completely different intro, but the story here is officially non-canon (except for the first episode, which was the only one written by Greg Weisman and was later adapted into the first two issues of the canonical comic), with the comic continuation replacing it in continuity. Total of 13 episodes.

    Comic series 
The Gargoyles universe is expanded in the comic books written by Greg Weisman for Slave Labor Graphics from 2006 to 2008. Officially canon, and with a total of 12 issues. The first two issues are a retelling of the first episode of The Goliath Chronicles ("The Journey"), which was the only episode of it Weisman wrote, but then the series diverges from there and completely replaces the now de-canonized third season of the TV show.

These comics were followed by a brief spin-off series called Bad Guys, which ran for a total of 6 issues from 2007 to 2009.

In December of 2022, Dynamite Comics began publishing a new ongoing canonical Gargoyles series, also written by Greg Weisman, which picks up where the SLG comics left off. A Gargoyles: Dark Ages spinoff has been confirmed, with the first issue announced for July 2023.
  • Gargoyles: Clan-Building (Slave Labor Graphics)
    • 1: Nightwatch
    • 2: The Journey
    • 3: Invitation Only
    • 4: Masque
    • 5: Bash
    • 6: Reunion
    • 7: The Rock
    • 8: Rock & Roll
    • 9: Rock of Ages
    • 10: The Gate
    • 11: Tyrants
    • 12: Phoenix
  • Gargoyles: Bad Guys - Redemption (Slave Labor Graphics)
    • 1: Strangers
    • 2: The Lost
    • 3: Estranged
    • 4: Louse
    • 5: Strangled
    • 6: Losers
  • Gargoyles: Here in Manhattan (Dynamite Comics)
    • 1: A Little Crazy
    • 2: Idyll or Nightmare
    • 3: Miracle Child
    • 4: Tale Old as Time
    • 5: Render Unto Caesar
    • 6: Underwater
    • 7: TBA
    • 8: TBA
    • 9: TBA
    • 10: TBA
    • 11: TBA
    • 12: TBA
  • Gargoyles: Dark Ages - Alliance (Dynamite Comics)
    • 1: TBA
    • 2: TBA
    • 3: TBA
    • 4: TBA
    • 5: TBA
    • 6: TBA