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Recap / Gargoyles S 2 Upgrade

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  • Story Arc: The Pack
  • Characters: The Manhattan Clan, Xanatos, Fox, the Pack
  • Enemy(ies) : The Pack, David Xanatos

The Pack attempt a bank robbery, which the Manhattan Clan foils, and both Goliath and Jackal are badly wounded in the process. Hudson advises Goliath to appoint one of the three younger gargoyles as his second in command, while the Pack go into hiding before receiving a proposition from Coyote, courtesy of Xanatos Enterprises...


Some time later, while the younger gargoyles are comparing achievements to try to become Goliath's second, Goliath and Hudson fight against the new, upgraded Pack but are defeated. The gargoyle trio get a coded message from Fox, and Brooklyn determines that she's telling them where the Pack and their hostages are. Brooklyn leads Broadway and Lexington there, and together with Goliath and Hudson, they defeat the Pack.

Meanwhile, Fox beats Xanatos at a game of chess.

Xanatos returns in The Cage. The Pack (minus Dingo) return in Grief. Fox and Dingo return in Walkabout.



  • Body Horror: Hyena and Jackal become cyborgs, while Wolf becomes a wolf-man. Dingo is quite disgusted with all of this.
  • The Cameo: During Coyote's "sales pitch" to the Pack, among the characters shown in its presentation are Coldstone and Talon.
  • Chess Motifs: The battle between the Manhattan Clan and the Pack is represented as a chess game between Fox and Xanatos. Granted, that battle does break the rules of chess...
  • Even Evil Has Standards: When discussing who should be leader, Hyena remarks she finds Coyote quite attractive. A disgusted Jackal sides with Wolf at that.
    • Also worth noting that at the start of the episode, Dingo is disappointed that the Pack has resorted to robbing banks like common criminals. While Dingo is far from being exemplary, as he is a mercenary who gets paid to kill other armed people, but stealing money from banks, and especially taking innocent people's savings, is one thing he takes no pleasure in.
  • Even the Dog Is Ashamed: Bronx expresses some disgust at most of the Pack members unnatural transformations to their bodies.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • Having to rescue the others from the Pack, Brooklyn immediately takes charge.
    • Dingo's disgust with his teammates sets up his later Heel–Face Turn.
    • Brooklyn remarks he hopes he doesn't have to fill in as leader anytime soon. The World Tour arc is just around the corner.
    • During Coyote's presentation of possible upgrades, Talon appears in his tweaked design.
  • It Amused Me: The final scene reveals the whole thing was just a game between Xanatos and Fox.
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: Literally. The Pack get various advancements in order to help them face the Clan head on. Brooklyn is also named second-in-command.
  • Number Two: Goliath has to formally choose a second-in-command. He ultimately picks Brooklyn.
  • Only Sane Man: Dingo chose armor rather than mutilate his body.
  • Revenge Before Reason: Averted. After the pack used an electro-bomb device to shock Goliath in order to make their escape, Lexington wanted to pursue the pack. He was overruled by Brooklyn and Broadway who stated that helping Goliath was a higher priority than stopping the Pack.
  • Running Gag: Again, Coyote's current body is destroyed (this time by being forcefully removed from that body which in turn get hit by a speeding train). Though this time the head is also destroyed, but Coyote does nonetheless return in "Grief", whether because of uploading its programming in only seconds or being another created AI with the same programming is unstated). Also worth noting that Coyote 3.0 retained the partially exposed cybernetic face despite not being the same as the original.
  • Time Skip: The episode skips over a period of one month in order to get the Pack upgraded and acclimated to their new forms.
  • Trap Is the Only Option: The younger trio of gargoyles are aware that the Pack is likely setting up a trap, but given that Goliath, Hudson, Elisa Maza, and Bronx are being held captive they have no other choice. Though it is subverted in that the Pack never sent them a message via a suspiciously specific ad (which was done by Fox, a now ex-Pack member and the wife of David Xanatos, wanting to win the game over the latter), but instead put a tracking device on Bronx to lead them to the Manhattan Clan's hideout.
  • Xanatos Speed Chess: Xanatos and Fox invoke this trope against each other as their version of Family Game Night, manipulating the Pack and the Manhattan Clan respectively against each other, complete with a literal chessboard and chess piece representations.

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