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Coyote, the Trickster Mentor, is Elisa's grandfather on her father's side.
What, you think Coyote tries to win back every disillusioned Hopi native? Thus, his taking Peter Maza's younger form in the episode Cloud Fathers wasn't just symbolic. Peter and Elisa don't have any magical powers (so Oberon's not interested). She's clearly a Weirdness Magnet. Think of all the things that have been brought to light in her presence. But it's still not active enough to interest Oberon.
  • Probably more likely he's a bit further back in the line, maybe Peter's grandfather. Peter's dad being dead is a plot point and while it's not beyond Coyote to fake his death they clearly buried a body and that's a lot of effort to put in for no real payoff.

Brendan Quarters divorced his wife, Margot Yale
As of the recent issues in the Dynamite Comics revival, Margot makes a reappearance, but Brendan hasn’t. Not even alongside her during the Courtroom Episode. In the SLG comics, Margot rubbed her recruitment as an advisor of the Gargoyles Task Force in Brendan’s face. Also in the SLG comics, Brendan presumably overcame his dislike and distrust of Gargoyles as shown when he dresses as one for a costume party; and when he runs to fetch a doctor for an injured Goliath. From all of these instances, it can be presumed that Brendan finally broke off from Margot when he had the opportunity.

Xanatos knew where the Gargoyles' Clock Tower was.
He has on several occasions placed trackers on the Gargoyles without them noticing. During the episode "Eye of the Beholder", where he had placed one on Goliath earlier, it was likely Goliath had stopped by the tower when Elisa changed into her Belle costume. Why didn't Xanatos do anything? That wouldn't have any style or class.
  • He found uses for the Gargoyles even after they had their falling out. It's extremely likely he knew where it was, but just kept the knowledge to himself in case he had to contact them.
  • In "Possession" Puck knew where to find the Manhattan clan. Granted, he's magic, but if he knows then Xanatos probably knows.

The whole show is a holonovel that the crew of the Enterprise-D enjoy
It would explain how many of the voice actors are also crew men on the Enterprise.

The holonovel was created prior to the Voyager's mission. Picard and Sisko have met in canon; doing this show together was their way of patching up their differences. Uhura was frozen or in stasis or stuck in a transporter buffer or caught in a black hole's time-dilation field or in the Nexus, etc. Or it was her identically-voiced granddaughter.

  • Or a holocharacter based on Uhura. Remember, by the 24th century the TOS crew were all seen as legendary historic figures.
  • So all the characters not voiced by Star Trek actors are what, Redshirts? I guess being main characters must have a special allure to them.
    • Makes sense. After all, it's not like the main cast have a monopoly on using the Holodeck, as seen in "Hollow Pursuits," with Reg Barclay. He even uses the likeness of several of the Bridge Crew in his holostories. And as for using aspects of Uhura, we see in "These Are The Voyages," (the series finale of Enterprise, which is a holosimulation played by Riker and Deana during the events of "Pegasus,") that famous figures from history are readily available for use in Holo programs.

The creator of the show has a fear of heights.
Explains why a lot of early character deaths were related to falls. Even the faked deaths, when death by fall should've left a lot of blood or rubble on the scene.
  • Behind the scenes, the co-creator explained that Disney Standards and Practices would not allow stabbing, shooting, strangling, or other violent death on screen, so everybody on the show had to die in a fall — except the gargoyles, who get smashed to pieces in their sleep, but with no blood; and Duncan, who died from the magical equivalent of a bomb-blast to the face, but that act couldn't be duplicated by kids watching the show.
    • Except Macbeth clearly was stabbed in the back the first time he "died" (except he didn't really die) Duncan's death was also re-created in "Future Tense" with Alexander Fox Xanatos (Except that was a fantasy). It seems there are exceptions as long as said death isn't "real."
    • So Standards and Practices at Disney have a fear of heights, and are making their dramatic cartoons as scary as possible...

Xanatos is an Alternate Universe incarnation of Tony Stark.
He's a rich genius with a flying robot suit and similar stylish facial hair to 616-Stark. If he isn't an alternate universe version of Tony, then the series may just take place in the Marvel Universe, and Xanatos is a drunkenly designed secret identity for Tony to play around with. Who's going to care that much if some guy picks on creepy rock monsters? Okay, who other than the Thing?

Gargoyles are from another planet.
A planet called Draenor.
  • The question of whether Gargoyles were alien in origin was touched on in the episode "Sentinel." Greg Weisman said that he intended the episode to be definite proof that they are not aliens, but he also admitted that he failed miserably. Perhaps he couldn't prove it because it wasn't true.
  • Word of God stated that the Garygoyles evolved from Cretaceous period dinosaurs - or were created in the Garden of Eden depending on your personal spiritual beliefs. So, this WMG is true if you go in for panspermia.
    • Not dinosaurs, just something that lived at the same time. Greg Weisman admits he isn't an expert on palaeontology and isn't making specifics.

Have you seen the part of the episode, "The Cage," where Maggie plans to commit suicide by taking the poison Dr. Sevarius has created?

Johan had manipulated her into thinking that no one would ever like her again if she was a mutant. With this, she tries to commit suicide. The plan is foiled thanks to Talon.

The Jersey Devil is a Gargoyle. Maybe even one we've seen.
At least in the Gargoyles universe. The series has never told exactly what Demona was up to for that millennium that the others slept through. It's clear that she made her way to America sometime after her pact with Macbeth; and anyone who's ever watched the show knows how much she hates humans. Maybe when she got to America, she went through a reclusive phase living in the woods and frightening humans whenever she came into town for food.

Why not just hunt? She enjoys scaring them. Maybe she was finding allies or artifacts to set up future schemes.

Most descriptions of the beast make it sound more like Brooklyn, or maybe a meaner version of Una, but we've seen that the Manhattan clan AREN'T the last of their kind and that time travel works if you have the Phoenix Gate — you just can't change anything. There was an unmade spinoff that involved Brooklyn getting lost in time. He wouldn't be the first person to go a little crazy after such a trip. Even if he WASN'T crazy, humans have been known to react badly to the gargoyles under the best circumstances. The Puritan era in which the Jersey Devil first appeared would almost certainly NOT be a good place for a gargoyle.

  • Alternatively, there was (or is) a clan of gargoyles living in the Pine Barrens. To start with they may have been Unami (Lenape) speakers but they may speak english by now.
    • The story of Mother Leed's thirteenth child may have it's roots in a possible extramarital affair with a male of this clan and the anxiety aroudn the resultign child, being given occult and demonic connotations in so-called Almanac Wars that included Ben Franklin.

The Gargoyles are the alternate-universe counterpart of the Autobots from Transformers: Animated.
Just look at them:
  • Brave, noble leader with a buff build.
  • Big, dumb-but-loveable lummox voiced by Bill Fagerbakke.
  • Slim Lancer voiced by Jeff Bennett.
  • Old, battle-scarred veteran as second-in-command, with a beer gut.
  • Little guy (this one's the biggest stretch).
  • Female human sidekick of an ethnic minority, who helps explain things about modern human society to the other heroes. Becomes the same kind of non-human being as the others at some point. Also has a close male family member who gets used for evil-doing by one of the villains.
    • Not to mention a passionate love between the leader and another woman who he was forced to leave behind for years and in their time apart the woman had time to broil a hatred of humanity and plot their destruction and the fact that they've turned into the things they hate most (Demona into a human and Blackarachnia into an organic mutant spider).

The Goliath Chronicles are a Show Within a Show
They are a cartoon produced sometime in the late 2000s-early 2100s as a (rather disastrous) attempt to make an Aesop driven show using famous individuals from the past.

Not only does Puck's illusion in "Future Tense" portray future-Lex as an evil mastermind, but also, in the comic continuation to the story, Lex's clone is the only one of its clan who chooses to rejoin Thailog when given the choice between that or peaceful life down in the Labyrinth.

Lex's clone is gay for Thailog.
This is not compatible with the "genetical evil tendencies" WMG because "genetically evil AND gay" would be so politically incorrect that the world would probably end. Or be forcibly ended if any of Lexington's line heard it.
  • Lexington is gay according to Word of God (the show was cancelled before they found a way to introduce it in a way palatable for Disney), so that's not really far-fetched.

David Xanatos is Gendo Ikari.
And soon there will be a photoshopped picture of Xanatos with Gendo's glasses and arms.

Elisa Maza is an Alternate Universe Misato.
Just look at the hair and jacket.
  • If this is true, and if "Xanatos is Gendo" is true, then there's a major disaster in the making here.

Xanatos revived the Wyvern Clan survivors as part of a deal with Demona.
Xanatos' stated reason for the astronomical expense moving Castle Wyvern to his building; "Just to see if it worked" is really lame. More likely, Xanatos met Demona, started their partnership with Demona demanding one price: "Release the clan from the stone sleep spell." Considering Demona convinced Xanatos that she could magically lengthen his lifespan almost indefinitely, that would be a good enough incentive to move the castle from Scotland.
  • This theory has been confirmed by Word of God, and Demona was involved. But clearly, the gargoyles were useful to Xanatos: they stole the data he needed to build his robots, and at the end of Season Two, they return to the castle to guard his skyscraper, just like he wanted from the beginning.
    • So he had multiple reasons. Including, probably, wanting to see if it worked.
      • There's a reason they named a gambit after him, after all. He never does anything for just one goal.

Shari is Scheherazade, the storyteller from One Thousand and One Nights.
Her thing seems to be spinning tales. She looks somewhat middle-eastern. She's high up in an ancient organization with several centuries-old members. She's on a series by an admitted fan of world mythology. Magic 8-Ball says the outlook looks good.
  • I support this theory now.
  • This is plausible. I'd almost say it doesn't belong here.
  • Word of God says she's Arabic, so I'm throwing my cards in here. Shari can even said to be a nickname and she spends her NIGHTS telling stories to Thailog. This one's so obvious I'm surprised it hasn't been confirmed yet.
  • A story in the Dark Ages comic suggests she was alive in medieval Scotland.

Hyena is a trans woman.
If you know much about hyena anatomy, you'll probably have a pretty good idea why. Also, despite hang-gliding in a Stripperiffic dress, we never get any pantie-shots from her... Of course, they can't do anything to prove/disprove it, since even for Gargoyles, that would be pushing it.

Dr. Savarius was a sorcerer or alchemist of some kind
He was adept at science: he could figure out exactly how the Gargoyles maintain their energy despite them not devouring three cows a day. However, there's no way a simple injection could alter humans the way he made the monsters. Even for a Mad Scientist, that seemed a bit odd. So how?

Easy. It was magic, and those were potions.

It's also never explained just how he survives being electrocuted by all those eels.

Whether he's a human sorcerer or a member of The Fair Folk (or hybrid like Fox) is unknown.

  • He could be a descendant of the Archmage.
  • Alternative/Expansion: Sevarius is a magical being and an Evil Counterpart of Puck. After all, he must have figured out Demona's super-virus represented a threat to the entire human race... so why facilitate its creation unless he had nothing to fear from it?

The Director in charge of the Redemption Squad is actually Matt Bluestone.
The Director wants to take down the Illuminati and Matt wants to take down the Illuminati. We don't really know why Matt became so determined to find the Illuminati, and his past in the FBI could have provided him with a means to set up the Redemption Squad. Matt is currently a member of the Illuminati, preparing to expose them to the world, so he could probably have gotten the location of Falstaff's island with relative ease.

We get a brief glimpse of the Director in "Losers", but his face is hidden in shadow. His haircut is a little off, but from what we see, he's not that different from Matt. Now, why would they bother hiding his face unless he was someone we know? Granted, I don't know what Matt is doing in Paris, but doesn't this make at least some sense?

Lexington has a brother on Avalon.
There's a gargoyle among Angela's rookery brothers on Avalon (Let's call him "Zadkiel") who has big horns and a striking resemblance to Second. Second's mate, Sacrifice, looked a lot like Lexington. Could Zadkiel be Lex's little, er, younger, er, whatever brother?
  • Somewhat Jossed. According to the official time line, Sacrifice would be too young to be Lex's mother. She could be his aunt or older sister, though. And "Zadkiel" could very well be her son by Second
  • Could still be true, for a completely different reason. If Lex is he's parents oldest child, then their youngest child could have been born on Avalon. Word Of God on Hudson is that he has an oldest child in Goliath's generation, and Broadway is Hudson's biological son as well, so with how slow Gargoyles age, and how long they live, it's possible.

Hudson's Mate was Blonde.
The only "proof" we have of this is that Broadway had blond hair when he was turned into a human. Still, many fan artists and writers like to portray her as having blonde hair and aqua skin.
  • Somewhat closed to being Jossed, since the design that Greg would like to use for Broadway's biological sister is hairless, suggested that their mother might also have been bald.
  • Alternatively, Hudson was blonde when he was young. Admit he looks pretty damn good that way.
    • His facial structure in that picture looks like Goliath's.
  • Jossed. Hudson's mate and older daughter are both bald. "Verity" (Placeholder name) does have the same skin color as Broadway, though. The blond hair was just a whim of the Puck.

Xanatos planned TV Tropes
He planned how people would be addicted to informal wikis. And he is getting closer to his ultimate goal: ruining life.
  • What does he hope to gain from that?
    • After years of misery he'll swoop in and make everyone's lives better, and a grateful society will declare him ruler for life.
  • No, no, no. He's helping us all do better in English. Once he reveals himself as our benefactor, he can use his army of indebted literary critics (who willingly put themselves through Training from Hell) to get rid of his Shakespearean and folkloric enemies without getting his hands dirty. Face it, we owe him now.

David Xanatos is God, and the universe and all sapient humans ran the way it was because that is the way he planned it.

Xanatos is real
And everything you see on television (such as the War on Terror) was actually according to his plan.

Following the events of Gargoyles Owen was given a special assignment by Xanatos
He was told to work as the CFO/manager/PR person for a new band that The Illuminati had taken interest in. As part of the mission he changed his appearance and took on the role of Charles Foster Ofdensen and lead the band to huge success. The reason why The Illuminati took an interest in them is still a mystery.

The Lost Fourth Race are Dragons.
The Lost Race is the earliest sentient species to evolve on planet Earth. They survived up until the rise of Oberon's Children at least, but are now extinct, but had powerful magic and left behind several large magical objects hinted to be the Megalith magical power conduits.

Promotional materials for the Gargoyles: Dark Ages spinoff showed Hudson and Goliath fighting a dragon, apparently still extant in the middle-ages. However, that's the only "real" dragon shown in a universe where All Myths Are True.

Ergo, the Lost Race, the first species to achieve sapience on Earth, are none other than the Dragons, who probably went extinct during the Dark Ages, fighting against both Gargoyles and humans.

The Gargoyles were created by the Children of Oberon.
The Third Race can interbreed with humans; and note that most powerful human magic users on the show have pointed ears (Magus, Archmage, even Crow's Grandmother took a human form with pointed ears), suggesting possible Fae ancestry. The C of O crafted a guardian species to protect their less-powerful and therefore more vulnerable hybrid offspring, but over time, the specifics of just who was descended from whom got a little blurry, and the Gargoyles' protective instinct was transferred to whoever happened to be nearby. Why do they turn into stone during the day? The OC's wanted the kids to develop some self-defense, but were too lazy to train the kids themselves, so they only provided protection at night, when sleeping mortals are most vulnerable.
  • Jossed according to Greg Weisman, the gargoyles were the first of the three races to evolve, the humans were the second, and the Children of Oberon were the third. Gargoyles are also a natural species, and came about the same way we did (God? Evolution? Pick your poison).

The Tasmanian Tiger will join the Pack in the future.

Gargoyles eyes glow when they have an orgasm.
This is one WMG that will stay a WMG since Weisman is a bit shy when talking about the private lives of gargoyles. He does admit sex happens. (Eggs aren't delivered by storks, after all.) It's an unusual effect that shows up in a lot of adult themed fan fiction and art.

Oberon planned EVERYTHING.
Oberon is the lord of Avalon. Avalon sends people where they need to be, clearly meaning it shapes destiny and fate. How did it get this power if not from its lord and master? If he seemed arrogant and so forth in the series, it was because he was testing everybody else, to see if they had learned anything, and would stand up against him. He was playing Titania too, by convincing her that she was the one manipulating him. He was the one who started the exile after all. In the series, he used himself as the Dragon.
  • Oberon sent them into the world to learn humility. For the most part they did, Banshee did not, at least not sufficiently, and was punished for it. Titania learned her lesson and that allowed her to realize that Oberon had now fallen woefully behind . Naturally, she set out to teach her lord the lesson, for his own benefit, while protecting the mortals she had come to care for. So I guess what I'm saying is that it's a mix, Titania was behind a great many things but only because of Oberon's own actions leading her there.

Xanatos really wanted to save Goliath in "The Cage".
As soon as he watched Talon from his office saying that Goliath and Sevarius will die together, Xanatos has realized that he has gone too far manipulating him like that and must save not only Sevarius, but also Goliath. This is because if he is killed, Xanatos will cry for him. When Sevarius says about having created the "antidote", Xanatos plans on using this as a diversion to put on his red armor and go to the Cybernetics underground lab with his gargoyle robots to save Goliath and Sevarius. After saving the two of them, he says "Oh hello, Goliath. Didn't even noticed you there." as a compliment for saving his life.
  • After Goliath struggled alongside Xanatos to save Fox's life in "Eye of the Beholder" and agreed to help Xanatos stop Demona in "City of Stone," Xanatos may well have realized that Goliath was more useful to him alive than dead. If nothing else, saving Goliath's life was Pragmatic Villainy, and Xanatos is nothing if not pragmatic.

Derek/Talon is autistic.
It explains why he takes what Xanatos says to him, and does in front of him at face value, and is too trusting of Xanatos.
  • "Autistic," does not mean "Stupid." One can be too trusting without being Autistic. Also he was mutated into a tiger-electric eel-human-bat hybrid, which may conceivably have altered his judgement.

The Third Race was enforcing the Extra-Strength Masquerade.
The Gargoyles' cover should have been blown out of the water during The Mirror, City of Stone, and The Gathering, but everything was back to normal after each of these episodes. The connection? Magic was involved in each event, so someone with magic must have been responsible for keeping everything underwraps. Puck was the person doing the magic in The Mirror so he was clearly modifying everyone's memories during and after the episode to erase all traces of it. In City of Stone Puck's human form as Owen was turned to stone, but Puck could have just left a stone statue behind while secretly saving lives that would have been lost when everyone turned to stone (car/plane crashes) and preventing the outside world from noticing whats going on. In The Gathering Puck could have been saving lives again when Oberon put everyone to sleep and preventing the world from noticing New York shutting down for the night.

Of course, once Oberon restricted Puck's magic to training/defending Alexander, Puck could no longer enforce the Masquerade and the Gargoyle's cover was blown during Hunter's Moon.

Alternative explanations based on the same premise

  • The Weird Sisters and Oberon himself maintained the status quo during their own actions. The Weird Sisters wouldn't want anything interfering with their plans and they were shown lurking around the city dealing with the mortals during the episode. Oberon, despite his rage, holds no malice to neither human nor Gargoyle and while his sleep spell caused several casualties it also likely made them forget about anything strange they'd seen. After all, it's his own law that they not interfere directly with mortals, he even adopts a human disguise while among them until he runs into Titania.

Chernabog is a Gargoyle.
Think about it. Horns? Check. Wings? Check. Glowing eyes? Check. Appears at night and becomes dormant during the day? Big check. Made of stone? He's made of a fucking MOUNTAIN.
  • A Gargoyle? No, the first Gargoyle, or at least Gargoyle Adam, so to speak.
    • Goliath does bare a striking resemblance.

Demona later became Excella Gionne.
We never see Excella in any night shots, and Wesker's plan for Complete Global Saturation is pretty much identical to Demona's plan in Hunter's Moon.

Xanatos is a Time Lord.
He figured out some way to become immortal, then used that time to learn how to create technology that allows for more flexible time travel than the Phoenix Gate and then started playing around with genetic engineering, eventually making himself into a double-hearted humanoid with the ability to regenerate like a phoenix. He then went way back in time and took other genetically modified humans with him and set himself and his new race up as the lords of Time itself. His line eventually results in the Doctor, which is why the Doctor is so good at high-speed at The Plan.

The Gargoyles are related to the Weeping Angels.

Xanatos is secretly Adrian Veidt and Citizen Kane.

The real reason Xanatos is such a good schemer? You can't tell if something was one of his plans or not until he tells you. So he says they are, most of the time. It is objectively indeterminate whether or not some event was planned by Xanatos until it's revealed.

Gargoyles takes place in the same world as Illuminatus!.

Gargoyles will be remade soon in order to compete with the new Voltron and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) series on Nickelodeon and ThunderCats (2011) coming to Cartoon Network
I'm Hoping.

The Goliath Chronicles are stories told by Goliath
When the Manhattan clan had children, Goliath entertained them with stories. Some were true and some he made, up but most having a grain of truth.

The Batsquatch is a gargoyle.
Think about it: the so-called "Batsquatch" is a bat-winged, flying, purple or blue cryptid with claws, pointed ears, and glowing red eyes. It has a set of hands on its torso (the regular hands and arms) and another set on its wings (as some gargoyles do). The witness who described it as 30 ft tall and seeing it the second time during the day was clearly freaked out and remembered it wrong (he admits to having hit his head and not being in his right mind).

WVRN News reporter Travis Marshall is or will become Serial Killer Travis Marshall.

Demona doesn't think of Angela as her biological daughter.
She sees Angela as her rookery daughter. Gargoyles raise their young collectively. Yes, she knows Angela hatched from one of the eggs in the Wyvern clan, but she doesn't really care which one. This has never come up because none of Angela's rookery brothers or sister came to New York with her, so Demona hasn't had a chance to meet and bond with them.

Soon after either Demona kill Macbeth or vice versa the killer is destioned to be killed either by the others friends or falling objects or by their opponent in a I'm taking you with me fashion.
When the three girls say when one lives they both live it sounds like they are immortal unless you kill them both at once. They then say that they will both die when one kills the other. This is the obvious solution the requirement of death is they are both killd at once but this is fated to happen after one kills the other.
  • Though there's no way to confirm it, as both are still alive at the end of the show- I'm inclined to think that owing to their link, the killer would simply drop dead at the same instant as the killed, regardless of circumstances (so if, say, Macbeth sniped Demona without her being aware he was there, he'd keel over at the same moment she did, no falling objects or Taking You with Me needed).
    • This is what happened when Canmore stabbed Macbeth, and when Elisa shot Demona, although in both cases they both got better. Presumably the same thing would happen if Demona or Macbeth had done it to the other too, minus the getting better part.

Mistress Quickly will join the Redemption Squad.
  • She's one of Falstaff's minions and is captured by the team at the end of their miniseries. Since everyone on the team is a Boxed Crook anyway, and Fang joined under fairly similar circumstances, it's possible that she'll get the same deal.

The Computer Virus that Xanatos got was the basis for the world taking over one Puck's fake future had
We know Owen knew about the virus, more than likely he knew what it could do. So, when coming up with ideas for "get the magic time machine," the computer virus was the first thing that came to mind and ran with it.

If the Space Spawn ever appeared, they would have been Eldritch Abominations
There's a serious Fantasy Kitchen Sink factor to Gargoyles, what with the Third Race and lasers and small-time crooks all mixed together. Cthulhu references are popular; it seems likely that something similar to the Cthulhu Mythos would show eventually. They're described as being created from an exploding star here and being able to travel through space without need of a spaceship, which all sounds very Cthulhu-ish to me. We probably wouldn't see much of them, but they would probably use intermediaries that the Gargoyles could fight.

The Gargoyles universe is a Mirror Universe of the Marvel Universe
Building on the above theory about Xanatos being an alternate version of Tony Stark, you could actually apply this to much of the Gargverse. The show takes place in an alternate reality where the central tropes of Earth-616 are played with a somewhat darker spin, showing what they'd look like if they were applied to Real Life.
  • Gargoyles are Mutants. They both work on the same premise: intelligent, human-like creatures with seemingly supernatural powers, from a parallel species that evolved alongside humans and exists to protect them even as they're hated and feared by them. The difference is that they're a true species (not just humans with deformities and weird powers), they have a consistent physiology, their appearance is inhuman enough that quietly living among humans isn't an option, they've had centuries to develop their own unique culture, they've only barely escaped complete extinction, and they don't have a benevolent Charles Xavier Expy to speak on their behalf.
  • Demona is Magneto. Like Magneto, she's a Well-Intentioned Extremist who hates humans, and she had a close relationship with the leader of the main crime-fighting Gargoyles team before betraying him. She also takes Magneto's hatred of humans to its logical extent, becoming outright genocidal, and she's visibly psychotic enough that no one else in her species wants to side with her.
  • David Xanatos is Tony Stark. No-brainer (he's even got the custom-built Powered Armor). He's got all of Tony's charisma, intelligence and imagination, but he's also got an ego and a lust for power to match, and he shows us Tony's ambition taken to its logical extent: he's long since figured out that it's more profitable to manipulate the world's do-gooders than it is to bankroll or join them, and he's decided to use his wealth and intelligence to further his own agenda instead of helping the planet. His egotism is also the reason that none of his futuristic technology has changed society in any noticeable ways—he can't risk any "mere mortals" profiting from his technology and screwing up his plans for the world.
    • And a member of the Illuminati. Score.
  • Oberon's Children are Asgardians. They've got their fingers in all of the world's mythologies, they all follow their own agendas, many of them are either manipulative or totally psychotic, some of them follow their own inscrutable moral codes, and not even the most sympathetic of them are willing to bring themselves down to humanity's level and become benevolent crusaders like Thor.
  • The Redemption Squad are either The Avengers or the Thunderbolts. They're the one example of a diverse team of costumed metahumans in the Gargoyles 'verse uniting to become a true crimefighting team. And the one time that it happens, it happens because they're former criminals (many of them amoral or totally crazy) who only agree to work together because it gives them a shot at clearing their names. Thus, they offer a cynical take on the Super Team, putting the concept in a universe where very few people are altruistic enough to form one purely for the good of society.
  • Anton Sevarius is Nathaniel Essex. He's power-hungry Mad Scientist with a talent for manipulating people's genetics, but he's smart enough to profit from manipulating other people instead of trying to give himself superpowers (hence, he retains a major presence in the series even after the Gargoyles defeat him). He also ensures that no one ever gets superpowers from Freak Lab Accidents in the Gargoyles verse—they only get them from controlled lab experiments planned by him (hence, there's no Peter Parker and no Bruce Banner).
  • The Space Spawn, N'Kai, and the unnamed third species are the Kree, Shi'ar and Skrull, respectively. The few advanced alien races in the Gargoyles 'verse are largely unseen, preferring to remain in the shadows (or just being too far beyond what human technology can detect). When they finally do become directly involved in human affairs, though, they won't be disposed of in one measly Monster of the Week episode—their appearance will herald the total occupation of Earth, with a decades-long guerrilla war following it.

The Statue of Liberty is a Gargoyle.
It just really likes to hold still.

Xanatos once worked for Halcyon Renard.
Even Xanatos has to start somewhere. While that rare coin he sent himself paid for his education, it's doubtful that it would be enough to start his company. Xanatos probably joined Cyberbiotics fresh out of school, where he could meet Owen, Sevarius, and Janine Renard (i.e. Fox), all of whom would later join Xanatos Enterprise. Since Xanatos is talented and resourceful, he no doubt climbed the corporate ladder with ease, gaining experience and contacts, until he became a trusted lieutenant of Renard. Then, Xanatos being Xanatos, he betrayed Renard- no doubt with Owen's help- took a nice chunk of Cyberbiotics with him, and turned it into Xanatos Enterprises. No wonder Halcyon is so obsessed with honor.

Demona put a spell over the door to the rookery in Castle Wyvern.
The spell kept humans from wanting to go down there, or possibly from noticing the door was there. It may have outright hidden the door during daylight hours. That's why the Vikings didn't go down there looking for treasure or supplies they could steal. If any Viking had gone down to the rookery, Hakon would have smashed the eggs along with every gargoyle in the castle, and Demona, Goliath and Hudson would have been the only survivors.

Titania's plan in "The Gathering" was about more than Alexander.
While Titania's main focus was Alexander, a good Xanatos Gambit allows the schemer to achieve multiple objectives at once. Titania, that Magnificent Bastard, was using Alexander to manipulate the Gargoyles, Fox and David Xanatos, and her husband Oberon.

First, Oberon: Oberon is the most powerful of the Third Race, and he tends to wield that power like a sledgehammer. By pitting him against David Xanatos, Oberon is forced to strategize rather than busting down the door. Also, by humiliating her husband this way, she's teaching him a lesson in not picking on smaller creatures.

Second, Fox and David. While it's unlikely that Titania disapproves of their Machiavellian lifestyle, it's really not good for the baby's long-term health if Mommy and Daddy are out making enemies. By giving the Xanatoses a taste of their own medicine, she's curbing their tendencies towards supervilliany. Titania is also providing them with guardians, as well: the Gargoyles.

By dragging the Manhattan Clan into the family dispute, Titania is laying the foundations for the Gargoyles moving back into the castle. Since Goliath saved Alexander, Xanatos is indebted to them, and provides shelter for the clan at the end of the series.

The Illuminati doesn't actually control anything.
It's not a secret society, it's a country club for Machiavellian types. Individually, members like Xanatos and Thailog are wealthy and powerful, but the organization itself is run through with betrayal and sabotage, because members like Xanatos and Thailog are opposed to each other. This constant bickering means the Illuminati can't operate as a unit, although the various members can join forces and get something accomplished.

Third Race are always called Children of-insert current race's name.
They're called Children of Oberon and according to Word of God before they were called Children of Mab. They're also responsible for all pagan mythologies, where Top God is often called father/mother of pantheon. This includes Tuatha De Dannan-Irish Gods from same folklore as fae, according to some folklorists fae are result of old gods being replaced by Christianity and their name means Children of Danu. So we can assume Third Race always calls itself as Children of current ruler.

Fourth Race was destroyed by Third Race
In all mythologies there were guys who were at war with gods-often older one. Jotun,Titans,Fomorians and Firbolg.. Since all those legends were inspired by Third Race, then it makes reason that there was other race that were their enemies. Either that or those above mentioned are Unseelie Court or/and those that sided with Mab.

The Fourth Race is Dragons
A poster for the never made spin off "Dark Ages" showed the gargoyles facing a dragon. Hudson at least is fairly convinced they exist/ed, mistaking a helicopter for one. "By the Dragon" is also a popular oath among gargoyles. It's unknown whether they still exist or if they were sentient enough to be called a "race". But remember, "All things are true...."

Gargoyles takes place in the Star Trek universe.
It is a prequel taking place during the Eugenics wars on earth in the 1990s. Dr. Sevarius is one of the creators of Augments (probably originally funded by Halycon Renard,) and Xanatos, Fox and the Pack are among his original subjects. Xanatos even bases his proposal to Fox on the principles of Eugenics, including being "genetically compatible." Xanatos was just more radical, or more pragmatic, than many of the other Augment warlords; creating Mutates, utilizing cybernetics and recruiting allies among the Gargoyles and Third Race.The Gargoyles were wiped out in WWIII and the Post-Nuclear Horror and most records of their existence lost. Historians eventually come to consider them as another variety of Mutate, it their not forgetting them completely. Xanatos meanwhile eventually succeeded in achieving immortality and with the centuries became a better person, eventually adopting the identity- of Will Riker.

A few other points:

  • The Illuminati become Section 31
  • The space spawn are the Borg.
  • The Third race are actually powerful aliens like Apollo or the Squire of Gothos.
  • Xanatos shared the secret of immortality with his father who in the future in known as Kyle Riker.
  • Riker's attraction to Troy is partially because of her uncanny resemblance to Demona.

    • Riker even tells Picard at the end of Generations “I intend to live forever.”

Demona was once Brooklyn's mentor
It was much like Hudson was Goliath's. Of all the clan, she chose to approach him in "Temptation". She seems awfully familiar with him in that episode, referring to him as "young friend" throughout and thoroughly manipulating him despite him not being particularly naïve. Brooklyn shows leadership abilities from early on and even succeeds Demona as Goliath's second-in-command.

Perhaps most telling is the fact that Brooklyn is the only other member of the clan to know Latin. In "Temptation" he was able to read the Grimorum to search for a counter-spell and seemed confident that he would be able to perform it. In "Hunter's Moon" he states his "Latin is rusty" but is still able to recognize the kind of spell Demona is casting. The easiest way to explain Brooklyn having this kind of knowledge is if he was once mentored by Demona back in the Middle Ages.

The Winged Victory of Samothrace is the remains of a gargoyle murdered in her sleep.
The Winged Victory has no head or arms anymore and the draping garment hides the lower body. Could be a gargoyle. (Female since there's a noticeable bosom.)Someone hated her enough to murder her in her sleep and probably pulverized the head in their anger. What was left of the gargoyle was mistaken as a statue of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. Also, gargoyles in Ancient Greece inspired the legends of harpies, though most of the stories are exaggerated. ("Few things are accurate.")

The Holy Grail houses (for now) The Spirit of Giving
Just as the Stone of Destiny houses (for now) The Spirit of Fate, the Grail houses The Spirit of Giving. It seems every myth and legend about a vessel (bag, box, cup, anything that can hold something) the legend carries a theme of giving. Sometimes a good gift, sometimes not so good. If Shari were to tell stories concerning the Grail, (besides the obvious Arthurian legend) they might go like this:
"The story is told, though who can say if it be true, that a bishop from Myra by the name of Nicholas wanted to give a golden ball to a young lady with no money for a dowry."

"The story is told, though who can say if it be true, that the infant god Zeus was nourished by milk from a goat called Amalthea. When Amalthea died, Zeus honored her by creating the constellation Capricorn and blessed one of her horns so that it was always full of good things to eat."

"The story is told, though who can say if it be true, that the Cauldron of Life would bestow any who bathed in it a life as long as the mountain stones."

"The story is told, though who can say if it be true, that the gods gave a woman named Pandora a box and told her never to open it."

"The story is told, though who can say if it be true, that the God of Abraham loved the world so much he gave his only begotten son."

"The story is told, though who can say if it be true, of Andhrimnir, chef to the Norse gods, and his cauldron, Eldhrimnir, in which the same boar is cooked every night."

"The story is told, though who can say if it be true, of a cup known as Jamshid that would give all who would possess it the elixir of immortality, revelation of great truths and insight into all seven heavens of the universe."

"The story is told, though who can say if it be true, of a girl named Margarita who married Marquis Blankenheim. Heartbroken to find that he didn't truly love her, Margarita made a vial of poison that she gave him, insisting that it was a sleeping potion that would bring sweet dreams."

No matter how many events may break in his favor, Greg Weisman is never, ever, ever going to finish the story.
It's not just a matter of contract disputes and licensing laws and not seeing eye-to-eye with Disney; the guy's been working up new arcs and potential spinoffs and other stories set in the same world for so long that he could never truly resolve all possible plot threads. He's built a fantasy world every bit as complicated as J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth, and Tolkien never actually considered himself finished with his stories either. Even if it somehow escapes The Chris Carter Effect, Gargoyles and all of its affiliates are never going to be completed any more than the stories of Marvel and D.C. ever have been.

The murderer in Temptation was one of the bikers
One of the things Demona shows Brooklyn in Temptation to convince him of mankind's evils is a murder scene. The murder weapon was clearly a Smith&Wesson Governor.45 (or possibly a Taurus Judge) easily recognized by the distinctive long cylinder. Earlier, when Brooklyn was being attacked by a gang of bikers, one of them pulls a gun on him which is also clearly a S&W Governor. This isn't a particularly common gun so two of them showing up at two different crime scenes a few miles and hours apart is very unlikely. Since Demona probably arranged the attack on Brooklyn, she probably also paid the bikers to perform a murder as well and they then left the gun at the scene.
  • Or alternately the victim was one of the bikers. Since it was his gun left at the scene the bikers' leader may have been the victim, likely killed by Demona to ensure his silence.

Truth survived to adulthood, due to a Harry Potter connection.
In the comics, Hudson's youngest daughter Truth (placeholder name) is shown requesting a Wind Ceremony for the murdered gargoyles. In the City of Stone flashbacks, she is nowhere to be seen. In fact, the veritable squadron Demona led in the comics is severely dwindled. Here's why. After awhile, Truth and a few other gargoyles realized their leader was a few sandwiches short of a picnic and decided to go off and start another clan. They discovered some humans building a castle much more quickly than humans of the time could accomplish. They met with the four humans in charge of the new castle, learning that they were wizards building a school for witchcraft that they would call Hogwarts. They asked if they'd like some gargoyles to help guard the place. Gryffindor always admired the courage and fighting spirit of gargoyles and voted yes. Hufflepuff thought taking in these outcasts was the only decent thing to do. Slytherin voted against having such impure creatures corrupting their students and believed their magic meant there was no need for gargoyles. Ravenclaw needed time to think it over, but decided extra protection in any form would be a logical choice. Slytherin did insist on a rule against students being out of their dorms after dark so they wouldn't meet the gargoyles often. The gargoyles of the clan would take turns wearing a magic amulet that would keep them awake by day so they could guard the headmaster's office.

Gryffindor made an attempt to parlay with Demona and invite her and the rest of the clan to stay at Hogwarts. Demona refused to even listen to a human's proposal. When he said he was not an ordinary human but a wizard, Demona flew into a rage and would've killed Gryffindor if he didn't have both a sword and wand. Demona's memory of this event is somewhat warped. She sees Gryffindor as a wicked human who stole members of her clan then attacked her.

Since then, there has been a clan of gargoyles watching over Hogwarts. Harry met one guarding Dumbledor's office. They were among those who defended the castle during the Battle of Hogwarts. As for Truth, she took a mate, bore 3 eggs and died at the ripe age of 185. This means Hudson has some great to the nth power grandchildren he doesn't know about. Because Hogwarts is implottable, he may never know.

Lexington was sexually or romantically attracted to one or more of the Gargoyle Clones
At the end of "The Reckoning" Thailog and Demona both seemingly die and leave the Gargoyle Clones leaderless. As the Manhattan Clan discusses what to do with them Lexington makes the incredibly insensitive statement that the clones can't join them because "they give him the creeps". Supposedly this is because they are palette swaps of his friends and himself, but in light of his oblivious homosexuality Lexington might have simply experienced attraction to one or more of the clones (maybe Brooklyn's or Broadway's clones...maybe even towards his own clone) and, not understanding the odd feeling, might have got scared thus claiming they "gave him the creeps".

When Thailog does return he will do so with his own version of the Pack
His early appearances had him create a gargoyle clan entirely built on Evil Counterpart, but in the interim he's becoming increasingly like Xanatos (with his corporate cover and Illuminati membership). He's already got Shari to serve as the "right hand man with mystical secrets", the Owen to his Xanatos, so it seems likely he'll complete the set with counterparts to the rest of Xanatos' allies, and that means Fox and the Pack. Possibly mutates modeled on them?
  • They might have a cat theme and be called either The Prowl or The Pride. They'd have names like Lion, Tiger, Panther, Cheetah and Lynx.

Matt Bluestone is actually Agent Mulder of The X-Files
The similarities go beyond a simple Shout-Out. Clearly at some point (not sure where the canons overlap) Skinner decided he'd had enough of Fox and fired him, but as grudging thanks for his past work, paid for extensive plastic surgery to protect his identity and hooked him up with the NYPD (or he's simply been undercover the whole time).

Xanatos is such a skilled villain, that he could potentially out-manipulate even Xehanort.
And he knows it.

Gargoyle naming conventions
Gargoyles didn't normally take names because names are labels for identifying individuals whereas gargoyles are more concerned with relationships, particularly those within the clan. Gargoyles during the middle-ages were often seen referring to each other by nicknames or pet-names which seem to indicate the relationship between the two. Hudson was often called "Mentor" by Goliath and Coldstone, while Goliath in turn was often called "Leader." Goliath called Demona "Angel" and Demona calls Brooklyn "Young Friend" so often that this seems to be a kind of pet name too. Gargoyles of the same generation usually called each other "Brother" or "Sister" and, according to Brooklyn, gargoyles of the same clan called each other "Friend."

Santa Claus is Oberon's brother
Weisman has confirmed that he planned to introduce ol' St. Nick in the Gargoyles universe. When asked if he would include the traditional workshop elves, he answered "I've already introduced the elves"; a bit cryptic, but we can most likely agree he's talking about Oberon's Children. So what we have is a being who commands large numbers of the Children. Sounds like a member of Avalon's (proverbial) royal family could fit that bill. Santa also chooses to live in a land of perpetual winter, whereas it's been noted that Avalon is eternally summer- maybe they're the Different as Night and Day type of siblings. Just for the record, Greg has also stated that Oberon ''does'' have siblings.

Oberon's actual Children
Speaking of Oberon's relatives, Greg has also confirmed the guy has at least four biological children. One is Merlin. One is the Indian boy from A Midsummer Night's Dream. All we know of the other two is that there's an unhappy backstory, they are one son and one daughter, and their mother was Titania. Who could they be?
  • Daughter:
    • Tinkerbell. Or Tinkabelinos, perhaps. Greg does appear to appreciate other Disney media, and if necessary the Children can apparently take forms small enough for Tink (Greg says Queen Mab does).
    • Someone called Gloriana
    • Ganieda, the sister of Merlin from very early, oft-forgotten Arthurian lore, updated to half-sister.
  • Son:
    • Sir Huon of Bordeaux? He's a character from the first ever literary appearance of Oberon, in the 13th century. Nothing in that story suggests that he's related to Oberon, but then again few things are accurate.
    • Prospero or Ariel from The Tempest. Prospero is in the Gargoyles universe but otherwise we know nothing about him. A child of Oberon and Titania would (probably) be all Third Race. The main problem here is that Greg has been very evasive about Ariel's gender identity...which could mean a fey who likes changing it on a whim.

Xanatos' fear of death and age comes from his experience with Halcyon Renard's illness.
It seems a lot of characters in the series have psychological issues tied to certain events in their past; such as Katherine's gargophobia, Demona's hatred for humans, etc. We know Renard and Xanatos knew each other for a while and, well, Renard's appearance is pretty unsettling.

Xanatos' fear of death is due to his Missing Mom.
Note how we get to see Xanatos' father, but never his mother. It's likely that she died a long time ago, maybe even when Xanatos was a kid. Whatever happened to his mom, it affected the young boy so badly that it gave him an obsession with trying to avoid death and become immortal by any means possible.

Xanatos would have appeared in Gargoyles: 2198, with a twist.
Having achieved his immortality at long last, Xanatos is nonetheless growing weary of eternal life, especially if Fox and Alexander aren't similarly immortal. Xanatos' major moments of character development are about coming to terms with his hubris: having to face that he is as hamstrung by love as any, having to rely on the Clan's help to save Alexander, etc. He's smart enough to find immortality he's gradually realizing that he's not as wise as he is smart. After achieving his lifelong goal and then learning it wasn't what it's cracked up to be is a logical progression from there.
  • It's confirmed that a "Lexington Xanatos Corporation" was planned to exist in that spin-off.

The gargoyles did not come into existence through natural evolution, but instead were created artificially.
Long ago in prehistoric times, some other precursor species (like the Third Race, or space aliens, etc.) decided to create some freaky hybrid creatures via magical sorcery and/or genetic engineering.

They took DNA from various animals like reptiles, mammals, birds, etc. to create the gargoyle beasts (i.e. the likes of Bronx). Eventually, they also sampled human DNA to create the bipedal, sapient gargoyles (which would really explain why they're so human-like).

Though what gave these guys the idea of having gargoyles turn to stone during daytime is anyone's guess (though Dr. Sevarius' theory that they use solar energy to "recharge" themselves may be true).

Magus never read the Grimorum prior to the prologue
Compare the magic that he uses against the Weird Sisters to the magic he used against Hakon; i.e. nothing. He studied under the Archmage but only knew parlor tricks or herbal remedies by the time of his mentor's disgrace. For one reason or another (he didn't want to be seduced by magic's power like his mentor, he was forbidden the book after the events of "A long way till morning" as a precaution, he was distracted by other studies or Katherine), his repertoire of spells was zilch. Its implied that the Taken for Granite spell was something he stumbled across since there are other spells in there which would suit his purpose (magic blasts, mind control, polymorph etc.). His only magic against Constantine was a simple illusion. Furthermore, all the spells that he uses in the Avalon three parter are in english and free-versed to fit his situation.
  • Word of God is that when the Magus was paging through the Grimorum earlier in "Awakening, Part One," he was specifically looking for a spell that could neutralize gargoyles without neutralizing humans. This means he didn't know all its contents already.

Petros Xanatos is Odin
There's some compelling evidence for this. Petros and Odin are both voiced by Morgan Shepherd using essentially the same voice. What's more, if Petros is an assumed identity of Odin, the name "Xanatos" would make a certain degree of sense - Xanatos being an alternative spelling of Thanatos, the Greek personification of death. Odin, among other things, is a god of death, namely of those dead in battle.

If Petros is Odin, it means David is half-fairy like Fox, explaining some of his good fortune and near-superhuman intellect. It also means Alexander is half-fairy on both his parents' side rather than just one-quarter fairy, explaining why he has as much magical potential as he does.

  • Problem: Petros had two eyes before Odin got his Eye back, and Word of God is that Odin couldn't appear to have two eyes while one of them was missing in reality.

In the future, "Monster" becomes a Fantastic Slur.
It is established that at some point in the future, gargoyles will be accepted by humanity as a minority race with all rights and responsibilities expected of humans. This doesn't mean prejudice is going away. "Demon" might get used by some anti-gargoyle people as well, but "Monster" will be known as "The M word". If Sesame Street is still around (It's been almost 50 years with no sign of stopping) the furry Muppets will have to be called something else like "creatures" or a made up word like "Fuzzums". Monster energy drink will go the way of Darkie toothpaste. Some young gargoyles may try to reclaim the word (Whuzzup my monstahs!) but, many gargoyles (particularly older ones) will see it as a very hurtful word.

Duval is a clone of Peredur fab Ragnal
Greg's been hinting at some kind of mystery going on with their identities for some time now. He's stated that the Percival of Arthurian legend is still alive in-universe, but we've gotten conflicting information over whether he's Duval or Peredur. What he has told us is that the suffix "-val" is significant; so perhaps Duval is in fact "Deaux"val; a second Percival made from the original's DNA. Peredur does call him one of the two people he loves most in the world; could he regard Duval as a son?Duval doesn't physically resemble Peredur very much, but that could be a consequence of the imperfect cloning process that we see at work in Thailog. Despite all this, it could also be the other way around.
  • Duval is implied to be very old, seeing as he was probably active back in 10th century Scotland under the name Brother Valmont. So perhaps Peredur is Duval's son by Fleur/a clone (the former seems more likely; Peredur does resemble her somewhat). If Fleur and Duval are his parents, then it makes all the more sense that he thinks of them as the two he loves most.
  • If Peredur isn't the original Percival, why would he go by the name "fab Ragnal" ("son of Ragnal", that being Percival's mother in legend)? Perhaps he was raised to believe he is the real Percival? Technically, the Stone calls him Peredur fab Ragnal, and Ask Greg once indicated that it was only "sort of" his real name. That might make the "clone" theory more plausible, since if he's a clone of the original Percival, the Stone would recognize him as pretty much the same guy. Right? Building off of this, Greg has hinted that the Illuminati's intentions have something to do with "setting things right" after the death of King Arthur. Maybe Perciduval got it into his head to try and raise a new perfect king as Arthur's replacement.

Tony Dracon is a direct descendant of Arthur Pendragon, through Mordred.
The name is suggestive, there's a slight resemblance, and you could get an interesting story from Arthur trying to reform his ultra-great grandson.

Goliath learned some useful information about werewolves from the book he read in "Eye of the Beholder."
Fool Moon features several different types of werewolves, including one type that are just ordinary humans who are empowered to turn into wolves through magical amulets. Goliath may have read about "Hexenwolves" in the book on werewolves as well (he has easy access to a library, and he is shown to use it in this episode) corroborating Xanatos' story about what the Eye of Odin had done to Fox.

The Archmage's real name is Prospero
The show does love its Shakespeare references.

David Xanatos is the Master