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Drinking Game / Gargoyles

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Okay, so it isn't on at a time when you'd normally be drinking, let's just leave that aside for a moment. What you'll need:

  1. A bunch of tapes of Gargoyles episodes... one isn't enough.
  2. An ample supply of your favorite beverage... milk, right?
  3. This list.

Drink once whenever:

  1. Gargoyles break out of their stone coverings.
    • Twice if they show all six of them doing it.
  2. Xanatos chuckles evilly or smirks.
  3. Owen makes a fastidious gesture.
  4. Gargoyles' eyes glow.
    • Twice if they get the color wrong, i.e. a female gargoyle's eyes glow white.
  5. Elisa's gun gets used.
    • Twice if it's not her using it.
  6. Demona rants about the "cursed humans".
    • Twice if she isn't talking about Elisa.
  7. A regular object (i.e. a laser gun or a trenchcoat) turns to stone along with a gargoyle.
  8. Matt talks about conspiracies.
  9. Tim Curry (the voice of Dr. Sevarius) overacts wildly.
  10. Someone swoops down and catches someone else.
    • Twice if the someone and someone else aren't Goliath and Elisa.
  11. Broadway eats.
    • Twice if Brooklyn makes a crack about it.
  12. Hudson mentions television.
  13. Lex fiddles with an electronic gadget.
  14. A flashback to Scotland occurs.
  15. The Weird Sisters appear in an unusual form (the kind where the only giveaway is their hair color).
  16. Goliath and Elisa have sexual tension.
  17. Goliath whines about losing Demona.
  18. Goliath whines about losing his home/honor/etc.
  19. A gargoyle roars.
    • Twice if the opponent is singularly unimpressed.
  20. Xanatos informs us of just how well things have gone exactly as he planned.
  21. Xanatos throws money around.
  22. Bronx gets to go along when the gargoyles fly off to fight.
  23. Something is foreshadowed.
  24. Someone besides Elisa or Goliath gets to fight with Demona.
  25. Someone crawls up a building.
    • Twice if it's not a gargoyle.
  26. There's WAY too many people around for the time of night.
  27. A Steel Clan robot gets blown up.
  28. Jeff Bennett has dialogue with himself.
  29. A flying gargoyle violates the laws of physics.
  30. Elisa talks to herself.
  31. Goliath waxes philosophical.
  32. Hudson reminds someone of the "gargoyle way".
  33. Hudson or Broadway sound out words.
  34. Elisa kicks someone's butt.
    • Twice if it isn't Demona.
  35. Macbeth and Demona yell at each other.
  36. Someone's loincloth hovers on the edge of indecency.
  37. Some magical talisman changes hands for the umpteenth time.
  38. Fox and Xanatos make goo-goo eyes at each other.
  39. A policeman besides Morgan is shown (Demona in disguise counts).
  40. Elisa's outfit is different (taking off her jacket counts).
  41. Someone uses "Jalapena" as an expletive.
    • Twice if someone besides a gargoyle says it.
  42. You see the full moon.
    • Twice if a gargoyle flies in front of it for effect.
    • Three times if the moon isn't full.
  43. Majel Barrett does a voice.
    • Twice if it is as a computer or overbearing mother.
    • Three times if it as an overbearing mother speaking to a computer.
  44. A new guest character is played by Kath Soucie or Jeff Bennett.
    • An additional drink for every new character per episode.
    • Twice if you can't tell it's them before reading the credits.
  45. A NEW guest character is played by someone associated with Star Trek in any incarnation. note 
    • Twice if it's someone who has already played a different guest character before.
    • Three times if the role they play is recognizably similar to the character they play on Star Trek. note 
    • Finish your drink if it is Patrick Stewart. (It won't be Patrick Stewart.)
  46. More than one gargoyle is out cold, and they wake up at the same time.
  47. Someone punches the camera.