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Recap / Gargoyles S 2 Sanctuary

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  • Story Arc: The Avalon World Tour
  • Characters: Goliath, Elisa, Angela, Bronx, Macbeth
  • Enemy(ies): Demona, Thailog

Elisa is pleasantly surprised to see Avalon has sent them to Paris, until she discovers human Demona and Macbeth together. Goliath confronts Demona at Notre Dame, but gets surprised when he also sees Thailog there, and even more surprising is that they're supposedly together now. Whatever scheme they're planning, he's determined to thwart it. Question is, whose scheme is it?


Macbeth returns in "Pendragon", Thailog returns in "The Reckoning", and Demona is next seen in "Future Tense" (in way).

This Episode contains the following Tropes

  • Bittersweet Ending: Macbeth is depressed that he is once again alone, but Goliath reminds him that this experience did prove he was capable of embracing others and shouldn't give up on that. On a more downer note, Angela demands to know the truth about her mother.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: Demona mockingly accuses Goliath of being jealous and paranoid while flaunting her new relationship with Thailog.
  • Evil Gloating: Thailog spills the beans on his Evil Plan without prompting, thus cluing our heroes into it.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Thailog leers at Angela. Considering the fact Angela is essentially his half-sister (or niece or even daughter, depending on how one looks at cloning), this would come across as incestuous if Thailog was aware of his relation to Angela.
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  • Gold Digger: Demona and Thailog's plan was for her to marry Macbeth under her human guise, then keep him locked away forever to fake his death in order to inherit his fortune for their needs.
  • Irony: Goliath warns Thailog that he shouldn't be consorting with Demona due to penchant for manipulation and betrayal. To the surprise of the Manhattan clan, he's not just aware of this, but plotting against Demona without her realizing it.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Elisa figures out that Macbeth, who due to his memory being wiped during the time he was controlled by the Weird Sisters (Thus not knowing of Demona being able to turn Human during daytime), is in danger from a plot by Demona and Thailog. However, it is eventually revealed that Thailog is hiding plans of his own from Demona as well (in which he hopes for them to kill each other so that he can take their combined wealth via Nightstone Unlimited as the sole beneficiary).
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  • Manipulative Bastard: Goliath attempts to warn Thailog that Demona is more cunning than he knows due to her age and that she and Macbeth are planning something behind his back, which Thailog waves off as nonsense. In fact, Thailog is the one plotting behind Demona's back.
  • Off-Model: This episode features one of the series' most infamous animation errors. When Demona transforms at sunset at the end of Act II, she is drawn without her tiara (as Dominique was not wearing it); this is the only time in the entire series that she is seen without her tiara. Following Act II, while she is still drawn without her tiara, her forehead is colored gold throughout the rest of the episode.
  • Oh, Crap!: Angela after learning that Goliath and Demona were once in love.
  • Only Mostly Dead: When Elisa fires on Demona, both she and Macbeth are temporarily dead. Then their pact revives them because Elisa is the one who "killed" Demona.
  • Second Love: By all indications, "Dominique" is the first woman Macbeth has been serious about since Grouch. He's looking for a third by the end.
  • Ship Tease: Upon arriving, Elisa is upset that she is in the most romantic city in the world, "and Goliath isn't here to share it with me" because he's asleep. At the end, Goliath encourages Macbeth to find new love; "she's out there" is said while staring directly at Elisa, who shifts bashfully.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Elisa's "This is a job for the gargoyles" line is a take-off on the catch-phrase "This looks like a job for Superman."
    • Sanctuary is also the title of a 1931 William Faulkner novel. Faulkner is one of Greg Weisman's favorite writers and his works were one of the influences on Gargoyles.
    • Thailog's chosen alias of "Alexander" is a tribute to the historical figure Alexander the Great. Interestingly, David Xanatos, one Thailog's "fathers", would name his own son Alexander as tribute to the same person.
  • That Man Is Dead: Angela was shocked to learn that Goliath and Demona used to be in love. Goliath angrily says that's all in the past and doesn't matter anymore. As far as he's concerned, the Goliath who loved Demona died the night she betrayed him and the Gargoyle way.
  • Xanatos Gambit: Done by Thailog in this episdoe. He hooks up with Demona, they pool their resources and plot for Demona to marry Macbeth, then imprison him, staging a death so they could acquire his resources. Unknown to Demona, Thailog plotted to have her and Macbeth kill each other so he'd be the sole heir of all the fortunes for him to build his planned empire on. Even if the planned double death failed, he still has Demona wrapped around his finger for him to use for his benefit.

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