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Recap / Asterix and the Falling Sky

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The Falling Sky (Le Ciel lui tombe sur la tête) is the 33rd Asterix adventure, where Disney cartoon and American comic book-inspired aliens and their yellow beetle-like nemesis race start showing up around the village.


  • Aliens Are Bastards: The Nagma are evil aliens who put people in a rigid stasis and abduct Getafix.
  • Alien Invasion: Yes, you read it right. One race is made of Mickey Mouse expies and superheroes, the other is a race of beetle-like Yellow Peril aliens.
  • All Anime Is Naughty Tentacles: Uderzo firmly believed this, hence why he made the evil Namga animesque Yellow Peril creatures.
  • Book-Ends: The album's cover is a mirror image of that of Asterix the Gaul. Uderzo claimed this was unintentional, and it was never his intention that it would be the last album, although in the event it was the last one he would fully write and illustrate.
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  • Comic-Book Fantasy Casting: The Superman expy's face is modelled after Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Every Episode Ending: Subverted; this time Cacofonix gets to sit at the banquet table while Fulliautomatix and Unhygenix are tied up, due to the villagers mistakenly believing that the latter two burned down Cacofonix’s hut (which was actually incinerated by the Nagma ship when it landed, though nobody remembers thanks to Toon using an amnesia ray on the village).
  • No-Sell: The magic potion makes those who are under its influence immune to the alien weapons; when the Tadsilweny's ship freezes everyone around the village only Asterix, Obelix, Getafix and Dogmatix are still mobile as Obelix is permanently affected by the potion and the others had recently drunk some, and later Obelix is immune to a Nagma's invisibility ray when it affected Dogmatix after the potion had worn off.
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  • Shout-Out: Multiple instances as the album is a sort of love letter to Disney and American comics. Most prominently, Mickey Mouse and Superman.
  • Significant Anagram:
    • Tadsilweny is an anagram of Walt Disney.
    • Hubs is an anagram of Bush (confirmed by Uderzo).
    • The Nagma sage's name Akoaotaki is the anagram of Takao Aoki, the writer and illustrator of Bakuten Shoot Beyblade. And of course "Nagma" is an anagram of "Manga," who Uderzo was not a fan of.
  • Take That!: Uderzo unsubtly expressed his dislike of both Manga and their growing success in France through the villainous Nagma.
  • Yellow Peril: How the Nagma are portrayed, with, well, a yellow skin, facial traits that wouldn't be out of place in a Fu Manchu story, and the fact that they are meant to be personifications of manga, the most prominent Asian comic book type.

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