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A lot of Saturday Night Live's humor (for better or worse) is either Getting Crap Past the Radar or Refuge in Audacity (and sometimes Vulgarity).

  • SNL once featured a sketch with Joe Pesci playing his "Goodfellas" character buying a pinkie ring. He goes to the mirror to try it on and begins miming a conversation which ends as an angry argument full of F words. Today, censors would pixillate his mouth and no one would get the joke.
  • Schweddy Balls even lampshades the trope. Reprised later with Pete Schweddy's other culinary concoction, his hot dogs (wieners).
    • Later reprised again by Betty White as Florence Dusty, whose Dusty Muffins were, despite their age, surprisingly moist.
  • There was also the SNL skit "Jingleheimer Junction", a parody of children's shows with characters personifying Unity, Caring, and Kindness — with their initials written on their shirts. However, the show starts descending into chaos when they introduce a new character, Freddy Friendship (Will Ferrell), and the remainder of the cast insists that he is important enough to be at the front of the line. That is, except for Jingleheimer Joe, who immediately notices that maybe that's not a very good idea. Then there's also the "togetherness song" that's sung toward the end: "You can do it anywhere, in the park or on a chair... in and out, in and out..."
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  • There was the "Sofa King" commercial from the season 32 episode hosted by Shia LaBeouf with musical guest Avril Lavigne note . Say it fast.
  • The conclusion of one of its Celebrity Jeopardy skits which had Sean Connery's final answer being "Buck Futter". In fact, Connery would often invert this trope with his insistence on reading the genuinely mundane categories as something obscene, such as pronouncing "Therapists" as "The Rapists", "An Album Cover" as "Anal Bum Cover", "The Pen is Mighter" as "The Penis Mightier" and when answering in the category "Foreign Flicks", answers "Ursula Andress, Catherine Deneuve and Charo. Twice." Trebek is confused, but then looks at the category, written in all caps as FOREIGN FLICKS, and says "that's flicks, Mr. Connery, foreign flicks."
  • One memorable sketch featured guest host Christopher Walken as Colonel Angus. Say it out loud.
    Once a lady's been introduced to Colonel Angus, she'll settle for nothing less!
    • It gets better. When Colonel Angus gets drummed out of the service, he's forced to go by his real name: Enal.
  • The racial slur job interview sketch with Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor from 1975, culminating in:
    Interviewer: Jungle bunny!
    Mr. Wilson: Honky!
    Interviewer: Spade!
    Mr. Wilson: Honky honky!
    Interviewer: Nigger!
    Mr. Wilson: Dead honky!
  • The many times "fuck" (and its variants) has accidentally been said on live TV:
    • The 100th episode where then-cast member Paul Shaffer plays a medieval musician who says "flogging" to mean the actual f-word — and naturally screws up.
    • Charles Rocket's "I'd like to know who the fuck did it" during the Charlene Tilton episode from season six. note 
    • Norm MacDonald muttering, "What the fuck was that?" after botching a joke on Weekend Update.
    • Jenny Slate playing a biker chick with her own talk show and peppering everything she says with the F-word substitute, "freakin'". However, after getting an ashtray hurled near her head by her co-host (played by Kristen Wiig), Jenny says, "You know, you stood up for yourself, and I fuckin' love you for that!" Look closely and you can see Jenny's face briefly read, "Oh, Crap!" just before the camera cuts to Kristen Wiig.
    • Kristen Stewart saying that hosting SNL was the "coolest fucking thing ever" during her monologue in Season 42.
    • Sam Rockwell said the word when he hosted in Season 43. Noteworthy in that it was the first time the word was said after the show started airing live across the entire country (meaning it was said in primetime in the western part of the U.S.).
  • The Nude Beach sketch, in which the word "penis" is said practically every other line. It concludes with them singing about penises, only interrupted when Kevin Nealon breaks character and addresses the audience: "Hi, I'm Kevin Nealon. What you just saw was an attempt to make an important point - that wherever you go, no matter how you look on the outside, we're all pretty much the same. You know, when the Standards Department was dissolved here at NBC, we welcomed it as an opportunity to deal with issues like these in a frank way. And to be honest, we're a little disheartened by the snickering we heard during this presentation. It kind of makes us wonder if there's room for serious discussion of these subjects on television. So to those of you who missed the point - grow up. Really."
  • In an appearance by Wayne and Garth, where they discuss the 2011 Oscars, they mention Natalie Portman, and Garth says "I could make Mila out of her Kunis!" Even Wayne was shocked.
  • One of the Weekend Updates in the first five years was sponsored by "Pussy Whip, the first dessert topping for cats."
    • The NBC censor in the first couple seasons was a straitlaced middle-aged woman who didn't really understand SNL's humor, so it became a game for the writers to see if they could slip some truly nasty stuff past her. They usually succeeded, but occasionally she'd feign ignorance then reveal that she knew what they really meant all along.
  • Janet Jackson note  visiting a wine bottling plant, where everyone is busy soaking corks. The entire sketch has every character mentioning this in their lines, every single one.
    Male visitor: Can I try soaking corks too?
    Foreman: You look like you've soaked a few corks yourself!
  • In 1979 David Bowie was a musical guest on SNL and performed "Boys Keep Swinging" with his head visible, but his body, through video magic, was replaced by a dancing puppet. NBC muted out the line "Other boys check you out," but Bowie had the last laugh. At the end of the song, his puppet body poked a blatant phallus out of its pants and pumped it up and down a few times, too quick for censors to do anything about it.
  • The "Wrapperville" sketch from the 2013 Christmas episode features Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon, the former dressed as a roll of wrapping paper and the latter dressed as a gift bag. JT mentions one time when he needed a "sack" (i.e., gift bag) for a present for his uncle, a deck of cards, so Jimmy's character "sacked his deck." When asked to repeat it, he does, and adds that Jimmy's character is "a good deck-sacker." The woman they're talking to replies with, "Well, I'm divorced, so I haven't sacked a deck in seven years."
  • When Sean William Scott hosted, his opening bit was clips of previous generations of Scotts all being in movies where they used the semen-in-the-beer gag from American Pie. The first was a silent film, where his great-grandfather Reginald William Scott is informed of what he just drank and clearly yells the first three syllables of "MOTHERFUCKER!" before the caption "Darn you!" comes up.
  • In the 2016 Margot Robbie episode, one sketch focuses on a hot woman with a very unappealing husband. The husband's name is Matt Shatt. They lampshade that surname a lot, so it was intentional, despite the word "shit" not being allowed uncensored on SNL.
  • Alec Baldwin's Trump keeps mispronouncing China into "'gina".
    "Yuuuuuuge. (beat) 'Gina."
  • Invoked during Weekend Update during the Sam Rockwell/Halsey episode when discussing Trump's referring to countries like Haiti as "shitholes". Colin Jost lampshades how NBC told them to pronounce it "s-holes", but calls out the hypocrisy of Trump being allowed to say it uncensored, so he and Michael Che say the word uncensored during the segment.
  • One sketch is about a volunteer teacher running a homework helpline with the assistance of a puppet character Mr Bobo, until the phone line is hijacked by trolls talking about illicit relations between the teacher and the puppet. One caller puts in way too much effort, getting the teacher to write out atomic symbols for carbon, calcium, oxygen etc. until the paper clearly shows that he wrote "BOBOS COC".
    Teacher: Wait, is the next one potassium?
    Mr Bobo: That's a K!
  • One season 44 episode that comes just before Thanksgiving has Eric Trump (Alex Moffat) showing off a hand turkey drawing supposedly made by Donald - except the hand is clearly Flipping the Bird.
  • One sketch about the Elf on the Shelf myth is about what happens when an elf has been stationed to the same shelf with the kid until he reaches a certain age...
    Santa: Let's see what's on his wish list - oh Scrabby, you spelled "flashlight" wrong!

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