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"My name is Dr. Daniel Paul Schreber. I am just a man. I help the Strangers...conduct their experiments. I have betrayed my own kind."
Dr. Schreber, Dark City

"Is submission not preferable to extinction?"
Saren Arterius, Mass Effect

Is it so wrong to want to be on the winning side? Year by year, the Beastmen grow bolder and the Marauders stronger. Year by year, there are more Mutants, and worse, within the borders of the Empire. The Emperor is fighting a losing battle. I am a pragmatist first and foremost; the Empire has made me rich, but Chaos will help me survive when Middenheim is in flames and its people are food for Beastmen or sacrifices to the Blood God. Survive and even prosper. The Master of Fortune is good to those who revere him.
Klaus Goethe of the Merchant’s Guild High Council (Tzeentch Cultist), Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Old World Bestiary - A Compendium Of Creatures Fair And Foul

Preston Northwest: I would just like to say that, as a rich capitalist, I welcome your tyrannical rule! Perhaps I can be one of your, uh, "horsemen of the apocalypse"?
Bill Cipher: Oh, wow, that's a great offer. How about instead I shuffle the functions of every hole in your face?

Schlock: Can you tell me what a quisling is?
Ennesby: It's a fine choice of possible words, that's what it is.
Schlock: Wrong "what". I want the definitiony kind of what.
Ennesby: A quisling is a traitor, someone who actively collaborates against their people with an occupying force.
Schlock: Oh, that IS a nice word. It means it's okay for me to shoot them.


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