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Rayana: A philosopher, hmm? [...] Did you cover more than just the nature of mind and consciousness, or was that your sole focus? I can see the interest in that field, given the strangeness of Instrumentality.
Shinji: Um, that was where I put most of my studies, yes. [...] Um, we did get into a survey of the major classic schools, but mostly on the nature of consciousness and the soul.
Rayana: Did you ever get into Nietzsche? And I’m up here, Shinji.
Shinji [jerking his eyes back up and thinking]: 'I wasn’t! Um... crap, are her breasts magnetic?'

"His musings on how to make Asuka feel as special as she made him feel were cut off by the bell. Before he could rise from his desk for lunch, a shadow loomed over him. He looked up to the impressive chest of Chihiro Tanaka, then quickly jerked his eyes up to her face."
Shinji Ikari, Advice and Trust, "chapter 4"

"Pulling the hands away from his face and turning around, he found himself facing a chest. It was not particularly well-endowed but it definitely belonged to a female. Blushing, he corrected his gaze and saw her."
Shinji, HERZ

"Hey! Eyes! Up here!"
Makoto Nanaya, BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma, after knocking out Ragna the Bloodedge.

"I was three feet away from a known terrorist, and I had my eyes buried in some broad's tits."
Kevin Dunne, Snake Eyes

She leant forward to scan the device, giving Archer a view right down her cantilevered cleavage. Normally Vulcans wore loose-fitting robes, but T'Pol's skintight outfits were a secret experiment by the Vulcan Science Directorate. She would know humans had achieved true sentience when they stopped talking to her chest.
Farce Contact, a Star Trek: Enterprise Parody Fic.

Sister Germany, Scandinavia and the World, "Iron Lady"

"My eyes are up here, not on my knees!"
Joan Randall, Avengers of the Moon

I have no patience for all forms of male stupidity. I really have no patience for men who forget that women do exist from the shoulders up. That's why I take pride in the fact that I put Will Anderson's head through the wall. Dr. Tom, my eyes are a few inches further up my body.

"I know nothing of such things," Chakarma said to her cleavage — perhaps he thought her vocal interface was located there.

Atton Rand: So, uh, how long have you been a Jedi? Must be tough, you know... no family, no husband...
The Jedi Exile: No tougher than enduring your false sympathy while you're staring at my chest!

"So how do we know these thefts are linked?"
"The similarity of description leads us to believe that the same culprit is involved." TuMok handed over a computer printout.
"'Great tits'," read Proton. "That's it?"
"It appears the witnesses failed to notice any other details."
Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space

Sun: Uh, my eyes are up here.
Nora: Your eyes aren't your best feature.
Sun: I thought you were into that Ren guy.
Nora: I am, but that doesn't mean I don't have eyes. You could wash laundry on those abs.
White Sheep (RWBY), chapter 62


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