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"...Anyway, with it being seven years later, Jonathan Joestar has ballooned into a Liefeld character. Just sayin', compare this physique to something from Youngblood."

"Jonathan? I'm guessing he's from England like you?" Rohan threw in, eyes draping over the sculpted muscles and abs peeking from under Jonathan's short top. He would make a great model for a character Rohan was working on in one of his latest manga pieces. He took a mental note to draw him when the chance presented itself, once he was awake, of course.

Josuke nodded, having to tilt his head up a bit to meet Jonathan’s eyes. Although he was tall himself, this guy completely dwarfed him. He couldn’t be any taller than Jotaro, yet he still made people feel as if the difference was bigger. His thighs were thick like tree trunks, and his rippling muscles looked like he could break a door with one swing of his fist. Josuke was tempted to ask about his workout routine, but he didn’t push it in the end. After all, with a body like that, genetics probably played a big role too, and he highly doubted they were related in any way.

Men should be buff! Women should be vavoom!

The gynoid's pussitronic brain assessed this fine specimen standing erect before her. A handsome, straight-jawed man in a space-black uniform, with silver shoulder pads and external jockstrap. Gleaming medals marked a broad chest, trim breeches hugged powerful legs and tight buttocks, a polished rocket-pistol rode his narrow hips, supple leather boots clung to his calves. Proton's features were regular and strong; his hair brown and wavy; his steely eyes showed the courage, strength, patriotism, determination, flair, initiative, commitment, loyalty, sexual prowess, hunger for adventure, thirst for knowledge, taste for danger and talent for paperwork expected of an elite member of the Space Rangers. If it weren't for the fact that anyone dressed like that was likely to be gay, she would have ravished him on the spot!

"There was a time when heroes were straight-limbed, lantern-jawed, well-bred, and British!"
— Trailer of Bullshot

Chiatzou: But Tien, the doctor said if your shoulders get any bigger—
Tien: That's why we don't see him anymore.
Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 41, "The Trouble with Time Travel"

It was a five hundred mile journey and, surprisingly, quite uneventful. People who are rather more than six feet tall and nearly as broad across the shoulders often have uneventful journeys. People jump out at them from behind rocks then say things like, “Oh. Sorry. I thought you were someone else.”

The Baron extended his chest six inches and followed it across to where Belsworth was standing.
Giggles Bags The Borg

Muriel: I think you should marry Hercules. He's got such a beautiful physique.
Labia: Mum, with all those muscles he looks like a condom full of walnuts!
Muriel: Well don't think you're marrying Testiculi—you're marrying Hercules!
Labia: Aww, get real mum! I'm not marrying someone with bigger tits than me!


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