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"When Butterfly McQueen went into her act, I felt like crawling under the rug."
Malcolm X on Prissy from Gone with the Wind

Furthermore, despite his success [Gerardo] was decried by other Latinos who said that he was perpetuating an exaggerated negative stereotype that further marginalised their culture, and that he might as well put on a sombrero and shout "Andale! Andale!".
Todd in the Shadows, One Hit Wonderland: Rico Suave

"[The most annoying character on Jessie] is definitely Zuri. I hate to say this, but Zuri is a borderline racist stereotype a.k.a. The Sassy Black Woman in the body of a seven year old. I know it is supposed to be funny, but like others said, the writers take it too far and make Zuri intolerable and too full of herself and this is where it crosses the line into a borderline racist caricature."
IMDb user ferrisb1-1

In researching this article, I hadn't thought to include Glee at first. In fact, on the surface, Glee looks like a damn musical U.N. of shit I'd never watch. But it also looks like they have someone from almost every ethnic background available on the show and dammit, they're all so full of song. But then it was pointed out to me that every non-white character is such a non-white character that it's like the producers had actually just come here from an albino world and were so taken with the novelty of people who weren't white that they had no time to look into or care about their cultures at all. Hence the two Asian characters on the show have the same last name. The Jew's last name is Ben Israel and he's as sexually deranged as Gladstone. The Latina cheerleader is actually named Santana Lopez, possibly because they had to cut Conchita Luisa Mexicasa out of the script. There's even actually an Irish exchange student who is immediately believed to be a leprechaun.

They start having these fucking matches, OK, and they put R-Truth on fucking commentary. And they must think he's fucking hilarious and he's not! I don't know what the fuck is going on, but they do this thing, he's not doing the Little Jimmy thing anymore, OK, he's doing this thing where he's stealing the belt. They've turned him into like a fucking cartoon character, they've turned him into like this... I don't know if you'd call it a stereotype, or a caricature of a black man... But they've turned him into like this caricature, thieving, black dude. Who like... who... who like, he slinks and skulks and... acts all... his eyes are all wide, and he's like "Who me? I ain't done nuthin'. I'm just, I'm all innocent. I'm just, I ain't got no belt. I ain't done nuthin', woooop!" And he's talking in this exaggerated, goofy fashion, in, in, you know, a really exaggerated voice, and, y'know, again his eyes are always like bugged out real wide, like, y'know, like when Samuel L. Jackson like, bugs his eyes out. He's not yelling, but, y'know, eyes always like, you can see white all around in his eyes and he's, he's, he's talking like he's insane.

And the match is good, what's going on in the ring is good, but I can't fucking pay attention to it, because R-Truth is talking like a moron! And the camera keeps cutting back to the commentary desk, because apparently, McMahon or whoever's in the fucking production truck thinks it's so fucking hilarious to watch R-Truth and his bug fucking eyes stealing the fucking title belt and, and him playing dumb and getting everyone's name wrong and thinking that's fucking hilarious and then playing innocent when everyone is directly accusing him of stealing the belt, and him plainly having the belt, in plain sight "Who me? I didn't steal nuthin'. I just found this. I found it in a garbage can. I didn't take nuthin' officer, me?" If you think I'm being offensive, trust me, he's doing it worse. I, I can't even explain it. Somehow they put R-Truth in blackface! What the fuck?!
The Spoony One, Wrestle Wrestle 3-8-15

Fuckin' depressing. I've known Becky since she was 12, and it's been her dream all her life to wrestle. And I remember I used to have her over years ago, and people used to laugh at her whenver she'd talk about wrestling. She fuckin' made it. She was out for 3-4 years—she got a bad knock on the head—she finally fuckin' made it back, got her dream, got signed by the E-Fed, made her debut, and she comes out, and she does a fuckin' "HEEYOOOP!"

A fuckin' jig?! Are you havin' a laugh? Fucking Irish dancing? I'm not a big fan of dancing as it is...But Irish dancing is most unattractive, unsexy thing in the world. "How about we'll take something that can be really sexy, if a person moves in the right way—?" "Nonono, you're gonna keep your back like a fuckin' ironing board, we're gonna keep your hands by your side like a fuckin' gorilla, and you're gonna move your legs and go "HEEYOOOP! HEEYOOOP!"

I love Becky, she's an absolute sweetheart, but I was mortified for her. Scarlet. It's undoubtedly the worst debut I've ever seen.
VI on Becky Lynch, OSW Review Ep. 40

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