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Quotes / Did You Just Scam Cthulhu?

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FOOL! You made a deal with the devil! And now, you'll reap the reward! WHICH IS... this, reward. The devil may have inadvertently dropped the ball on this one.
Merasmus, Team Fortress 2

The Third Of The Fallen: What? Whaaat'ss thisss?
The Second Of The Fallen: With us you play the fool, Constantine? Perilous, such behavior-
John Constantine: I... I don't play the fool with... with you, pal. I make... the fool... of you. You greedy... bastards... didn't stop to think, did you? You were... so bloody keen to... to get me in the bag. John Constantine, eh? What a prize. The... the Adversaries. The Lords of... the World... Below. Masters of... of lies. You were so eager to... to catch me... you got bloody careless. Should... should have checked me... out before I... signed on the dotted line, lads. I sold my... my soul... to both of you pricks.
Hellblazer: The Sting

"Dormammu! I've come to bargain!"
Stephen Strange, Doctor Strange (2016)

Qian Ya: ...And what of our court? The slave-things that have already been taken into our service? We must be allowed to keep them. If we are to retreat into the tunnel, they must come as well.
Fate: And have you heard the saying "You cannot cheat Fate"?
The Lady: He did cheat Fate. If you do cheat Fate, I do not believe it says anywhere that Fate's subsequent opinion matters.

Autolycus: So, tell me, what was it like watching the King of Thieves in action?
Iolaus: From what I saw, I'm surprised you're not in prison already.
Autolycus: In case you haven't noticed, I swindled two gods in one day. Now, ha-ha, I hate to toot my own horn, but, uh, toot-toot.


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