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A Show Out of Ideas Teams Up With a Show Out of Episodes
Opening line from "Simpsorama" (a The Simpsons/Futurama episode).

Steven: Oh my gosh, Uncle Grandpa! You're really here, I can't believe it! I mean, I LITERALLY can't believe it.
"This seems kind of strange for Dr. Seuss, who really didn't do crossover battles. That kind of stuff would usually be associated with something like, say, a Marvel production. Well, funny you should think that, because this actually was made by Marvel Productions. Yes, soon The Lorax and Sam-I-Am are gonna fight over the warring nations of the Sneetches and the Whos, with a cameo by Spider-Man we've all been waiting for."

"Characters that shouldn't be together in the same book are. I don't know why that delights me so much. Its like you can run amok in this literary neighborhood and pull down all the picket fences between people's stories. So that you could have the Frankenstein monster turn up in the middle of Little Women. If that's what you fancy."


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