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"Wound! We need a wound here!"

"The MPAA are like bulls. They react to sight of red."
Kurt Wimmer, explaining the use of powder squibs in Equilibrium

"It's kinda odd that these criminals are all having heart attacks at the same time."

"U GET CUT! Y U NO BLEED?" note 
— A fail screen from Stealing the Diamond that occurs when Henry accidentally kills himself with a laser cutter.

Initially I found the idea of the icky Ice Warrior hands gripping the characters heads quite tense but once it had been done for the third or fourth time I was a little bored by the suggested violence and wanted to see some real violence. That’s one of the biggest problems of trying to film Alien for a family audience, you can generate the atmosphere but you can’t pay it off with the carnage. As a result this story promises far more than it can ever deliver – you can’t massacre a submarine crew at 6.00 on a Saturday evening. A few spots of blood on a pass don’t cut it.

"You know what I hate about these dinosaur movies for little kids? These creatures have massive jaws and huge teeth, and they barely use them because that would lead to actual bleeding wounds and potential blood in our kids' movie. And even when they do use them, the teeth don't puncture the neck? Do they even know the point of saber teeth?"
RickRaptor105, in his review of Dino Time

"Oh my God, there's so much visible, rendered blood!"
Sonic, on his own completely bloodless death by impalement in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

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