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Nightmare Fuel / The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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  • At first Dr. Frank N Furter is rather eccentric, but not too scary. Then he becomes absolutely terrifying when he hacks Eddie to pieces with a pick axe.
  • When Riff Raff kills Columbia, Frank, and Rocky with a laser gun full of anti-matter. The shots kill Frank and Columbia instantly while a few bounce off of Rocky who drowns.
  • When Frank reveals to the guests that they're cannibalizing Eddie (unbeknownst to the guests who are horrified when they start eating their dinner). And then he yanks off the table cloths, exposing Eddie's devoured decaying corpse right underneath the table.
  • When Frank chases after Janet during "Wise Up, Janet Weiss", taunting her throughout.
  • A slightly more subtle example involving Frank is that he's more than willing to turn two innocent humans (IE: Asshole and Slut), his own creation (IE: Rocky), and his groupie (IE: Columbia) into mindless sex-slaves and forces them to perform a stage show against their own will.
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  • When it's Brad's turn to sing his share of "Rose Tint My World," he trips and falls all the way to the bottom of Uncanny Valley with his incredibly robotic movements, especially his disturbing facial expressions when he says/sings "...WHOA! Here it comes again!" He's jerky and stiff, while everyone else moves naturally, making it very jarring.
  • The Iconic Rocky Horror Lips that open the film is unsettling to some viewers, and is arguably the only creepy thing in this "Horror" movie.

  • Frank N. Furter's final song "I'm Going Home" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's basically about Frank lamenting about how he's both happy with being on earth yet also homesick for his home planet of Transsexual, Transylvania. Nothing creepy about that. However, during the song, a crowded audience fades into view and Frank tearfully greets them as if they're his adoring fans. Cue after the song and... no audience. It's implied that the audience was merely a figment of Frank's imagination. Considering how insane Frank was before the floorshow, one can safely assume that he's finally snapped.
    • In the movie, "I'm Going Home" is about being happy on Earth, but wanting to go back to his planet. In the stage play, however, it's about Frank pleading with Riff Raff and Magenta to let him stay on Earth a bit longer so he can have sex with Earthlings, which pretty much explains why Eddie and Columbia were even there in the first place and why Frank was the reason why they got a flat tire and Brad and Janet were tricked into going to the castle.
  • Not to mention that before the floorshow, the Criminologist points out that (save for Rocky, Frank, Brad, Janet, Dr. Scott, Columbia, Riff Raff, and Magenta), the castle is completely empty. Why would Frank want to perform a floor show in an empty castle?
    • Also, the very fact that Brad, Janet, Dr. Scott, Columbia, and Rocky are essentially being brainwashed by Frank.
    • Dr. Scott even comments on this and points out that they need to escape before Frank gains total control over them. Sure, floorshows may be fun for us audiences... but imagine being the one being essentially forced (by a psychotic alien, no less) to perform.
  • How about the song "Wise Up, Janet Weiss" (AKA "Planet, Schmanet, Janet")? Particularly the line "I've laid the seed, it should be all you need". Hmm... Frank had sex with Janet, sex can sometimes lead to babies... Oh, crap...
    • Oh, you only think you know the true horror... look up the unfilmed script Richard O'Brien wrote as a conclusion to his masterwork. And he's just like his daddy.
    • The true horror hasn't even been hit still. Do you really think that Janet is the only human female Frank had unprotected sex with? Going by what could be expected of him that number could actually be quite high.
  • Also, the line from the song "Sweet Transvestite": "Well you got caught with a flat. Well, (knowing smile) How 'bout that?". It implies that Frank was the one behind Brad and Janet getting a flat tire and ending up in the castle in the first place.
    • Even more horror when you realize that Brad and Janet never mentioned a flat tire.
    • And that Frank, Magenta & Riff-Raff were all at the church as Brad and Janet were singing their plans, complete with Magenta & Riff-Raff carrying in a coffin during Dammit Janet.
    • Also, look at the priest in the back during the beginning of the film and the two people standing next to him. It's implied that they're Frank, Riff Raff, and Magenta in disguise. They were planning on having Brad and Janet visit the whole time.
  • Throughout the movie we see various statues of people (mostly the Statue Of David). Then we see that Frank has a device that can turn people into stone. Oh, Crap!.
    • A common interpretation is that these statues were former attempts at Rocky.
  • How Frank seduces Brad/Janet fall under Fridge Horror for several reasons-
    • First of all, Frank thinks he's superior to human beings ("Do your worst, Inferior One!"). Also, he's an alien. So, in essence, it's pretty much bestiality in which Brad/Janet are the animals in the relationship.
    • How Frank convinces them to have sex with him. He doesn't violently rape them. No, instead, he pretty much emotionally manipulates them into having sex with him. It really shows how naïve Brad/Janet really are if all it takes is for Frank to talk to them to get them to agree to having sex with him. And it gets worse when you realize that Frank probably had a lot of practice with his manipulative charm.
    • He was able to perfectly mimic Brad's and/or Janet's voice. Think about it. Frank was able to, despite his Paper-Thin Disguise, trick Brad/Janet into thinking he was their fiancée. He could easily walk into anyone's room into total darkness, imitate their voice, and it would be too late before they found out who it really was.
    • Again, Frank's an alien. Who knows what kinds of diseases he's carrying...especially since we really don't know how many people (or species for that matter) he's screwed over the years.
  • Rocky is chronologically and mentally an infant when Frank takes him into the "bridal chamber". Paedophilia is part of the horror.

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