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Tear Jerker / The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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  • The final monologue from The Criminologist. It gets even sadder hearing Tim Curry narrate it in the remake.
    And crawling on the planet's face
    Some insects called the human race
    Lost in time, and lost in space
    ...And meaning.
  • For some it's Frank's death.
    "On the day, I went away..."
  • Let's not forget Columbia, the most sympathetic character.
    • Enough so that "Bedroom Scenes," a Rocky fan-film, devoted more than half of its twenty-minute length to just letting Columbia speak for herself, for once. (The rest of the time is devoted to letting Magenta speak.)
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    • She looks genuinely distraught after Frank hacks away Eddie.
  • And the Bolivian Army Ending granted to Brad and Janet...
    • Not unless the police shot them after taking their statements.note 
    • The reprise of "Science Fiction" has this line:
    Darkness has conquered Brad and Janet.
  • After Rocky and Frank fall into the pool, Magenta turns to Riff Raff, saying "I thought you liked them! They liked you." to which he screams "THEY DIDN'T LIKE ME! They never liked me!" At first most find this outburst as funny, until Riff Raff turns back towards the screen and you can see a tear rolling down his cheek.
  • Almost everything that happens from the Floor Show to the end could be classed as this. Especially considering the themes of acceptance, being yourself and giving into happiness that start as soon as Frank joins in.
    Don't dream it. Be it.
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  • Brad's ultimate state at the end, if the film is taken as a standalone work. It's clear that the Transylvanian lifestyle is just not for him, and he ends the story broken and feeling violated by the experience, with the added issue of his fiancé going hard the other way, embracing it and craving more. That's a pretty wide wedge that will be between them now. While the film doesn't condemn the lifestyle, it does show how it can be wrong for some people, and Brad is going to have some trouble getting over it..


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