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Tear Jerker / Rome

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  • The undignified treatment of Vercingetorix, the Gallic chieftain strangled at Caesar's Triumph. The man saw his homeland subjugated and his people enslaved, only for his life to end as a humiliating spectacle for Caeser.
  • Poor Eirene, after being forced into slavery and sold off to Vorenus's household, she eventually found solace with a fellow slave. Then one day, she found out her Master's best friend had bought her freedom and even brought her a gift to celebrate. Only, when she went off to try said gift, said friend brutally murdered her lover out of sheer jealousy. Then, after forgiving the murderer (although not without trying to kill him first), she had a semblance of a loving family life. Only to have it brutally cut short as she was poisoned by a jealous Gaia.
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  • Servillia might be a Jerkass Woobie, but there's something heartbreaking when Caesar, whom she stayed loyal too and even risked life and humiliation to prove said loyalty, ultimately discards her out of politics. Also, her reaction to Brutus's death, was to try wearing her death mask before breaking down, weeping that she was 'so tired of sleeping.' She may have behind a lot of deaths, but it's also obvious that a lot of her pain and suffering could have been avoided.
  • Atia when she was publicly scorned by Anthony. At first, she tried to fool herself, excusing Anthony's dismissal as Cleopatra's orders. When assured that it wasn't the case, she breaks down, slaps Vorenus and runs away.
  • Posca weeping over Caesar's dead body, calling out for his 'dominus'.
  • Brutus' It Has Been an Honor speech to his men and Suicide by Cop.
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  • The collapse of Octavian and Octavia's relationship is heartbreaking in that at one point they were close and loving siblings, even a bit too loving at one point, and she was the only one who tried to protect him from abuse in his childhood. Octavian's drive to obtain power and unwillingness to let go of his grudge against his mother and Marc Antony for humiliating him drives away and terrifies Octavia. Eventually Octavian ends up having Octavia marry Antony and possibly bear his children for a political scheme, ruins her true love affair with Agrippa, and puts her on house arrest, which eventually and permanently destroys any happy relationship the two once had.


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