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Nightmare Fuel / The Blackout Club

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When you sleep, I awaken. And I come out to play.

  • The Shape in it's entirety. This dark being is an unknown entity that only can be seen when you close your eyes. It only appears once a player committed enough 'sins'. Once they tag a player, it will do everything in it's power to try catch them, no matter where they are on the map. The terrified little quip by the player's kid shows all the fear that needs to be said.
    • On special occasions, the Shape may undergo a change and sprout strange red wings and move much more vigorously towards it's target.
    Kid: Please no! Not the Angel!
    • The situational jumpscare that may sprout from the Shape emerging near a Red Door that was in your direction is absolutely terrifying, especially since it may just teleport at just a moments notice and there are Red Doors, everywhere.
    • Sometimes, where you are in a place the Shape cannot reach or simply have a line of sight of the Shape, the incorporeal being will start to beckon you. As soon as the Shape starts beckoning you, the edges of the screen will grow dark and a horrifying wave of darkness starts to overtake the vision, accompanied by strange eerie whispering that sound something like 'LEAVE THIS PLACE'. You have to break line of sight of the Shape in order to break out of the beckon, but fat chance escaping when you're trying to escape the Shape by climbing a ladder without stamina. You're lucky if you make it to the top before you get suppressed.
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  • Once you are too wounded to escape, players are then forced to the ground by a Sleeper or Lucid and then dragged by their ankles to the closest Red Door to be turned. Being dragged is absolutely terrifying. The screen turns black and white, loud threatening music plays, the wild perspective of being dragged on the floor, all the while the player character begs for help to anyone nearby. If you're alone well...better hope there's a trash bag in your way.
  • Sleepers are innocent adults who have been brainwashed presumably by the Shape and SPEAK-AS-ONE. They wander around blindly like mindless zombies, mumbling and whispering incoherently, which can prove terrifying if you've managed to smoosh yourself in a corner to hide from them, praying quietly that they won't come your way.
    • Try imagine sleepers in real life. They're blind monsters with the face of your parents or someone you know, threatening to capture and take you to a dark monster wandering about in the streets. When you get caught, they will unsympathetically drag you by your ankles towards this invisible nightmare fuel unless you can make a frantic grab for one of the trash bags.
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    • Certain Sleepers' lines imply they have been hearing the Voice since they were infants. Combined with the sheer size of the Maze... just how long has this conspirancy been going on?
  • Unlike sleepers, Lucids are able to see and are also able to talk like regular humans. When they spot a kid, they try to play the nice and responsible adult and attempt to coax the kid into giving themselves up. They act suspiciously kind and understanding, but they're simply trying to trap the said kids into their grasps.
    • Sometimes they even cry for help, which might cause sympathetic kids to pause and maybe even attempt to help. Considering the Lucid's situation, it's hard to tell if they are truly calling for help or just lying to get the kids to let their guard down.
  • There's something extremely terrifying about a kid being in The Blackout Club. Trapped in a town with little to no escape and the adults you've grown to depend on while you grow up have all suddenly turned on you. Anything you say to them is discarded and there seems to be mysterious voices both in dream and in the waking, calling out to you. The best option as a kid in Red Acre is to run away from home and join The Blackout Club in best hopes of survival and a way to combat the evil that threatens this town. To top it all off there's a horrifying invisible monsters that appears to stalk the streets through the Red Doors. Is there even a true escape?
    • Being scolded by an adult is already scary enough to some kids, but club kids are regularly grabbed and dragged by adults. Sometimes they even have to wound themselves for a chance to escape.
    • As if the whole scenario isn't terrifying enough, the kids of the Blackout Club don't have the a safe blanket of protection that keeps them from dying in the media. Being caught too many times by the shape will result in the said kid actually dying upon the third gab. Kids who are kidnapped by the enemies can sometimes be found dead, supposedly having been tortured to death. The club members roughly age from 14 to 16 years old and have to be subjected with the idea of death so early on in their life.
  • The concept of the Stalker. Despite just being just a kid like the other club members, there's a creepy aspect to the Stalker that makes the whole concept of the enemies just more alive. Stalkers are other players that creep into the game to stalk the you and your team. The game won't tell you that they've entered the game. There's always that cold dread when you realize the Stalker had been keeping an eye on you the whole time and you had no idea. It's made even worse that the game automatically enables one stalker to come into the host's match randomly at levels 5-7 just to the give you the experience; without telling you of course.
    Your Stalker: I'M WATCHING YOU.
  • Just like the stalker, the voices/gods of the game can do something similar, but much, much scarier. These higher beings can drop it at any moment (as long as you have the Enhanced Horror feature on) and they listen to you and your party speak. While some gods like THEE-I-DARE are relatively benevolent with their visits to players, be absolutely terrified if it's SPEAK-AS-ONE who visits you. He's been known to mess with the game settings as well as send creepy cryptic messages to players. Not to mention DIE-FOR-YOU's apparent penchant for taking players randomly to the moon to question them on their beliefs.
  • There's one incident tied to one of the possible missions that players can complete involving hiding evidence. It turns out one of the kids in the club members had been taken over by one of the voices who did not like them or the up and went on a rampage during the night, appearing later to have eaten a live white bird. They woke up, surprised and horrified to find bloody feathers in their mouth and bloody crime scene up on the surface where it may be found by the enemies. To top the cherry on the cake, the victim of these happenings is an animal lover and wouldn't hurt a thing. It's made clear that the Daimons are not messing around.
    • Finding the bloody mess on missions is absolutely disturbing, with blood spatters dotting here and there, a bloody cutting board and knife, and of course, the mangled carcass of a dove with a missing head. And where exactly is the head? There's probably a reason why the kid woke up with bloody feathers in their mouth...
    • Since then, the kids have started sleeping with buddies in shifts, to make sure none of the kids do anything crazy during the night. A note says that these incidents are getting worse. Who knows what could happen next?
  • During one of the missions, the kids have to find their missing TBC member. When entering the house where there were last at, the scene is absolutely horrific. Not only is there just blood just everywhere, on the walls and sometimes on the ceiling, but looking closely at the evidence left behind, it can show that the missing member was absolutely battered. Tables overturned and broken, sofas overturn, broken mirrors, and more, all painting a harrowing scene. The most frightening finds is the toilet evidence, where the porcelain lip of the bowl is partially smashed, covered in blood. It's easy to think that someone's head got smashed in there.
    • Even more frightening, in order to find their missing friends, kids have to trek into the maze, following a blood trail presumably left by a someone getting dragged while bleeding profusely, all the while wondering what exactly happened and whether or not someone would actually be alive at the end. Unfortunately, the kids can find their dead friend, laying with grievous wounds on their body. In the best cases, their missing friend can be found alive, but is too wounded to try escape, telling their rescuers that they will 'catch up'. Though with those kind of wounds, it's hard to imagine that they will.
  • The Old Growth Daycare is pretty mundane all things considering. They look like just a regular day care, with cute wallpaper, toys, and children books speckled around the place, even a fun playground. That's before you find out there's both a creepy attic and a creepy basement. The attic area has a security camera, likely watching the young children play. A daycare is one of the most innocent places ever, and there's some level of Adult Fear when you think about that there are likely full grown adults watching infants and children. The basement looks normal until you open a secret door, which leads into the Maze.

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