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Nightmare Fuel / Black & White

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  • Earworm: Deeeaaaatthhh...... Oh, and also the Pied Piper arc. If you fail, the creche becomes empty and the population drops!
  • A fair amount of Nemesis'/Lethys' actions could count as this (from a villager's perpective, at least):
    • Nemesis' 'revenge' on the first/fourth land. Turning the sky red? A little unnerving, but not too bad in hindsight. A permanent storm system over the site of your old village, complete with huge pillars of lightning? Again, given that nothing is explicitly in the way of this, it isn't that bad. Fireballs raining from the sky, though... Not to mention the fate of the one village that refused to bow to him: Rather than simply killing the inhabitants, he performs a 'miracle' that sucks them under the ground and turns them to walking skeletons. Granted, it is only a game and the problem is quite easy to rectify, but still. There's also the ogre attacks on your eventual village, Nemesis' kidnapping of a man's wife to ensure his loyalty, and the fact that the land has actually has huge scars that run across it. It's not surprising that the first native you come across in the fourth land sounds utterly terrified of your presence, given that it was technically your fault that Nemesis arrived.
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    • The initial attack on your village at the end of the first land. Picture the scene. It's a beautiful day in the norse town, and everything is peaceful as a benevolent sheep/bear/lion takes your god to the summit of a nearby mountain for another of his lessons. Then a booming voice cuts across the sky, which simultaneously darkens and releases torrents of rain. There's a flash, the town centre is set alight, and suddenly all doesn't seem so peaceful any more. Even worse would be the fate of the villagers of a player who rushes to the second land, leaving half their town to face Nemesis' wrath despite the fact that all could have been sent through to the next land.
      • And imagine being thrown into the portal. In one day, your home is destroyed and you're thrown into a strange tunnel into a new land, possibly never to see anyone you love again.
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  • Your creature doesn't have a particularly easy time in this game, either. On the third land, he is kidnapped, starved, frozen, and set alight countless times by Lethys' creature. This wouldn't be so bad, except for the fact that he is clearly conscious for the entire experience! Then there's the fifth land. This is interesting. Nemesis' curse weakens him, shrinks him, makes him more like your enemy, and makes his alignment the opposite of yours at the end of each day. Thankfully, once you capture enough of Nemesis' towns, your creature is said to be strong enough to resist the curse. However, some versions of the game had a bug whereby the curse was never lifted.
  • There's also the small matter of what happens to the Greek capital at the beginning of the second game. Lets put it this way: there are probably more than five hundred people in that city, even more counting the soldiers that the Aztecs had already slaughtered. You escape with fifty. And this attack includes two volcanoes. And there are still people there.
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  • On first installing Black & White, the game asks for your name. Innocent enough, until you hear names spoken in barely audible whispers. Lionhead included a soundbank of common names, which it would match to the one given during install and randomly play during the game. The experience of hearing your name spoken in this way can be incredibly unsettling.
  • Unsurprisingly... You. Yes, you the player are this very trope to the core (should you choose to be). Think about it. You're the very essence and being brought forth from prayers. Originally, the many masses see benevolence and serenity in you... only for you to not only stab the many in the back that follow you, but also those that were former enemies of your land. You can do many vile things to your villagers. Rain fire from above, throw them across the horizon and into the sea, drop them in volcanos, etc. And the more you perform such dark acts the more your surroundings change, your villagers react (disgusted, afraid, begging for mercy) and your very cursor/hand changes into a demonic clawed hand. You may not be as dark as say Nemesis or The Aztec God. But you can be just as damn vile as the others, if more so.
    • The hilarious thing about this nightmare is that throughout history, a lot of Gods were portrayed to be just as mean as you are, totally wasting their own worshippers for the slightest mistake and demanding human sacrifices and then getting mad if you didn't do it.


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