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YMMV / The Blackout Club

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • In general, all the Daimons are this due to their vague motives.
      • Is THEE-I-DARE truly trustworthy? TID plays the trope of a fragmented kind god. He asks permissions from his hosts if he could possess them and even seems to genuinely care about the lives of the kids. However, is this all just a wolf in sheep's clothing scenario where TID is hiding a much more malicious motive?
      • Similarly to THEE-I-DARE, some people believe that despite being the main antagonist in the game, SPEAK-AS-ONE is not as bad as the other gods make him out to be and that the other gods must be lying or making up things about him. Some genuinely believe that he's really the good guy in all this.
      • DIE-FOR-YOU has been a subject to this. While he says that people who follow him must simply honor the concept of self-sacrifice, other people believe that DFY merely wants his followers to die for him.
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  • Win the Crowd: With the Game's unique gameplay and their interesting almost meta-level communication with the gods has won a lot of hardcore fans to the game. While it's not as popular other games, the game has a pretty strong hardcore fanbase and a lot of good reviews on their Steam Page.
  • The Woobie: There's quite a lot of Woobies in the game.
    • Collectively, all members of the The Blackout Club is this. They're young 14-15 year old kids, forced to fight for their survival as higher entities descend on their small town. Their guardians and caretakers have all turned against them, forcing some of them to want to run away from home. When they're captured, they're tortured for information and sometimes even end up dead. It's hard not to feel sorry for all these kids.
    • The Stalker, though is more of a Jerkass Woobie. They have the same situation as the club kids, though are perfectly willing to throw them under the bus for their family's safety. However, they suffer from being under influence of the song and can't sleep, their will is no longer really their own.

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