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Nightmare Fuel / Sword Art Online: Alternative Gun Gale Online

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Pitohui in general is the biggest source of bone-chilling moments throughout the show.

  • Pitohui turning the Squad Jam into a Death Game, where if any of them die during the tournament then she would kill them in real life.
  • M's emotional breakdown where he's reduced to a sobbing wreck becomes a lot less funny after the reveal on why he's doing so. If he dies in Squad Jam, Pitohui would kill him in real life. M is absolutely terrified of Pitohui and states she's insane.
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  • Goshi explaining Pito's backstory, how she is a Death Seeker and was meant to be a SAO player. However she missed out on her chance due to signing on a day late, which caused her to hit the Despair Event Horizon. The graphic showing a silhouette of the real life Pitohui going into despair is very chilling, accompanied by Goshi's narration that this changed Pito's life forever and she was never the same afterwards.
  • In Episode 8, when Pitohui find out several teams have visited together to take her team down, her response it to let out a very unsettling laugh before deciding she would slaughter them.
  • In Episode 9, Pitohui proceeds to massacre over 20 players in under 10 seconds, literally bashing player's heads in, crushing bones, and decapitating them with head shots, all with a wide-eyed grin. The scene is so brutal and full of carnage it really makes one wonder if this series will still be given a kid friendly rating. Once it's down to two two survivors, she gleefully prolongs their demise, claiming she'd feel guilty over killing someone defenseless.
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  • Pitohui's near-death via a Boom Head Shot is particularly chilling, with how the already psychotic woman further breaks down into delusional mania, as she becomes conflicted over fearing and being thrilled by death.
  • Pitohui slaughtering Team MMTM with her red photon sword, with the look on her face becoming even more psychotic as she cuts up and slices all of the team up.

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