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In the next Squad Jam, or some time in the future, a rule will be added preventing teams from hanging back and picking off the winners

Given the outcry about Team T-S winning despite doing barely any fighting, simply because they swooped in and killed LLENN and Fuka after their victory over Pito, one would imagine that the next sponsor would want to do something to ensure that no one else can win this way- perhaps they'll make victory dependent on total kills, or punish teams that go for too long without fighting someone. There's a bit of precedent for this, considering that the second Squad Jam decided that the pocket terminal was no longer an Immortal Object, meaning that LLENN couldn't use it as a Pocket Protector the same way she had in the first Squad Jam.

  • Given that this is a valid strategy in actual team-based(or even solo) Battle Royals, it's more likely they'd need to find a way to nerf the strategy. There's a fairly easy way to do that, and it's pretty much universal to real BRs, dating at least as far back as Minecraft's Hunger Games! As the fight continues, the ring gets smaller and smaller, forcing teams out of cover and closer to conflict with other teams. The thing is, the author seems to recognize this since the game devs now do make balance patches and fans are visibly upset by players exploiting unintended mechanics to win.
    • Confirmed in Squad Jam 3: the map is an island that is slowly sinking into the ocean at a ring-shaped rate, and the land is disappearing until only the center remains.

Karen's family will stage an intervention at some point
In the light novels, it's revealed that Karen keeps her playing GGO a secret from her family, since they don't approve of playing VRMMOs after the SAO incident. As a result, they don't know why Karen got a haircut or why Karen isn't answering the phone when her sister calls, resulting in her sister becoming worried that Karen's depressed over not making any real life friends. With that in mind, it's easy to see that they might put their foot down, and Karen might have an arc dealing with them like Asuna did in Mother's Rosary.

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