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Fridge Brilliance

  • LLENN wearing pink camos and painting her small arms in the same color ends up saving her hide when it turns out to camouflage her very well in the desert that predominates on the game map. The British LRDG used vehicles that were painted in pink in order to blend with the surroundings, though "desert pink" is not that pink. Take a gander here and here.
  • LLENN's avatar is an AGI build which specializes in speed and mobility. Factoring in previous statements from Sword Art Online that the heavier the equipment the more it hinders mobility, and taking into account LLENN's tiny size and cute sub machine-gun,note  it's no wonder she's so ridiculously fast.
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  • Team SHINC are all part of a rhythmic gymnastics team at school, which explains their short heights: gymnasts are typically shorter than most people. It also explains the unbelievable scene where Eva catches Sophie's thrown magazine directly into her pistol's magwell: skills in real life can carry over into GGO, and the whole point of rhythmic gymnastics is to train at throwing and catching small objects flipping around in the air.
  • Why does LLENN take out the pro team in Episode 1 so easily? Because they're trained to deal with real humans with realistic abilities. Going up against someone like LLENN who has Super Speed and agility, they're completely out of their comfort zone and get utterly slaughtered. Once they realized this, they immediately withdrew from the Squad Jam.
    • Team ZEMAL also gets taken out by said pros due to Reality Ensues in something of an ironic reversal; when it comes to real-life firefights, hundreds of bullets are often expended but few may actually hit on target. Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy is actually a very serious case of Truth in Television, and ZEMAL did nothing but lay massive amounts of suppressing fire on someone in cover, completely forgetting about how much of a loud profile they made to other enemy teams while leaving themselves exposed to focus on one target. Team Narrows, being experienced combatants, capitalized on a textbook situation and made easy pickings of them.
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  • Overlapping with foreshadowing: just how did M/Goshi manage to figure out that Karen is LLENN? Back in Episode 3, Karen sent a fan letter to Elsa Kanzaki, in which she had explicitly revealed her true name and the fact she was LLENN in GGO. Goshi is Elsa Kanzaki's manager, so it's likely he saw that letter and tracked down Karen from there. Karen herself made the same deduction.
  • Fukaziroh having blonde hair in her GGO avatar. If Kirito and Sinon transferring between ALO and GGO is of any indication, avatars that transfer to other games retain some of their features from the game they transferred from, including facial features and hair color. Add in the fact that Fukaziroh said that she plays a Sylph in ALO and Sylphs are known to have blonde hair, it's very likely that Fukaziroh got her golden hair color from her ALO avatar.
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  • Being used to a fantasy game that predominantly uses melee weapons, Fuka has terrible aim with a pistol. However she retains all of her STR stats upon conversion, so she's still able to use firearms as melee weapons to bludgeon her enemies down and wield her trench knife to great effect.
  • GGO is a lot more violent than how it was in Phantom Bullet. The worst it got during the BoB tournament was bisections via large-caliber bullet, but even then, it was still kind of sanitized in a Clean Cut manner. In Squad Jam, though, decapitations, slit throats, and bisections all have a ton of "virtual" blood spewing everywhere from it. The game has clearly gotten updates since BoB 3 to simulate reality a little more accurately, but is still restricted from going full-on graphic because of the restrictions built into the Seed system by Kayaba (and also probably to avoid the wrath of various games rating agencies in the world).
  • As noted on the Trivia page, all the major characters in the game need the voice actors to do two different voices for their real world and GGO selves, with the exception of Fukaziroh who sounds and acts the same as she does offline. This is because Miyu has no need to change her personality when she plays online. She's not using the game as some means to get away from her real life problems like LLENN and considering she's a bit boy-crazy, she likes (almost) all the male attention she gets in-game too so she doesn't act like an aloof or intimidating tough girl to be left alone.
  • Team Narrows in the first Squad Jam are armed with FN FAL rifles, which at first glance seems out of place as that weapon was never used by the Japan Self-Defense Force. But remembering that GGO is an American-developed game, and that the Type 64 was never exported out of Japan and has long been discontinued in favor of the Type 89 rifle, it probably doesn't exist in the game's weapons selection, so the JSDF troops playing decided the FAL was the closest thing they could get. As a bonus, since Team Narrows is made up of a garrison defense force, they would likely be issued the Type 64 instead of the newer Type 89, so they would be more familiar with a rifle firing the 7.62x51mm cartridge. Interestingly, Gun Gale Online in the video game continuity, as depicted in Fatal Bullet has the Type 64 as part of its weapons selection, with Klein being its primary user.
    • Now a case of Fridge Logic as an anime-exclusive scene from the first episode of Sword Art Online: Alicization shows Klein also using the Type 64, making it in line with the video game continuity. In addition, Volume 2 of the AGGO light novels also confirms both the Type 64 and the Type 89 rifles are available for use in GGO, making it a total mystery why Team Narrows opted to use a rifle that the JSDF never adopted, especially since they were trying to be as close to realism as possible.

Fridge Horror

  • LLENN completely lost her will to fight after watching Pitohui destroy Team MMTM. How much harder would her morale have collapsed if she had seen what happened during the Ten Minute Massacre? While she's aware that PM4 defeated 7 teams, it's one thing to notice 7 dots on the map change color; it's a very different story to actually see Pito slaughtering over 30 players without breaking a sweat.
  • LLENN tore Pito's neck open as if she was a Ghoul. Let's hope the game doesn't simulate the taste of blood ...

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