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Heartwarming / Sword Art Online: Alternative Gun Gale Online

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  • In Episode 2, there's just something so heartwarming at seeing LLENN laying back in the desert, listening to her favorite song by Elza Kanzaki, while enjoying some tea and cookies. For the first in a very long time, Karen is truly happy with her life.
  • In Episode 5:
    • Sure it's funny as hell, but there's just something endearing about seeing LLENN's motivation manifesting itself as P-chan talking to her and urging her on. P-chan even takes the bullet for LLENN!
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    • Despite M fearing for his life and choosing to hide, he still comes to LLENN's aid in the end, sniping out her would be killers from a distance.
    • Karen comes across the girl posse that's seen in previous episodes. This time they decide to talk to her and want to become her friend, with Saki telling her how she likes how tall Karen is and wished she was taller too. They also notice Karen has cut her hair short, having gotten over her Height Angst, which Saki finds to be very cool. The end of the scene reveals that the girls are Team SHINC and Saki is Eva, where she and Karen shake hands and declare they would fight again in GGO.
  • In Episode 5.5, Pitohui's So Proud of You moment towards LLENN, after seeing how amazing her protege was in the first Squad Jam. Sure it's a bit disconcerting with how psychotic Pitohui is and the glee she gets from the carnage, but her feelings of pride for LLENN are as genuine as any parent watching their child achieve greatness.
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  • In Episode 6, Karen is now good friends with Team SHINC and have invited all the girls back to her apartment for sweets, while they watch footage of LLENN in the Squad Jam.
  • Episode 7,
    • Fukaziroh answers LLENN's call for help as it is what True Companions would do.
    • When LLENN and Fuka arrive for Squad Jam 2, all the other teams cheer for LLENN. For all her loneliness in the real world, in GGO she's loved as a celebrity.
  • In Episode 8, seeing several teams gang up on Pito's team, LLENN tries to race towards their location using her Super Speed, determined not to let Pito die. It just goes to show just how much LLENN really cares about Pito.
  • Episode 9:
    • After Pitohui kills the entirety of the teams, all by herself, save for two survivors. One of them is dangling over an edge while the other is holding onto him and keeping him from falling. He never let's go even when Pito shoots him in the arm. These guys were actually from different squadrons, but the guy holding on declared until they've defeated Pitohui's team, they were comrades. His dedication to his temporary ally is truly amazing and Pitohui herself even remarks those two would probably be sharing a drink in the tavern together afterwards.
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    • For all of Clarence's creepy, perverted behavior, she was being genuine when she wanted to be LLENN's friend, shown when she pushes LLENN to the ground while taking bullets meant for her when Team MMTM ambushes them. She then tells LLENN to win before dying.
  • In Episode 10, M's dedication and love for Pitohui is made clear for everyone to see. He rushes to her side to give her a med kit when she gets sniped, carries her to bed in the log cabin after she passes out from the exhilaration of nearly dying, then watches over her bed side to protect her with his life while shedding tears.
  • In Episode 12:
    • LLENN makes Pitohui remember the promise to meet in real life if LLENN beat her. Pitohui is happy to keep this vow before LLENN kills her. M is seen watching the scene, shedding tears before thanking LLENN.
    • Team SHINC is once again at Karen's apartment enjoying the sweets she offered. They also remember her birthday is the next day and buy her a beautiful necklace as a present.
    • When Karen meets Pitohui in real life and it's revealed she's Elza Kanzaki, Karen hugs the idol and cries, happy that she saved her life.

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