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Nightmare Fuel / Dead Space 3

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"That's No Moon!" indeed...

  • Isaac and John Carver investigating an abandoned ship, filled to the brim with coffins. Isaac mentions earlier how it looks like a funeral and Carver points out that the deaths were executions based on where the blood splattered. And then, as if on cue, dozens of Necromorphs attack.
  • The Necromorphs of the abandoned flotilla all by themselves. 200 years of waiting around doing nothing does interesting things to a Necromorph's biology and appearance, as they're more mummies than zombies by this point. Their dried-up and often-missing flesh somehow makes them even more revolting than the fresh-meat Necromorphs you deal with in the previous games.
  • "Turn it off. Turn it off. Turn it off...."
    • The characters think that this was the Admiral leaving a clue to stop the Markers. It's actually a command/plea from a necromorph the size of a moon, speaking through the Markers right into the Admiral's head.
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  • The Snow Beast death scene for Isaac.
  • The Infected death scene. Nothing like Issac having a good necromorph dinner to ruin a player's appetite.
  • The new Feeder enemy subtype is chock full of terror. These are necromorphs that are formed when a person eats necromorph flesh. Whether out of desperation or Unitologist fanaticism, it doesn't matter- it's still terrifying. And disgusting.
    • Here's the most terrifying thing about the Feeders: THEY AREN'T DEAD! Recordings indicate that the Feeder transformation is much more a mental one than a physical one. Eating necromorph flesh makes your mind into that of a cannibal, and turns the person into a creature that can starve and starve, but never die of hunger. They are constantly hungry, but never die. We hear recordings made by those who succumbed to the transformation, and they were, 200 years ago, still capable of speech. But after 200 years with no food save humans and dead necromorphs, they are completely mad with hunger beyond all possible reason. This is why they are now a Fragile Speedster enemy: their bodies are still living, but just barely on the verge of life and death.
    Infected Soldier: "Ackerman! Is that you?
    Ackerman: Oh, God...
    Infected Soldier: I smell you! I smell... FRESH MEAT!".
    • One audio log from a soldier mentions how not only did he know some of the Feeders attacking his base, but when he looked into their eyes they seemed, for a moment, to recognize him as well.
  • In one of the optional missions, you end up in a room with about 5 Regenerators... Thank God none of them broke out. Until three of them appeared to ambush you as you walk Isaac out of that mission.
  • The last boss. That's No Moon! indeed.
  • Rosetta isn't a document or key. Its an alien who was dismembered and placed in slabs. You have to find all her body parts and put them together again.
  • Brute type Alien Necromorphs.
    • Those very same Necromorphs occasionally will start birthing baby alien Necromorphs.
  • At the start of the game, a unitologist tries to kill you by blowing himself up while screeching loudly. They do that when in gameplay, too.
  • Speaking of unitologists, one kills a totally innocent woman at the the start of the game. Why? Because she didn't know where Isaac was.
  • The Fodders. Just the way they walk up to you muttering unintelligible things while trying to kill you.
  • An entire civilization is consumed in the creation of a single Brethren Moon. Now, how many moons are there?
    • An entire civilization on a single planet. It's implied the ones in Dead Space 3 probably never had colonies given they are an aquatic species. Humanity on the other hand, how many colonies do they have? How many aliens managed to make colonies before finding the marker and convergence happening?
    • The logs in Dead Space 3 imply the opposite: Seranno believes that the aliens stretched across many star systems and had a population of trillions. His telling of it is rather chilling: "They must have been trillions strong before falling to the Markers. And perhaps that is the point. Allow a species to thrive until they are so many in number that they can no longer sustain themselves… then descend upon their worlds to feed."
  • The hallucinations you see in the sidequests can be truly disturbing, and Carver's are some of the worst of the lot.

Awakened DLC

The entire DLC counts as this. The developers said that Awakened was intended from the start to hark back to the terror of the first 2 games, and even surpass it.

With 3 chapters chock full of Mind Rape, Body Horror and self-mutilation, they succeed to quite an extent. And you thought the Necromorphs were scary.

  • For starters, the main menace of the game: a Necromorph-worshiping Unitologist cult, a cult hit with a final, pure dementia signal from the fallen moon right before its demise. The insanity of the cult as a result is so horrific and ungodly that even devout Unitologists think they are batshit insane. One Unitologist, who had already witnessed all the horror of the main game and maintained his religious beliefs, outright lost his faith upon witnessing the cult for himself.
    • Their main religious practice is the main source of the terror. They cut off pieces of their body voluntarily as a mad symbolic offering of dead flesh to the Necromorph moons. That isn't even the worst part: they use their body parts to decorate the ship. They string up their dismembered limbs on strings like Christmas lights. At one point, you discover mini towers made up of human hands made to hold candles.
  • The ending. The Brother Moons are attacking/devouring Earth now. For the first time, it appears that Isaac has outright lost.
  • "They are hungry. They are coming."
    • "We are here."
  • The combined moons emit a signal strong enough that it can make pretty much anyone insane, even from light years away, and even if they have overcome Marker sickness. They can move so fast that they can even outrun shockpoint drives. There is no way of escaping them. Just their active presence in the galaxy can destroy civilization. So unless there is an actual sequel or a new dlc release, it's game over. The bad guys have won. There is absolutely nothing out there that can stop them.
    • Making that even worse, Isaac and Carver get hit with a massive blast of Marker signals, before a Brethren Moon flies right infront of their ship. The last thing we see of them is them being just a moment before crashing into the side of one of the moons, cockpit first, full speed, with no time to get away from the impact.
  • Think about just how many people or organic beings died via being killed by Necromorphs or Marker/Brother Moon induced violence over the entirety of the Dead Space universe by Dead Space Awakened. Just think about it for a second. Millions died in the Sprawl Outbreak back in Dead Space 2. Hundreds upon hundreds died in the Ishimura, and Aegis 7 back in the original Dead Space. And hundreds also died in the old Soverign colonies on Tau Volantis. By Dead Space 3 Awakening the death count is likely in the billions or maybe even the trillions at that point as more and more stations and colonies are being butchered by Necromorphs, Unitologists, and Markers. The New Lunar Station was just doomed to a Necromorph outbreak at the very start the game and it's very likely no one could stop it either as most of the armed forces were killed (infact the dead soldiers are the very first Necromorphs that you see). And this isn't even getting into the other alien civilizations that were consumed and used to birth new Brother Moons....
    • There is strong evidence that the reason Humanity hasn't yet encountered any alien races is because everything else was consumed by the Bretheren Moons. Just think about how many species could evolve in a galaxy as big as our own in the last 13 billion years. The true body count may exceed numbers we can comprehend.
  • Dead Space 3 interpreted "make us whole again" as a plea from the Tau Volantis moon to finish its convergence, however the completed Brethren Moons keep chanting it. Are the Moons not in fact the final necromorph phase? Are they themselves going to be made whole again into something larger?.
    • Or it could be worse- It's not just "Make us whole". It's "Make us whole again.

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